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Carnie Wilson: From Playboy to Oh, Boy

5/22/2008 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gastric-bypass babe Carnie Wilson has weathered life's ups and downs.

Although she showed off all of her reupholstered lady lumps in a 2003 Playboy pictorial, the former Wilson Phillips singer appears to have reverted back to her more natural self while at a L.A. car wash on Wednesday.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, people.


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Puh-leeze, this is not baby weight unless that baby took up residence in her ASS. Being healthy is not rocket science. Eat less move more. And why the hell is she matching crocs with the shirt?????? Where are the fashion police when you need them.

2311 days ago


Maybe if she was washing her own car and moving a little instead of sitting on her fat arse talking on the phone she wouldn't be the size of a whale.

And whoever invented Crocs should be shot, I hate those ugly things.

2311 days ago


This is the car wash on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City...I see here there all the time. She is the sweetest, most down to earth woman ever...leave her alone TMZ

2311 days ago

Sherry Brown    

I feel sad that she has this major weight-loss work to do all over again, for her health, primarily. Gaining a lot of weight after a certain age can cause the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, that life-threatening condition whereby heart attacks, strokes, blindness, and limb amputation become a real possibility in women as well as men. For her own health, and for the welfare of her child and husband, I pray that Carnie makes a lifelong commitment to maintaining a healthy weight and diet , and this involves a LIFESTYLE change. There are no "quick fixes" for overeating, because most people revert back to this for emotional reasons. I pray she finds the Lord of Life, Who will give her the strength and the power to stop compulsive eating, and Who loves her so much, that she will never suffer "malnutrician of her soul" ever again.

2311 days ago


She is freakin' disgusting. I know she had a child, but that's still no excuse. Gastric bypass "live", Celebrity Fit club. What's next, Weight Watchers? Push your fat a** away from the table Carnie. While she's not as big as she once was, she's on her way back.

2311 days ago


Someone please tell me how its possible to gain weight after having had gastric bypass surgery?

2311 days ago


When I person looks in the mirror and likes what they see that is all that matters, I don't never want to be over weight.

2311 days ago


To answer #24s question, if you do not make a serious commitment to changing your lifestyle via eating habits and exercise, you will gain weight. Gastric bypass is only a TOOL. You can "bypass" the bypass by eating several small meals a day. You can gradually add sugar back in your diet a little at a time. You become tolerant to it. It is very easy to sabotage a gastric bypass surgery. Being overweight is oftentimes driven by emotions. Just because you have your stomach transected does not change your brain. You really have to work at it. The bypass is great for losing weight but it is not a sure thing to keep the weight off. I wish Carnie all the best. I know how tough it is. It will always be a struggle but one that can be won. She just needs to get back on the program and follow the rules. High protein shakes, very small meals, no snacking, no sugar, and exercise. She can do it. Love ya, Carnie, I am pulling for you.

2311 days ago


Stupid TMZ. Big deal, she put back some weight on.......that's life. Leaver her the hell alone and maybe she can get on with her life without being bombarded by stupid media like you. Its not like the person publishing this ad of her is perfect, have you looked in a mirror lately TMZ people? Come on....leave people the heck alone and go look in your own mirror.

2311 days ago


I don't mind a plus sized girl but this is too much, too plus sized. Ick.

2311 days ago


I meant #22, sorry.

2311 days ago


I love the people that come on here and start yelling at TMZ for making fun of people and posting their pictures. That's pretty much what this site is about, if you hate it so much why do you come here?

2311 days ago


I'm sure that seeing her picture here just makes her day. Leave her alone.

2311 days ago

Just sayin.....    

People thought Gastric-bypass "cured" being over-weight. But it doesn't....I don't even know if it's even a "Worth it" surgery. Because it's a MAJOR surgery and you go through soo much and then the weight staying off isn't even a garantee..... I don't know about all that . Same thing with Randy Jackson from American Idol, he had the same surgery and look at him.....He's getting bigger too! ALL THAT trouble and triumph just to be 30 to 40 pounds lighter. Is that even worth it????

2311 days ago


She doesn't look like she's gained nearly all of her weight back. Maybe she's a little over 200, but she was over 300 when she had her Roux-en-Y. Still a lot healthier now. She could revise to a Duodenal Switch, if she really wanted to. Less chance of regain than with an RNY.

2311 days ago
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