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David Archuleta: Welcome to the Losers' Circle

5/22/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that little Davey has been crowned runner-up, he joins Justin Guarini, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice, Katharine McPhee and Blake Lewis in the long list of names you'll immediately forget about after reading this post.

His one shining hope -- turning out like Clay Aiken. That's dim.


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Blake Lewis had a kick ass solo album recently. I'd hardly call him forgotten.

2314 days ago


John Mayer does OK singing mostly ballads as does Enrique Inglesis. Just saying you don't have to sing fast or rock songs all the time to make it. David A. has tremendous talent and years to learn and grow. I honestly don't think he will be forgotten like the others. Bo Bice, BTW, is NOT forgotten. The guy took a year off to deal with a severe intestinal malady and had several surgeries. He's back and doing fine.

How about Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, and the other winners who TANKED? Only two winners have a career and that is Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Daughtry is doing better than all but Carrie who were on Idol. so to say you have to win Idol to be a success is ridiculous.

2314 days ago


David Archuleta has a good voice, but his appeal is limited to children and seniors. For some reason, something about him gives me the creeps. I'm sure he will have some success in any case. I'm glad that David Cook won.

In my opinion this season was relatively boring, I also think last night show dragged on way too long. I couldn't even stand watching I just kept flipping back and forth and then watched the last ten minutes. Those ensemble numbers make me think of something I’d see at a high school talent show.

2314 days ago


Jennifer Hudson was an Academy Award! Come on now..

2314 days ago

life experience    

David Archuleta should have won. He is more talented, but there were reasons other than talent that caused him to lose.
1. America hates his dad, and I live in Canada by the way, but to see how when America hates someone.. they HATE them. In Canada people are not that bias.
2. The judges hurt David A's chances by what they said in the finale
3. David Cook's brother recovering from cancer, to me its stupid to vote for someone because their brother recovers from cancer when this is a singing competition, millions of people have cancer. Not bashing his brother at all i do feel sympathy for them, but I would not vote for David Cook for that reason.
4. The timing. 1am most David A fans are sleeping lol
5. THE PRODUCERS WANTED DAVID COOK TO WIN.. look at the final 3 and the songs the producers chose for both Davids. David A's was crap, Cook's was arguable the best songs created.
I promise everyone David A will be 10 times richer and more successful than david cook, not to say cook wont be successful, just not as much for sure

2314 days ago


I have not forgotten about Blake for the record many people haven't, including his true fans.

I am happy Cook won, he was better

2314 days ago


TMZ writers are the angriest, bitchiest, loneliest people on the planet. They've got nothing going for themselves, so they write bitchy crap to try to cut down people who actually have talent, ambition, and something else going for them. Shame on you, TMZ. It's sad that our country has an appetite for this venom.

2314 days ago


Can he sing? Yes. Do I want to hear him sing more than one song? No. I'm sure he's a really nice kid and may possibly have a future with the teenybooper crowd, but he is borrrrrrrrrrrrrring and a bit nasaly! David Cook can sing anything and make it sound fresh and original.

2314 days ago


He's never gonna be able to get too far until he grows up a little and (most importantly) dumps his loser dad. With the reputation Jeff A has already, little Davey could very well be blackballed in the industry til dear ol dad is given the boot.

2314 days ago


Faith....I'm sure American Idol will not miss you. And thanks for the AI consipracy theory. You make that up all by yourself? And if you'll go back and watch the episode where they went back to visit their home towns, they ALL cried in front of the cameras and David A cried like the biggest BITCH of them all.

Have a nice day!

2314 days ago


David Archuleta's voice has a rare quality: it's pure. It's not forced or strained. I'd put the David A's vocal pure voice right up there with Dennis DeYoung.

David A can excel in a variety of styles, including a capella which is something David C couldn't do.

I'm hoping that someone, somewhere will offer David A a contract. This lad is too good to let slip by.

David C: Congrats, and best of luck on your contract and tour, you too are good but in a completely different style: hard rock. But try other styles because so often your vocals remind me of Stone Temple Pilot.

Two different guys, two different styles. Best wishes to both. :)

2314 days ago


It's all staged people! Live with it...................there was no way American Idol was going to let a 17 year kick David Cook's ass, because that is what he did. Cook has no talent........and needs to get over that "I just got out of bed " look.

2314 days ago

Odessa Szumita    

I think the whole thing was rigged!!!!!!!!!!! David Archuleta won bigger every week until the judges fixed it so he couldn't win. This is the end of my husband and I watching this show ever again. I hope you get to see how David Cook won't be the Golden boy you 3 judges think he is. Clay Aiken got it just like this David Archuleta. I guess you can do anything you want as none of us knows who the public really voted on. Tell David Cook to get a hair cut and shave and take a shower. Thank you. We will not watch this horrid contest again. Mr. and Mrs. Szumita

2314 days ago


I think you're wrong. I'm glad Cook won, but Archuleta has something special. I think he'll do really well.

2314 days ago


That's funny after reading this article I read another one about Katharine McPhee being a presenter at the Mtv Movie awards to promote her next movie. Is there is a statute of limitations on how long it should take me to forget about her?

2314 days ago
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