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"Dancing With the Stars" off the Gaydar

5/20/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So what are the chances you can pull a bunch of professional dancers together and none of them are gay? We're thinkin' the odds are about the same as Britney getting mother of the year.
Dirty Dancing -- click to watch
But here's the deal ... The dudes on "Dancing with the Stars" are pretty much straighter than your average arrow. Tony is married with a kid and twins on the way. Derek is reportedly doing the dirty dip with Shannon Elizabeth. Mark was doing the horizontal tango with a Cheetah chick. Jonathan is married to a hottie. And there are two other guys.

So here's what our "Dancing" spies tell us. Producers prefer straight, because it creates believable sexual tension on the dance floor and that's what the audience wants. Think of Kristi Yamaguchi doing a rumba with Tommy Tune. Pleeeeze.

Hollywood Pop Stars

These Retin A-list stars need a date with Proactiv stat! Who's oozing with more than just cash and fame? Click to see.
Pop Goes The Pimple -- click to launch

Brang, Mick and Clint: Who Would You Rather?

You're at a restaurant, minding your own beeswax, when you look up at the next table -- Mick Jagger, Brad, Angelina and Clint Eastwood. Who you gonna stare at?
Nick Jagger, Brad Pitt, Angelina
Last night was your chance as they were all at the same table in Cannes. These are hard choices people.

And Starring ... Audrina's Hills!

Audrina Patridge is making her feature film debut in a straight-to-DVD sequel of a movie no one saw in the first place. Based on these photos, it won't be Audrina's acting on display -- and that's how it should be.

Jackson Poker-Faced on Vegas Gig

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson could become the next Celine Dion, and we're not just talkin' wardrobe.

We've been able to connect the dots and it seems the guys who just bailed Jacko out of Neverland debt may be angling to put him on stage in Vegas.

The money men run Colony Capital, a group that owns the Las Vegas Hilton. Colony just forked over the green M.J. needed to keep Neverland out of foreclosure.

So, you ask, what's in it for Colony? We're told Vegas money is on Jackson headlining there and raking a much-needed jackpot. Colony has the venue -- it's where Barry Manilow performed -- and now the leverage to moonwalk his a** back on stage.

Jacko's peeps didn't return our calls for comment.

Golden Girl-on-Golden Girl Action!

Bet you never saw this on the "Brady Bunch!"
Florence Henderson and Judge Judy
Florence Henderson, 74, and Judge Judy Sheindlin, 65, locked lips at Beverly Hills charity event last night.

This is strictly for mature audiences only!

Our Hero Leo Actually Traded Up!

Leonardo DiCaprio really is the king of the world.
Play video
TMZ TV honors the only man that could dump Gisele ... for a hotter woman!

The Amazingly Fun, Super Cool Sly Stallone

Just think of how exciting it must be to hang out with Sylvester Stallone.
Play video
Now imagine the exact opposite.


No Avatar


The dancers straighter than an arrow? Puh-lease! Who has better chemistry with a straight woman than a gay man?? Mark and Derek are hot and gayer than anything. Any reports of who they are dating are just publicity to make them appear straight. We know how hollywood works, c'mon!

2354 days ago


Dancing with the stars needs straight people? Hmmm considering the stereotypes of gay people wanting to do every person of the same sex that's on there, how on earth could someone miss the sexual tension from two gay people dancing? Oh wait... I'm sorry, gays aren't human, are they?

2354 days ago

b. pruitt    

gay people are disgusting and some are just plain bullies, you will accept me or else. and swisher make me cringe, ita all hollywood promoting junk and with our dumb down society we fall for it

2354 days ago

Miss Camarillo    

who cares?

2354 days ago

get over it    

Why is it that everyone is so obsessed with whether people are gay or not??? It appears to be a moot point and I believe that when you put something in writing and you cannot give verifiable evidence that it is true that you are leaving yourself wide open for a defemation law suit. Why can't you either enjoy the entertainment value of the show or change the fricking channel instead of possibly sppreading rumors that may not be true. If they are true put your money where your mouth is and provide the evidence and thate means pictures not hear say from some rag magazine. Some guy coming up behind a dancer and licking his ear and hugging him does not mean he is gay, it means they guy doing the licking and hugging is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

2354 days ago


I believe, reading this article, that if this is true then they are actually looking for the wrong thing. If anyone has seen Serge Grinkov and his wife Yekaterina Gordeyeva Ice skate together there was an intimacy with them that went WAY beyond sexual tension. THAT is what people are looking for. That particular type of intimacy and closeness that has nothing to so with sex and is way more powerful. Maybe these producers or whatever should look into THAT instead. Just a thought.

2354 days ago


Bruno seems as gay as the day is long. He was in Elton John's video (I'm still standing). Dancers are good actors as are homosexuals. If certain male dancers aren't gay they are good actors. Many years ago, many gay men married women to hide the fact that they were gay. I had a teacher ( in college) who did just that.

2354 days ago


I don't care if there gay or not , grow up people , I know many gay people yes there are the flashing queen type , and i have a hard time with them, I also know many that refuse to let anyone know there gay , There not proud , They were born that way , as i can vouch for , at 5 yrs old i can tell you if there gay , It is not something they ask to be , I suppose there are those few who like both sexes , there morons , I ask one man couple this weekend if they would get married if this law goes through , Highly insulted , saying NO Marriage is for a man and a women , So don't judge everyone my the ones who like to show off and make a scene like some other races like to throw things in your face , there are some of those in each race and that is life

2354 days ago


thats just really prejudice, and theyre being very stereotypical. What does it matter that a gay man dances with a straight women? i think that the execs should stop making such a big deal about this. They are probably a bunch of gays right there working for them. Another thing, sometimes you cant tell that a man is gay so lets see what happens. People need stop with the prejudice and the stereotyping and the crap. There are gay people in this world, just like there are gay women and just like there are straight people. Enough with the hate and just live your lives.

2354 days ago


the male dancers are dancing with the stars are completely gay.
the reporting above is so lame. yes it may be true producers want
to have straight dancers to create the sexual tension on the dancefloor, the producers probably to ensure that, make the gayboys
sign a gag order that they will talk the straight talk while they are on the show.
c'mon, there is NO way that most of those guys are not gay. you don't even
need gaydar to detect some of the classic gay gestures. it's a sham.

2354 days ago


WOW, Sue, Talk about stereotyping and profiling. It will be a sad day to learn that you have to hate someone that you care for because people like you (and formally me) kept them miserable and hidden in the closet, unable to be themselves. I just hope, for your sake and theirs, that it is no one that suicides. I find it sad that it is ok for many people that someone stand on a street corner and tell anyone that passes by (while waving a bible) that they are goin to go to hell. Scared the crap out of my child because he was told that specifically (at 7 years old). I had to study more and rethink my posistion. Before you say it, think about all the teens and grown adults that smooch and slap each other on the butt etc etc. Are THEY offensive to you? Is it only the straight community that is allowed to express who they are in public? Remember... you corner a wild cat you're gonna get scratched.

2354 days ago


So what if they are gay? Get a life.

2354 days ago





2354 days ago


ROFL LOL JohnJohn you have a great attitude!

2354 days ago


I have a daughter who competes in ballroom and I have had private lessons in ballroom and ice dancing for twenty five years. I know at least fifty ballroom professionals and only two are gay. The prejudice shown is typical of those who know nothing and therefore can speak freely. It is also very human to disparage guys who are smarter, athletic and get to dance with women rather than tackle other guys or dance with hockey sticks.

2354 days ago
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