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Daughter of Christian Singer Chapman Killed

5/22/2008 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The five-year-old daughter of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman was killed last night when a car apparently driven by one of her older brothers hit her in the Chapman family's driveway.

In what local police are calling a "terrible accident," Maria Chapman was playing in the driveway when she was struck by a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by one of Chapman's teenage sons. The police did not identify the driver, according to The Tennessean.

A statement on Chapman's website says, "Maria was rushed to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, transported by LifeFlight, but died of her injuries there." Maria was the youngest of the Chapman's six children.


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pay atention    

Thirsy-Thursday---Your comments sound as though you think of death as the end!! It's not go to heaven or hell and live in one of those two places for eternity....forever, and forever. This little girl is in heaven, enjoying peace,love and joy! The Chapman family is grieving her loss on earth but they are comforted knowing she is in heaven with the Lord.

2344 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I am not religious, but I do feel really bad for this family. Just because my beliefs are different does not make me heartless of empty either.

2344 days ago


My heart and prayers go out to the family at this moment. His music has touched so many of us and we have been better for it. May God bless him and his family..

2344 days ago

Tammy Harper    

Hey Thirsy Thursday, I am a follower of Jesus, and I can tell you with any doubt that no matter what ever any so called christians relay a message to you that we want you dead or banished for your opinion is wrong. God loves you, and does not have a message of hate. This is why so many people have the judgement they have of christians, because they are blinded by whom God really is. I have been forgiven many times over, and have no right to judge any one for any thing.

Also we have to remember death is not the worse thing, It is the seperation of God for eternity! (we all are going to die)

May God be with the Chapman family, and all of you who do not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ

2344 days ago


god bless their family at this terrible and tragic time. Bless that little girl as she makes her entry in heaven. RIP little angel

2344 days ago


First, I'd like to also express sorrow for the Chapman's loss. It is quite possibly, the worst type of loss there is. However, something about this child tragedy and another one back in March made me curious. I noticed an overwhelming outpouring of support from both readers and TMZ alike. TMZ is also lightning quick to snatch down any tasteless posts from this story. But if you go back to the story of March 5 of this year about a little girl who drowned while her mother was distracted, you see TMZ and many of the same posters from this story (claiming they wouldn't be tasteless enough to troll this one) merrily blasting away with joke after joke which, curiously and unlike this story, are still posted to this day. One of the posters who indicated it would be tasteless to troll THIS story, even went so far as to hint they were GLAD the little girl drowned back in March because it would save them tax dollars down the road. I apologize if anyone finds THIS post tatsteless and I absolutely feel for the family of this little girl, as I do for the families of ALL children who encounter tragedy. However, I can't sit here and tolerate all the phony attitude and "outrage" in here by a lot of the posters nor even TMZ itself. If TMZ REALLY wants to show it cares about tasteless posts, how about going back and cleaning up some of the cruel, heartless, and nasty posts (by many of the same posters in here) on that other poor child's story? Or, for some "unknown" reason, are some kid's lives more worthy than others?

2344 days ago


God be near to you, God be very near to you. And to the Older brother of Maria, may you be purposefully loved at this devastating time. May God be very near to you all and fill you with hope. Only the Lord gives and takes away. My heart is with you and i pray contiually for you. may no weapon formed against you prosper and nothing seperate you from the Love of Almighty God.

2344 days ago


"just wondering", there you go with the short bus comment. What exactly do you mean by "short bus" then??

2344 days ago


My Goodness, that is TERRIBLE! I pray in this sad season that the Lord will strenghten and comfort this family. A lot of prayers for this young man. Nothing will separate us from God's love. Again, continue to give Him praise in this storm; He will sustain you. Peace!

2344 days ago


to just wondering, sounds like Mike is right, in your replies, you make fun of the mentally challenged, then you even
say, "what, are you mentally challenged?" like there is something wrong with that. Better go take a look in the mirror
before you call people out on being bigoted, when, you, in fact, are a bigot yourself!

2344 days ago


When a person dies it's bad but when it involves a child it is horrific. I hope the brother can forgive himself for this terrible accident... God bless this family my thoughts and prayers are with them.

2344 days ago


Peace is not the absence of sorrow, but rather the presence of Christ.

2344 days ago


I can't understand how something so terrible like this could happen to him and his family when god is supposedly on his side, to the exclusion of all non-christians. According to christians, these things are only supposed to happen to non-believers. I just can't make sense of it.

2344 days ago


I have been a fan of Steven's music for nearly 20 years. Even more than this, i have had so much admiration for this man. He is so gifted, and yet so genuinely humble and compassionate. His whole life has been about outreach and servanthood.

If you want to see a touching tribute to his mighty love for his daughters, look up the videos for his recent hit Cinderella. My heart weeps deeply for the Chapman family.

2344 days ago


God holds her in His hands now. She is exhalted among kings on thrones. her innocense has been maintained and she will no longer know pain. In death, she finds the ultimate peace. and in death, the presence of God is more than sufficient - more than any other thing we could inherit or experience here on earth.

Celebrate this childs life and do not relish in her departure. You will see her soon enough and it will be a beautiful and joyful reunion. My prayers are with your family... remember as discussed in Job that even when we are faithless, God is always faithful. And that when he takes a life all too early, he is sparing that life from pain and blessing it with eternal bliss.

Much love, peace, and respect

2344 days ago
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