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Ashlee and Pete

They Did WHAT?

5/18/2008 5:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No surprise here. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got hitched last night at her family's home in front of a small group of friends and relatives (via People).

Her father, Joe Simpson, who always needs to be involved in his daughter's business, performed the service. Big sis Jessica, served as the maid-of-honor and Pete's English bulldog was the ring bearer. The Alice in Wonderland-themed reception included a wedding cake with a top hat and tea pot, which definitely satisfied Ashlee's growing appetite. No word on where the new husband and wife will go for their honeymoon. Hopefully Papa Joe doesn't tag along.

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Joe Simpson is soooo creepy but I bet he didn't care about letting Ashlee go. His incest crush is Jess.

2286 days ago


sure, JOE hollywood;

by represents his daughters careers
and NOW thinks he's a sports agent ?

he once spoke the word for absentee landlord, so
that's a prerequisite for agency in entertainment ?

what does this man preach if
nothing more than blasphemy ?

2286 days ago


Jen isn't the only person in the world that goes out with someone and then they break up. They look like they are
having fun so good for them. I'd much rather be doing that than be a baby machine with a fat, dirty, old cheat
that I,m not married to. They are all single and can do what they want. She's got a few years to have kids or
adopt, why not wait until you fined someone you really want to be with.

2286 days ago


Joe just couldn't be happy walking her down the isle like most fathers, he had to be right up in the middle of it (literally). Or did he do both? He probably did!

We need a new word because he's way past "creepy".

2286 days ago


I've been to a few "theme" weddings but never any "Alice in Wonderland" ones.

2286 days ago


UUmmmmm, didn't Jessica Simpson already do the whole "Alice in Wonderland themed party thing" back when she was married to Nick? Can't they come up with anything original? I don't know about anyone else but I am sooooo sick of hearing about the Simpson girls, Paris Hilton, Heidi/Spencer, Star Jones, etc. The Simpson family had their 15 minutes of fame and it seems like they will try anything to stay in the press...pregnancy rumors, marriage rumors, hookups and breakups, staged romances...anything to stay in the press and sell a record. Paris needs to grow up and realize she is pushing 30 and STILL hasn't done anything meaningful with her life. Hanging out in nightclubs is sooooo 17. Heidi/Spencer are just staging the next photo-op..who really cares? They look like they're always posing for a Sears magazine ad/catalog. And Star Jones is a sinking ship with a mean spirit. Karma, folks....oh boy, can ya tell it's PMS week? LOL

2286 days ago


PMS week and you didn't mention Von A-Hole? LOL!

The comments here are so much better than the actual articles. PMS on!

2286 days ago


WARNING: To any woman thinking about having kids with John Mayer - Look at the size of his head!!!

2286 days ago


John Meyer doesn't rub women the wrong way.

2286 days ago

Make It Right!!    

BLABS>>>only married for FOUR YEARS, together TOTAL OF SIX YEARS. You're a Jen Fan and can't even get basic math facts straight??? Figures...

2286 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I think John Mayer is cute and very witty...he'll be a fun fling for Jennifer...I hope she and her fans aren't crushed when it's over. And Brangelina are half way to Brad and Jen's relationship mark but have so much more of a family and home life than Brad and Jen ever did...bastrds or not. That's so funny...bastards...Halle Berry has one, Jodi Foster, Nicole Ritchie, even little Suri was born a bastard...her parents married later! The list goes on with all the "bastards"....really people, it's 2008! Loosen up on your moral high grounds and get with the national average. More kids are born out of wedlock now than born into wedlock!

2286 days ago

Make It Right!!    

PUHLEEZE! Aniston fans can justify her DIVA luggage load (and entouage #15??) but condemn Brangelina for a nanny or two? And since when does having a nanny equal neglect or hands-off parenting? My sister and her husband both work and had a live-in nanny AND are hands-on parents AND Their kids are honor students and prized athletes who get letters from the President calling them the FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR COUNTRY! That from two working parents with a nanny! I can only imagine what great things Brangelina's kids will do for their country of origins (yes, including the USA!) Brad is working hard for the 9th Ward of N.O. folks! Read much??? Spent 5 MILLION of his own money on houses there too!

2286 days ago

blues fan    

Umm, #7, it was a pun: "Great" as in huge, large, really big.....get it?

2286 days ago


There's "Mr Right" and "Mr. Right Now".
Let Jen have fun.

2286 days ago


Any punk rock cred Fall Out Boy may have had is down the proverbial drain...

2286 days ago
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