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What a Catch! The Fish, Not Shayne Lamas

5/21/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shayne Lamas took a page out of the Andy Baldwin Famewhore Handbook yesterday -- when she fished, swam and frolicked for photogs on a Malibu beach.

The newest "Bachelor" bride-to-not-be caught a nice-sized shovelnose guitarfish -- which ended up being the first of many creatures Shayne will dump back into the wild.


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oh oh    

ewwwwwwwww, gross. she is fat!

2353 days ago


Hey Irene - I drink regular lattes (none of the non-fat crap) and i'm still tiny...Seems like you work at it a bit, huh? Go to that gym girl, some of us work out only a couple times a week, eat what we want, and still remain petite and tiny without having to announce it on some stupid blog. YOU seem obsessed with telling everyone about YOU and your appearance, habits, etc. THAT'S why i find you annoying as hell...

2353 days ago


LMAO! She was so stupid! She didn't catch that fish , just hooked him.

2353 days ago


I don't usually comment on these just read them but this particular one I couldn't resist. This girl is so definately NOT FAT. She has a very nice and absolutely cute figure. Maryilyn Monroe was a little on the chunky side and she was a sex symbol. Is still remembered and considered a sex symbol and she is dead. This girl has flat abs and if she wasn't holding onto her top, (ever been in the oceon with the waves trying to pull it off or hold onto your bottoms with the force of the waves) you would be hating on her for trying to show off her boobs. Tell me a man wouldn't rather look or bed a woman with curves instead of a stick, and by the way I am a woman who has always been tiny by nature. Get over the skinny, pardon the pun, on size. And as for hurting the fish, get real. A fish out of water no longer than that will not die. They also don't normally swallow the hook, it hooks in their lip. This is from a bunch of women who obviously have never been fishing, wouldn't touch a fish let alone bait a hook, and are probably city girls whose back yard is asphault and don't even know what grass looks like. You so need to get over yourselves. The only sizes your comments are showing is the size of your brains. Size zero most definately.

2353 days ago


Hey Irene: I'd rather weigh 500 pounds than have your personality, or lack there of.

2353 days ago

disgusted & angry    

Sweet Shayne is just adorable and lovable. She is beautiful in & out. I hope this bachelor loves her forever. As for Chelsea, she is the fakest one of all. Her laugh, speech and conversations were so not normal. And worse were her kisses. gnawing Matt as if she will devour his whole head.
We are all waiting for ABC to have a "follow-up something" for this sweet entertaining couple.
For you all who are so uneducated & trashy, you who are despicable, cruel & evil, who thrive on people's misfortunes & failures, who spread rumors and gossip, you need to get a life and I hope you get divine retribution. I hope you suffer the unbearable.

2345 days ago

disgusted & angry    

Sweet Shayne is just adorable & lovable. She is beautiful inside & out. I hope Matt loves her forever.

2345 days ago

"Shame" Lame-Ass    

Just wondering is poster number 117 Shayne's mom or something? She's awfully angry and seems to have some personal stake in defending her?

2342 days ago

Northern CA Beauty    

Okay, while I'm no size zero myself...I'm still in shock that anyone would even comment on this beautiful girl's size. She looks great with an awesome figure. I think Shayne is really in to style, but this is one style bathing suit she should have passed on (it's too low on the hips, and cuts across her chest in all the wrong places). I'm sure after she reads these comments, the suit will find another home. However, I can guarantee most of us will never look as good Shayne...not even Irene Gracey - who? Keep smiling Shayne! You look great! :)

2320 days ago



You were only in it for the publicity the whole time!

2294 days ago


Ya, only someone like Shayne's mom would say something like that in number 117 because she's screwed so many people and her poor daughter has to suffer the fallout of this woman's failures and frauds.

2292 days ago

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