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5/20/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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what's wrong sweetie, did the industry just flat out leave you unemployable ?

did entertainment " force " you to express your journalistic skills here for free ?

2315 days ago


I didn't know whales have fur!

2315 days ago


mr. stanza;

rest assured your family is not be proud of that wasted education,
but your family and 2 friends will gladly cushion the fall.

it's time to FINALLY give up all hopes, embrace
you're writing failures and migrate back to your roots.

you've taken enough already
that this town could dish out.

they won't be too hard on you dear.

just get a job back home and pay them
back all their money they sent you.

2315 days ago


Oh God, I just threw up a little.

2315 days ago


NEWS FLASH. This is what a real man looks like without all the gay blade waxing. If you will notice, Andy also possesses a full head of luxurious hair. Hair on head = hair on body. For God's sake. Grow up.

2315 days ago


1 800 273 TALK;
( the hotline is open for you. )

don't allow your feasible journalistic
talents to FINALLY put you down.

restassured, you can ALWAYS
blame it on the writer's strike dear.

that's providing you EVER got
a paycheck and worked lately.

the folks back home WILL understand if you
didn't try to reach out for help first and called.....

2315 days ago

velvet elvis    


2315 days ago


LOOK TEEN WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2315 days ago


Oh if only we were all waxed, lipo'd, siliconed, Blotoxed and airbrushed in to perfection! Please people.... it's a human body. If any of you look 25% as good as Mr. Garcia does in his suite than speak, otherwise quit your typing and go for a run.

2315 days ago

Media whores    

NO man has that much hair on their back and still has a full head of hair.
Check it out at the beach the next time you go... ANY man with that much hair is ALWAYS bald... 100% of the time.
It's a testosterone thing. He is wearing a hair piece.

2315 days ago

pope jones    

his twin brother was attached to his shoulder when he was born, it was onley his head, maybe thats his hair leftover.

2315 days ago


I bet this guy gets alot of Cling-Ons stuck in his Ass crack.

2315 days ago


I guess tough guys should never look too pretty....below the collar. Jeeminy Christmas. What are those vacuum hair cutter things called? I suddenly feel compelled to buy one of those vacuum hair cutters for no reason whatsoever other that to have one JUST IN CASE!!!

2315 days ago


you didn't rhyme it?! I believe that was the task stevie....back to the drawing board. LOL is it wrong that I think it's funny that I was still on your mind at 8:30pm whilest I was out with friends having fun. So there is no doubt in my mind you'll be back this morning just in case I had a response for you. Must have made quite an want me don't ya? They all do darling ;)

2315 days ago


sadly, you were out receiving a meal BOUGHT by your other
more successful gay friends and NOT following through
with FINALLY put an end to that failed writing career.

please seek ANY type of GAINFUL employment today that revolves
around hollywood that DOESN'T involve you writing anything.

now be a good old gossip QUEEN and do as your told......

2315 days ago
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