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Dr. Frasier Crane: Over The Hills

5/18/2008 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammar has some advice for the sublebrities of "The Hills." Eat your heart out Sam Malone!

Things have got to be bad when Kelsey's show just got canceled -- and Lauren and company are about to make a fake season four. For the love of tossed salads and scrambled eggs!


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Mr. Hat    

I admire Mr. Grammar. He has had a hard life.

2348 days ago

Diane from Long Island    

It's pretty pathetic when a show, such as Kelsey's, is cancelled and that crap (scripted REALITY) TV gets another season. I don't even watch TMZ anymore because I cannot understand the fascination with those HILLS idiots. They are not celebrities...and for the love of GOD, stop already with the Heidi and Spencer crap. If you ignore them, they will eventually go away!

2348 days ago


I love this man and still watch Frasier, just mad that he being the producer of "Girfriends" pulled it off the shelf without a final closing. Joan(Tracy Ross, Diana Ross's child) never got married. Lynn, never made it in the music industry. They never brought back Golden Brooks(Toni Childs) and Mya did not get a best selling book or a baby with the husband of her first born child. The end of the show William's wife was preggos and he could have left that money hungry woman. I always wanted William and Joan to marry. I do still appreciate Kelsey's talent and wonder if he secretly wants a sister.

2348 days ago


Meant to say Kelsey wants a sista. If I have to explain . wants a black woman.

2348 days ago


If all of his supporters had watched his show it wouldn't have been canceled so quit your boo hooing.

2348 days ago


Kelsey is naturally funny but his last show should have been canceled during the pilot.

2348 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

If Kelsey wants another mega hit, it's easy..Bring "Frasier" back!!!

2348 days ago


The show was getting a little better & I'm sorry it was canceled. Frazier & Patricia were good together. MK, I'm an independent & by the way, Frazier is republican. There are more democrats in show business some of their views are plain nutty but others, are ok. Frazier & Heaton are one of the nutty ones, thankfully.

2348 days ago


I recenlty discovered the show "Frasier" in reruns and absolutely love it! Kelsey Grammer has had a hard life but is a brillant actor. I hope he finds another hit show. And, soon.

2348 days ago


I love Kelsey, but I wasn't a huge fan of the last show. I watched it hoping it would get better. However, Frazier was the best! I still watch the reruns and it never gets old. I like some of the reality shows, NOT The Hills, but I miss good old fashioned sitcoms. Get a look-alike for Eddie and bring Frazier back!

2348 days ago


TMZ should be axed they are just a bunch of snobs who believe they can look down on everybody. They serve no useful purpose to anybody but themselves.

2348 days ago


Yeah, Fraser is a warm and comforting soul. I guess sex sells, or maybe teens watch too much television.

2348 days ago


it was going to be very hard and top cheers .. but he did it. frazier was a mega hit. hard to top that one. looks like he didn't quite make it. i watched the first several episodes .. but i am not a fan of what's her name .... sorry your show got cancelled Kelsey ... and that stupid ass shows like The Hills are still on. goes to show that perhaps intelligent people who appreciate Mr. Grammar may not be tuning in .. and only stupid ignorant lame people that have nothing better to do watch shows like the Hills.

2348 days ago


I didn't know his show got canceled. I thought it was a great show. Just goes to show you how brain dead some people are that they'd watch a lame show like The Hills over true comedy.

2348 days ago


Back to you got canceled? I actually really enjoy that show!!

2348 days ago
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