Denise -- Not Diving for Sheen's Swimmers

5/21/2008 11:25 AM PDT
A spunky Denise Richards was on the "Today" show this AM whoring out her reality show slamming reports she tried to hit up ex Charlie Sheen for his seed -- saying the email making the donor request is a fake.

The email, allegedly sent to Charlie's fiancee Brooke Meuller, says "I am having a baby in the next year. By girlfriend suggested Charlie be the donor ... Charlie and I have very beautiful healthy children together. I was strictly looking for a sperm donor if it's any of your business."

Charlie blasted back, calling Denise's claims "absurd," adding "If any proof can be established that these are not in fact her words and statements verbatim, I openly invite her and would even encourage Ms. Richards to sue me in a court of law."