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Carnie Wilson: From Playboy to Oh, Boy

5/22/2008 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gastric-bypass babe Carnie Wilson has weathered life's ups and downs.

Although she showed off all of her reupholstered lady lumps in a 2003 Playboy pictorial, the former Wilson Phillips singer appears to have reverted back to her more natural self while at a L.A. car wash on Wednesday.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, people.


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I had the exact same surgery as Carnie almost six years ago, going from 295 to 152 today (at 5'7"). Gastric bypass is totally worth it, BUT... you have to follow the rules: no liquids 30 mins before or after meals, eat at least 60 g of protein per day, stay away from refined sugar, and exercise. It's doable, but still work to stay on track. Carnie needs to get back to those rules, and she should be able to do it. If she finds she absolutely cannot (and I know she struggles with drug and alcohol addiciton and is in recovery for that too), she may want to consider -- as another poster suggested -- revision to a duodenal switch.

2344 days ago


Just to think how much many she spent on gastric bypass surgery and all the pain she endured during recovery just to end up fat again, pregnancy or no pregnancy. It looks like she's reverted back to the bad habits that made her obese before. I hope she loses the weight again.

2344 days ago


I had a gastric bypass 6 years ago. I weigh 127 lbs and I am 5'9". It is very rare for someone to keep off the weight permently unless they make lifestyle changes. I exercise and eat very healthly. I'm so sorry to see Carnie large again. Why would any go through this and allow themselves to get obese again. Very sad!

2344 days ago

San Francisco    

It's her big mouth that needs a diet! I don't care what size she is - it's her constant whining and then bragging to the media that makes me cringe when she's on TV. She seems very full-of-herself.....excuse the pun.

2344 days ago

Common Sense; Avoid Health Clubs, Get Results, and Save $$$    

20 minutes a day; 3-4 days a week of intense exercise. Walk as much as possible. Drink a lot of water. Eat less pizza, beer, wine, chips, cookies, and ice cream. Is this that difficult. Apparantly for Carnie and 80% of others.

2344 days ago

Bull Dog Owner    

You people can be so rude!. At least she is eating and not drinking, popping pills and parting all nite to stay skinny. Why do you really care if she is big or not. Does it make you feel better about yourself to slam someone like her?? I would say probably 95% of you are over weight, have a big nose, large uneven ears etc, etc ,etc. You are not her family, you are not her husband or her child so what right do you have to make comments degrading her or anyone else???
The Wilson family has more talent then many of us have in our little finger and she doesn't need to be a skinny overpaid blonde bimbo to validate herself to the world.
Yeah it's funny to catch a star picking their nose or a skirt blowing up while on a boat, but TMZ keeps going way too far when it comes to peoples appearences.

2344 days ago


I so feel for Carnie-she may have to try a different approach to being healthy but still she must love herself first. A great mom, a beautiful voice and if only lifes issues were easily treated with the turn of the page. All of use have problems, just most aren't plastered all over the media. Give her some space and some thumps up, okay? She is a good soul.

2344 days ago


It must be so embarassing to have gained so much of the weight back. I used to think you couldn't gain weight after the surgery but you can and most people end up gaining again although they never get as heavy as they were before the surgery.

2344 days ago


So what if she looked like that?!! That's what normal American's look like in normal situations!! I'm so sick of everybody defining beauty as a size 0 with perfect boobs, hair, makeup and chothes. Only a small percentage of this country is Hollywood but they are working very hard at depressing all the rest of us! If people think Carnie is ugly then they are ugly themselves...ON THE INSIDE!!!

2344 days ago


she is the poster child for america's growing obesity epidemic!

instead of getting a major surgery to lose weight, how bout you get out into that california sun your daddy always sang about and WALK THE FAT OFF?!? take some vitamins and use your feet you spoiled cow.

2344 days ago

J C from Chicago, IL    

One must feel pity on this poor girl. The battle of the bulge is based on a recollection of life's experiences which cause food to be your soulmate. Learning what the missing chapters are, will results in getting a handle on the issue and thus keeping the weight off.

2344 days ago



2343 days ago

jane doe    

She's a great Singer, Mom, Actress who can afford to eat anything, anywhere and anytime. I think some of You jokers are jealous!

2343 days ago


After she had the bypass surgery and lost quite a bit of weight, she posed for Playboy. Since then, she has gotten pregnant and had a baby, which while she was pregnant she gained her weight back and subsequently altered her eating habits that she had followed to lose the weight in the first place. This was all discussed recently on I believe the "Today" show. On a side note, there are quite a few haters out here, who just can't grasp the idea that exercise doesn't work for everyone. I don't care if the numbers are 99 percent work out that way, that still leaves the 1 percent that exercise doesn't work for. Try walking in someone else's shoes for awhile before spewing your hate filled blogs or opinions.

2342 days ago


Why is everyone expected to fit into the same box in this country? I love seeing people in all different shapes,sizes, and colors.

There are some real shallow creeps on here. People who are "disgusted" by someone who isn't perfect are disgusting on the inside. I'm sure you same people would tease someone in a wheelchair...missing limbs? Or what about a "disgusting" burn victem? Or a child with deformities?

Ya'll need to rent Shallow Hal. And pray that you never get cancer that forces you to take steroids and gain 50 pounds overnight or shred your perfect little face in a car accident.

2313 days ago
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