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Obama Slams Vols But Won't Shut Prince's A-Hole

5/19/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He might not have the bratwurst to take on Prince Von A-hole -- yet -- but when a bunch of Tennessee Republicans take on his wife, Barack Obama goes ballistic and calls them "low class."

On "Good Morning America" today, the Democratic prez candidate took the Tennessee GOP to the mat for slamming his wife over a remark on patriotism she made last February. And yet, even though Prince A-Hole has repeatedly called his wife a "washerwoman" -- like, last week -- he still hasn't come to her defense.

The Vol pols tried to attack Michelle in this YouTube vid.


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He hasn't said anything about VonA hole because the only ones that care about him are TMZ.

2311 days ago

Puter Boi    

I suspect Obama has no clue who VonAhole is....but if VonAhole were 100 years younger Harvey Levin would be doin him now.

2311 days ago


Again I will say, why should Obama even acknowledge this idiot? Doing so would only encourage him to continue his ludicrous rantings. TMZ needs to stop giving him any attention because every time you do it only encourages him all the more. He's a blowhard who doesn't know when to stop. Obama is smart to ignore this guy and so should everyone else. Maybe then he'll shut up for good and ride off into the sunset.

2311 days ago

Who cares?    

LOL, why would Obama even care? He is running for President of the United States. Why would he care about some low class moron who had to BUY the title of Prince!!

2311 days ago


# 1 not true .....We love the prince now come on ....

2311 days ago


I'm sure that TMZ would love to drag Obama into a big drama with Prince Von A-hole. But it would not be appropriate for someone of Obama's stature to respond. The good prince is certainly not on the Obama's minds, I'll bet they have no idea and do not care who he is. I'll bet his wife doesn't know and doesn't care who he is!

2311 days ago


I watched GMA this morning and I have to say ........................I wanted to tell Michelle Obama to STFU! Everytime Obama tried to say something, she interrupted. Michelle Obama is one frightening creature. God help us if this couple gets in the White House!

2311 days ago


I am sure the Rev. Al (shifty) Sharpton has made Obama aware of the things Von A Hole had to say! After all, he took it upon himself (Al) to comment and talk about it on his radio show!!

I guess any idiot can have their own radio show these days!

2311 days ago


There's no point anwering back this fool. He's not a real US citizen. He has no political power. He probably can't even vote. Most Americans don't know who he is, and therefore would not be influenced by his comments. He's a known racist in denial, and he cheats on an old washed up former actor. Why would Obama lower himself to this guy?

2311 days ago

hot snot    

Von AHole is just your average idiot...why would anyone REALLY care what he says?

2311 days ago

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