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Cruise Lawyers Spank Baby Store for Babbling

5/22/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a move totally out of character, Tom Cruise has sicked his lawyers on luxury baby boutique Petit Tresor, accusing them of babbling to the tabs about Suri's outrageously expensive designer Scientoloduds.
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According to the cease and desist letter sent by Cruise's law firm, the store leaked false info that Suri's parents dropped a cool $350 - $400K on the tot's wardrobe over the last two years. Tom and Katie's mouthpieces claim the store violated their clients' right of privacy.

The lawyers are asking the store to, "not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes' shopping habits."

When TMZ spoke to Petit's Andy Behrman all we got was, "Are we allowed to comment?"


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I probably dislike Cruise about as much as anybody on the planet but in this case who's business is it what they spend. It's their money and they can do with what they what. Get a life people!

2343 days ago


I am so sick of Tom Cruise and his vapid, boring, personality-less, LAME, ugly wife. I wish the press would just ignore them from now on.

Like we didn't know that they spent a ton of money on Suri's clothes. He did bring Oprah into Suri's closet and showed off all her clothes and shoes. She wears Burberry and other expensive designers. Who the hell really cares? It's just Scientology and Tom Cruise trying to bully and harass someone AGAIN.

I despise these two people and I wish they would more to Afghanistan, Iceland or some remote place where we NEVER have to hear their whiney mouths again.

Get over it! We all know that Katie blows money like gang-busters. We see the videos of her maxing out his black AmEx card --like 3 times a week... We KNOW they spend a lot of money, especially Katie.

Does anyone think Katie married Tom Cruise because she loved him? HELL NO! He's almost old enough to be her dad... She's a gold digger and he is her sugar daddy.


Katie is a D-rated actress who can only play one-dimensional, boring parts.

2343 days ago


oh, boo hoo, i feel so sorry for them, how dare that store divulge what the Cruises spent? jees, they flaunt their obscene wealth in public every chance they get - anyone remember their wedding a few years ago? talk about conspicuous consumption

2343 days ago


Oh, brother, that's a silly letter

Such problems

He tries so hard to protect his image, but the silly legal bullying makes it worse and calls attention to it.

It's part of being in the public eye. Grow up.

2343 days ago

CA Mom    

Maxing out Black AMEX: No limit

How much they spend: noones business

Scientology telling them to buy these things: people do not need to be rich to be Scientologist

2343 days ago


We have a right to privacy when we go shopping? No kidding.. I never knew that. Is that a LAW or something? These two are just looking for attention because both their careers are sinking quickly and most of America despise them.

Tom and Katie only make the gossip columes because they are a complete joke, much like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears... Katie is a horrible actress and her last movie bombed, Tom's next movie has a HUGE budget and they keep putting money into it --to rework it because it is SO horrible. It is projected to tank on epic scales.

It's sad that Scientology and Tom's nuttiness has caused the demise of such a prominent part of Hollywood. He is no longer the golden boy or the A-list, ..he is merely laughed at and gossiped about.

Katie has no personality, she's dim-witted and boring.

I feel sorry for both of them. I don't see anything reviving Tom's (or Katie's) career --- unless he denounces Scientology. There is a large group of people who welcome ex-Scientologists into their arms and garner their respect.

Barring TC denouncing the Church of 8 years, he would be lucky to get a spot on "The Surreal Life".

2343 days ago


Does Tom Cruise not realize the negative effects of the stunts he pulls? Why does it matter whether a store blabbed about how much you spent? We all know Katie shops like every single day. Who do they think they are fooling?

Give it up, TomTom. Everyone in America hates your guts and every time you pull one of these stupid moves , it just makes people dislike you even more. If that is even possible. Try to get your career back on track and dump that braindead, ugly wife and quit that psycho "religion" . That should be what you are trying to accomplish right now, not frivilous lawsuits.

2343 days ago

david spade II    

The least a web site that runs around bad mouthing anyone & everyone is know how to spell,
The word is sicced!!

