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Ellen and McCain: A Gay Ol' Time

5/21/2008 11:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to defuse what could have been a tense moment between herself and Sen. John McCain on the topic of gay marriage ... with a proposal, of sorts.

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Larry, I understand most of what you are saying but also you make it sound as if it is a curse to wake up being black every morning. I dont know if thats how you meant it though.I dont agree with the homosexual lifestyle I think its strange, but I do think the majority is born like that for whatever reason,, the others maybe molested and traumitized I dont know.I dont like the idea of gay " marriage" but maybe some sort of legal partnership.I have know some gays that are devoted to each other and if they are in a stable relationship wouldnt that be better for children then being in a childrens home or orphanage ?Not all gays should raise children but neither should all straights. But I dont like the gays/minorities that use the minority card.

2347 days ago


Please educate yourselves!!! John McCain is an intelligent thoughtful man that is very deserving of the title President. If anyone thinks that we are going to get out of Iraq and everything is going to be sunshine and roses, you are crazy! It will create a huge humantarian crisis in the middle east among other things. I don't like what has happened and I do not entirely trust the current administration. However, you have to also look at what this administration has done to McCain over the years. He certainly isn't another George Bush. He is also very realistic about what is facing us and one way or another we will be in Iraq. We can bring the soldiers home and then send them back or just leave them until we can get stabilization there, which could take 100 years. War is a fact of life and to maintain freedom or achieve the results we want, we often have to fight. Just like Ellen is trying to do for gay marriage. People who claim to be a democrat because they don't like war or don't like George bush, or even base their opinion on one issue like gay marriage are just plain ignorant. It's a good thing I don't alienate people because of their sexual orientation!

2347 days ago


While I do love Ellen and admire her as a person, I am with McCain on this and I WILL be voting for him in November. Oh yeah... GEORGE BUSH ROCKS!

2347 days ago


Did John McCain go on Ellen to listen to her whine about not being able to be "married" to her girlfriend? I doubt it. Why do democrats have to be such whiners all the time.

2347 days ago


Hats off to (both) Ellen and John McCain for being transparent and forthright with each other. It takes great courage to be age 70+ and be confronted by Ellen (who most of us adore)!

With the State of California Supreme Court decision, Ellen and others will be able to marry soon; however, our country is heading for a deepening recession and we need a solid leader with "experience" and cannot afford a give-a-way program (domestically or internationally) right now.

You don't throw the "older babies with wisdom out with the bath water" at this critical time.

2347 days ago


ps: TMZ! where is the Prince?

2347 days ago



2347 days ago


It really doesn't matter what any single individual thinks of homosexuality, in terms of it being nature or nurture. It is important to understand that anytime someone mentions homosexuality and the discrimination that comes with it as being the same as racial discrimination in this country is being a little inaccurate.
Keep in mind African Americans were brought to this land against their will and enslaved. There is no such history for homosexuals in this country. That is just the 1st of many differences. I have no problem at all with someone fighting for a better life for themselves, but I think Ellens argument would be better served by sticking to the issues that face homosexual americans and how it affects the nation as a whole rather than cloud peoples perception by mentioning things for what many believe may be percieved as being manipulative exploitation of this country's racial divide.

All that said, I love that this woman always seems to speak from the heart.

2347 days ago

jane doe    


2347 days ago

jane doe    

Larry's 100% right!!

2347 days ago

jane doe    

Larry's 100% right!!

2347 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

I think John MCcain seems to be a good choice for Pres. I am usually more of a dem. However, there are some things that are just getting out of control... such as Gay marriage!! Shame on this!! Marriage is between man and woman to have children... not this sick whatever they wanna call it that these gays do! I have a good friend who works with sex crimes and says that a huge portion of them are gay and they have either been molested or sexually abused and most of their families never even knew it happend. this is a sickness just as pediphiles have all been molested as children or something worse.. Some like Ellen, who i think is a very nice and funny perseon will never admit that anything happend to them.. but i would bet on it that it did... sometimes they block it out too. It is not normal so STOP trying to make it that way. John MCain is not just like Pres. Bush either... But only time can tell if this war was the right choice... ask for pulling out.. you do have to finish what you've started.. you cant be a country like america without standing up for yourself!!! Dont feel bad for our soldiers!!They are proud to be there protecting our wonderful country!!! There is no draft!! They want to be there!!!!! Be happy they are for your own Freedom and happiness!!!!!!

2347 days ago

jane doe    

Bravo "Wake up america" #79

2347 days ago


"Shame on this!! Marriage is between man and woman to have children"

Oh, so couiple who can't have children shouldn't be allowed to marry?

You don't know what you're talking about. The purpose of marriage is a legal construct for two people. It has nothing to do with having babies. Think before you write.

2347 days ago


Although I am not a McCain supporter, I do think that he showed a lot of class in wishing her happiness. As a politician, he only had to respectfully agree to disagree. That he added on that he harbors no ill will and that he wants her to be happy while not compromising his position was nice.

Ellen's argument was appropriate - the bottom line is people are being unfairly discriminated against based on things they cannot change about themselves. You can't change your gender, race, or who you are attracted to, and you shouldn't be denied rights based on those things.

2347 days ago
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