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Carnie Wilson: From Playboy to Oh, Boy

5/22/2008 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gastric-bypass babe Carnie Wilson has weathered life's ups and downs.

Although she showed off all of her reupholstered lady lumps in a 2003 Playboy pictorial, the former Wilson Phillips singer appears to have reverted back to her more natural self while at a L.A. car wash on Wednesday.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, people.


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i work at and airport and saw her last week see is not fat or big like that picture makes her out to be...she is actually small

2345 days ago


This woman is going to kill herself with her quest to be thin. She'd live longer if she just accepts the fact that life dealt her the "heavy" hand, rather than this yo-yoing. I hope she reaches a point where she just says "f**k it" and just tries to be the healthiest big girl she can be. She has a beautiful voice and that's enough. Let the models worry about their bones showing.

2345 days ago


I feel bad for Carnie but you know it also comes down to you are what you eat and if you live a lifestyle with little or no activity you will get fat. Plain and simple. Gastric by pass is not a magic way to end a weight problem. It all comes down to eating sensibly and plain old exercise. Sadly I think Carnie was looking for a quick fix and made herself someone to watch by her Playboy pictoral. She set herself up to be watched and when you are as short as she is, every pound shows even more. I wish her luck and hope for her sake she gets herself into a real lifestyle change and exercise routine. I am 60 years old and ride my exercise bike 30 minutes everyday. I have lost 13 1/2 pounds by sheer hard work and sensible eating! It can be done but it is a lifestyle change and for the rest of a persons life. I am rooting for you Carnie!

2345 days ago

pop eye    

I worked in a very large call center for years. I knew several, very obese women who had gastric bypass. They all eventually gained the weight back after a couple of years or so. It was so sad, because they were so excited when they lost, but pretty soon they resumed thier old eating habits and regained. THERE ARE VERY FEW NATURALLY THIN ADULT WOMEN. If you really pay attention to the eating habits of thin women, you will realize they don't eat a whole lot. Pay attention to your cafeteria at work, it is always the fatties who are lined up first thing in the morning ordering up their cheese grits and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. THIN WOMEN RARELY DO THIS. The problem is with the gastric bypass women is that they are addicted to food, and they don't resolve that addiction before getting their surgery. You have to retrain your mind to understand that food is for survival, and only occasionally for celebration or emotional needs. You only need a very small bowl of ceral in the morning, a small, lean sandwich for lunch, and a salad and lean meat for dinner to survive. Not bacon sandwiches for breakfeast, pizza for lunch, and hamburger and fries for dinner.

2345 days ago


Far more shocking than her weight gain is that she modeled for PlayBoy in 2003?!?!? I had no idea! LOLOLOLOL

2345 days ago


I just don't understand why so many people are critical of larger women. I am not a super thin person, I have a few extra pounds. But do not tell me that I over eat or do not exercise enough. I seldom eat at all, and when I do it is a salad or some cereal. I exercise all the freakin' time! But the reason I can not lost weight and be rail thin is because of a thyroid problem. So please do not pass judgement on women who are larger and say they need to stop 'stuffing their faces' and that nonsense...some people just can't help it.

2345 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

that's the problem w/'s only temporary....I worked with this guy who had it, and had many problems with leakage and stuff like that....but after he came back to work he ate ALL DAY....yeah he was eating out of a dixie cup, but when you eat out of a dixie cup ALL DAY you are going to gain weight.....yup within 18 months he was a big porker again

all that money down the drain....also he actually had to gain weight to begin with to qualify for the surgery

it's all about self control

2345 days ago


Mouse trap, shut your trap you have no idea what you are talking about. Even thin women need 1200 - 1500 calories a day to be healthy. Super thin isn't always the healthiest either.

2345 days ago


You people ought to be ashamed. Carnie is a beautiful person inside and out AND has an incredible voice, plus she is a doting mom. Leave her alone.

2345 days ago


If you want to lose weight, people, get off your asses and actually exercisek. DO NOT cut up your stomach, like this stupid bitch did, to get results, because look what'll happen to you? This woman is PATHETIC!!! She's a poster child for what NOT to do when it comes to health & well-being.


2345 days ago


She is beautiful, but the blue crocs?? I don't care how big you are...crocs should be a fashion no no.

2345 days ago


Carnie is really an awesome person. Beautiful too, and very talented. All you fat haters bug off. Beauty is on the inside. BASH AWAY!

2345 days ago


I think I hear a Jenny Craig contract..........

2345 days ago

pop eye    

UGG, I know exactly what I am talking about. All thru my 20's and early 30's I battled the bulge. At 5'2 and small boned, my weight varied from 105lbs to 180lbs several times. I finally resolved the weight problem once and for all by retraining my mind to understand that people can get by and be very healthy on a realively low calorie, nurtirent filled diet, along with a good vitamen regimine. My caloric intake is approx 1,100 calories a day, rarely less, sometimes much more. That was 15 years ago and I have never looked or felt better. My cholesteral, blood pressure and liver function is absolutely steller. Overweight people need to realize that food is for survival and to fuel your body so you can stay at a very healthy weight and maintain a very good nutritional level. Not for stuffing your fat, greasy face, emotional needs, taste buds, and overall oral sensory delights because you just can't get enought.

2345 days ago

melissa b    

She is very pretty and she's had a hard time, off and on. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she's healthy, and tell her not to ever give up!!!!

2345 days ago
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