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100 Million Votes ... for "Idol"

5/21/2008 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ moles tell us last night's David vs. David karaoke-off received just shy of one hundred million votes.
Idol Finale
That's almost as many votes as were cast in the '04 election.

Screw Barack or Hillary, Archuleta for President!


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Duh, but in the 04 election, people can only vote ONCE......for Idol, they can vote thousands of times. I hate when people compare these two. It's apples and oranges, TMZ!

2309 days ago

david spade II    

I'm so tired of people comparing the voting in the Presidential election to this tired teeny bopper show.
The idiots who vote for the singer vote multiple times - figure it out!!

2309 days ago


I still do not understand why people get distured by the thought of people just tuning into a show for entertainment. So what if if they vote 100 million times. They are home watching TV picking up their phone and dialing. I realize it's not life or death, it does not effect anyone moneywise. If you choose to be cranky aand don't like seeing happy faces for a change turn on the news and watch that 24/7. By the way the Presidential race has been going on for almost 2 yrs now and we still have to wait for someone to come up with dem. canidate. Then wait till November. So you keep up your lookout for anyone who might wanna forget for a couple of hrs a week the sad state of the world and our country.

2309 days ago


By the way from day on I knew DAVID COOK would win and so did more than55 million voters by phone/text. He is cool, and his performance with ZZ Top was so freakin cool. I grew upin the 70's and he lloked like he could be in a top rock band. and by the way he was dead on with his guitar Hero commercial!!! A star in the making/

2309 days ago


lets see how long it takes for this rocker to get into the rock an roll an drugs

2308 days ago


The finale should've been David Cook and Syesha.
Archie should've been disqualified after his "Stand By Me" mixed with "Beautiful Girl" song. He was specifically told by producers and judges he was not allowed to add a line or verse of one song into another song and he did it anyway, costing the show's production team lotsa money.
To post #76 (by who knew), I missed it, but my friend told me just after they announced the winner they showed Archie's dad. He apparently had a fake smile on his face and turned to his wife.
To post #82 (by Kerri), Archie's talent begins and ends in his singing. He has a really nice sounding singing voice, but that's it. He doesn't (or didn't) perform, and him holding every other note makes his singing "blah". He is FAR from being the most talented ever on Idol.
To post #83 (by AI), David Cook's stubble adds to his hotness.
To post #85 & 86 (by Ro), The presidential primary has not been public (on tv or in papers) for 2 years. And yes, the ZZ Top performance was awesome. ...I missed the beginning of Cooks upsetting....

2308 days ago


the fix was in from the start david a was never in the bottom3 does any one remember that

2308 days ago

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