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Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling

5/22/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a move totally out of character, Tom Cruise has sicked his lawyers on luxury baby boutique Petit Tresor, accusing them of babbling to the tabs about Suri's outrageously expensive designer Scientoloduds.
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According to the cease and desist letter sent by Cruise's law firm, the store leaked false info that Suri's parents dropped a cool $350 - $400K on the tot's wardrobe over the last two years. Tom and Katie's mouthpieces claim the store violated their clients' right of privacy.

The lawyers are asking the store to, "not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes' shopping habits."

When TMZ spoke to Petit's Andy Behrman all we got was, "Are we allowed to comment?"


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This just goes to show how utterly ignorant these two brain-washed psychotic high-school-dropouts are....spending $400,000 for $2 worth of fabric.


2343 days ago


Tom WHO????

2343 days ago


huh, yeah... heaven forbid we should find out that they're spending more money on baby clothes than most people make in the same two year period. world hunger, natural disaster, cancer, AIDS, education -- as long as Suri and the other celeb-u-spoiled are designer-decked-out, it's cool. true, they outgrow things in two or three months -- but by then it's SO last season anyway!

2343 days ago

sick of those no-talent media whores    

I'm not defending the outragious amount of money they spend but do think of this, the cost of clothes for infants is way too high to begin with, they are in the public eye all the time and i'm sure that they don't want Suri seen in the same outfit. Infants grow very fast not to mention all the stains. So i can see people with the kind of money they have spending a LOT. And I think they do have a right to privacy, I would not like it if I went to the store and the cashier told my nieghbor what I bought and how much it cost, that is my business.

2343 days ago


Do they have proof that the store "leaked" this info or did some rag mag journalist make this up? If Cruise believes it was the store who leaked the info, then it was be the true amount. Otherwise, wouldn't they just assume the "journalist" made it up? What a hypocrite Cruise is. He doesn't want the world to know how much he spends on his daughter's clothes, so he won't appear as shallow as we know he is.

2343 days ago


tom & his stepford wifE and brat just should go to SCIENCETOLOGY HELL!!!!!!! hate him and his little girl wifey ( A POSH WANNABE, AND SHOULDNT BE PROUD OF IT, CAUSE POSH IS ANOTHER SLIMEBALL BITCH!!!!!

2343 days ago


Instead of suing, the Cruise's should create their own positive publicity and donate some of that money to charity. Follow the Pitt-Jolie example.

2343 days ago


Cruise simply doesn't ever need to shop there again. That would handle it.

I had a similar experience with a local store (small town) and complained to the management that one of their employees had been talking about what I was buying. That got back to a member of my family and totally ruined my surprise gift. However, I read the original Cruise Shopping story - where Suri's blankets cost $75 a piece and they were buying 10 at a time. That's just outrageous. Talk about ridiculous spending...

2343 days ago


Who cares if they're stupid enough to buy an outfit for $32 that they could have got at Target for $12??

Whiney baby celebs are using the courts for something this stupid?? What a waste of attorney and judges time.
Why do they care if the world knows it? Are they ashamed of spending it on their wonder baby? I wouldn't be. If you have it and you want to spend Now if they "blabbed" about a bodily function or body part that's different. But your spending habits?
Get freakin' real!!!

2343 days ago


Actually..... SHAME ON PETIT TRESOR. This is how they treat their clients? Blabbing to tabloids about how much a customer buys and the items they buy is just about the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard of. This isn't about Tom or Katie - it's about the unprofessional lack of good judgement of this flamboyantly overpriced baby store.

I agree with Tom on this one. And it would serve Petit Tresor right if they ended up losing a large portion of their "celebrity" clientele. I'm not a celebrity, but I'll quit shopping there just out of principal. Why give my money to a business that clearly has no respect for their customers.

2343 days ago


They should sue Little Giraffe too ten because of the article TMZ published not too long ago stating Katie buys 40 Little Giraffe blankets at a time for Little Suri. It was a "statement " that came from Little Giraffe.
Seriously though, Little Giraffe blankets are the bomb!

2343 days ago


Why would he bring to the public's attention the ungodly amount of money spent on children's clothing. Throwing your money around in private is one thing, but letting it be known in public is simply asinine. He could cloth an entire elementary school with that amount of money. Let alone a 2-year old with a bowl haircut.

2343 days ago


Well, from the store's perspective they went for the publicity but blew their wa...d. Gives them a ton of publicity for those richies who want to shop where the stars shop but...then again, after talking about the Cruises they probably won't get that many big names in there anymore. I get why they are pissed. They don't want people making a big deal out of the money they spend on her. Then again, they have enough to stay out of Target. They can buy her whatever they want. They earned the money.

2343 days ago


How dare they speak of the king. Pardon me while I gag.

2343 days ago


Cruise is gay!!! It all a cover-up, those infant clothes are for him and his gay role playing. Come out da closet Tommie!

2343 days ago
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