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LiLo Pimps Out Birthday to Highest Bidder

5/17/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you spell desperation? L-I-N-D-S-A-Y! Lilo wasn't able to celebrate her 21st birthday in style last July because of, well, a little thing called rehab, and this year she wants to blow it out. So she does what any rehabbed Hollywood starlet would do and solicits bids for sponsorship!

A cheesy website has been created to get Lindz's bash off the ground, claiming "a group of 75 VIP guests" will party down at the "internationally media worthy event." All you have to do his fork over the cash -- and your product can be a part of it!

Sources tell us this is no joke, the site was designed to make it easy to find promotion for her party. We hear, though, alcohol sponsors can keep their scratch.

We contacted Mike Heller, who set up the party, but haven't heard back.


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Pure (!!) Desperation. Nuf said.

2268 days ago


she forgot to mention... : )

that 50% of everything raised would be given to feed africa

[or... something like that : )]

so... take that [no... we already did that one : ))]

night babes

oh... ps its gonna be *huge*

be sure to book your place : )

have fun )

2268 days ago


[virtual: perhaps... ?]

she forgot to mention... : )
that part of everything raised would be given to help feed africa
[or... something like that : )]
so... take that [no... we already did that one : ))]
night babes

oh... ps its gonna be *huge*
be sure to book your place : )

have fun ) [slightly edited for accuracy]

2268 days ago


that's difficult to answer in a awy that you would understand

2268 days ago


Whatever happened to paying for your own damn birthday party? These media whores are rich but expect someone else to pay for their party and supply free swag to boot? Why doesn't Dina throw her daughter a party? God knows, everything she has, she owes to Lindsey.

2268 days ago

Make It Right!!    

She's just showing you all how the real Hollywood works! It's all a commodity folks!!! It's all out there to be bought and sold. You too can be famous if you have the a billboard and you'll be the next big thing!! Don't hate the player! Hate the game! So she's gone down the list and has to advertise for her sponsors...she wasn't smart enough like Kathy Griffin to make being a D-lister her career! This is Hollywood folks...

2268 days ago


Tomorrow DUHNA will be all over this saying, people are so cruel, Lindz had nothing to do with it, this was my birthday gift to her since I knew she had no money to pay for her own cake let alone have any friends unless someone buys them for her. LEAVE LINDZ ALONE but come watch Ali.

2268 days ago


Lilo, me. We'll work something out. I'd like you to be my DUI girl. BTW, that's Donatella: Under the Influence.

2268 days ago


She's ugly and pathetic.

2267 days ago


I think this is a late "April Fools Day" joke or something. I crying Bull Sh*t, I have a hard time believing this. No agent in their right mind would allow something like this out. I mean this is way beyond cheezy or crass, It's just plain SAD. Some things just don't make sense (ie. this is to be held at someones Malibu house, yet there's a "hospitality suite"? ). If this does turn out to be something other then a joke I truly feel pitty for her, that someone with a once promissing carreer as her's has been brought to this. Sad, just plain sad.

2267 days ago


why doesn't she just NOT HAVE a huge birthday bash for once. That way she doesn't have to use what little money she has left or embarrass herself.

2267 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So this HO wants someone to pick up her tab so she can act nasty, swap spit with ROHO, and make an ass of herself for the 15 minutes she's there! Maybe Peter Piper can hold the event! The skee ball machines will have to be burned though! And nice rainbow cress! When is she COMING OUT with that on her Hooker Fashion line?

2267 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Dress, not cress.

2267 days ago


What company would want to associate itself with this pathetic mess?

2267 days ago


yeah... were not doing conventional any more... guys... have a ball [[ho.. ho..]

what...? you thought we wouldn't?

oh no... once it all gets started

who ? can tell ?

for instanse ?[what?=s] ok hold on,...

[back soon...[

everyone calm down

or calm dowm if it's easier...


ok, so apparentltly [we dont do spelling]

our baby sibling arrived... : ))) shhhhh...
threy're trying to keep it quiet
but to b e honest
they cant wait tp start braggnig

wow.. thats a stromg wind

give it a few billion years
not a single thing left

[or will there be?]

bl**dy archaeologists

can we duck down and just leave then to it?

yes ... : ))

[[[[duck]]] where ?]


do we have to talk more ?
[apparently not... night : )

2267 days ago
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