2343 days ago


Did anyone actually read the letter from the attorney? This was not a threatening letter. There was no mention of a lawsuit or threat of lawsuit. It was a letter that corrected the falsehoods and asked to refrain from telling tabloids information that the store says, per their own policy, they don't divulge. Yet are quoted as having divulged such information. The letter even uses the word "please." I've seen threatening legal letters - this was nothing of the sort. Rather than read the headlines, why not read the actual letter and stick to what's there.

The real question is how did TMZ get the letter in the first place. I imagine there was a transaction with the boutique as the letter was faxed, mailed and emailed to the store from the attorney.

How about thinking for yourselves people instead of being manipulated by the media. It's all there for you to make your own judgement. If you don't like Tom Cruise, for whatever reason, that's your prerogative, but at least let your dislike, and in some cases hatred, be based on facts, not distortions.

It'll be interesting if TMZ even allows this post because my first one never saw the light of day.

2343 days ago


I'd just about guarantee that the letter was drafted by Scientology lawyers who are assigned to protect the "clear" Tom Cruise from the nasty comments of those of suppressive persons that inhabit the store. I am sure Mr. Cruise did this as part of his "ethics handling" of these S/P's, and he needs to refer them to these "ethic officers" via the threat of legal action. I am sure Tom and Katie reviewed this with LRH Staff to insure they were "in ethics" prior to having the letter drafted. Wow! What wackos!

2343 days ago


You certainly have to wonder about this boutique.

First, they talk about a star's spending habits when their stated policy is to not talk about any of their clients. Second, what they do talk about isn't even the truth. Third, after receiving a letter politely asking the store to follow their own policy, the store evidently sells or gives the attorney's letter to TMZ, which does the very thing the letter politely asked them not to do.

This behavior actually makes one believe that Tom and Katie spent way less. It's the only explanation that makes any sense. Think about it. If they really spent 350-400K, how crazy would you have to be to piss off a customer that spends that sort of money. And Tom and Katie have indicated they want more children, which means more baby clothes. If any customer of mine spent 350-400K, I would do everything possible to keep them satisfied. So either they store's owners are either incredibly stupid or incredibly unethical (or both).

2343 days ago

Make It Right!!    

You can't have it both ways people! You condemned Angelina and used vile and racist language in putting down the "appearances" of Shiloh and Zahara for not being "properly, Hollywood" styled. You even used Suri as the poster child for how a celebrity kid should look out in public! Now you want to be shocked and appalled that to look like little Suri, it costs $400,000??????? So Angelina shops second hand stores for her kids clothes and would give that $400,000 for food and medicine to aid less fortunate children (than those in Hollywood!) and you people hate her for doing so. So, here's your precious little Suri and what it costs to keep her a little porcelain doll for you to all ohhh and ahhh over. Accept it! And good for the store....If I had kids, I'd shop there now. And I do remember them showing what Tom and Katie bought for the why is he ballistic now? Because that IS JUST A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY TO SPEND ON ANY CHILD'S CLOTHES! HE SHOULD BE HUMILIATED!

2343 days ago

CA Mom    


I assure you that Mr. and Mrs. Cruise did not have to " run it by a Scientologist" to make sure they are "within Ethics". It's misinformed statements like yours that place so much hate on Scientology.

2343 days ago


I'm with Tom on this one. When you shop at a high end store you expect certain things and one of them is privacy. I have seen this store use Tom and Katie for their own publicity purposes since Suri was born. Immedatelty they were showing items that the said were bought by Tom and Katie for Suri on national TV . They even spilled the beans on Tom and Katie's private page , which had a special password only access for family and friends to shop for gifts for Suri on their website. I found this spilling of the bean very tacky and unprofessional then and even more so now as the store has continued to talk about Tom and Katie.

2343 days ago


These two nitwits make me sick. They want preferential treatment for everything. So what if a store talks about what they spent? Are there different rules for those two? What makes them better than the rest of the world? Tom Cruise is an a-hole.

2343 days ago
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