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David Cook: After the Bell

5/22/2008 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sweet smell of victory -- at the Skybar in Hollywood.


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Either way they both win. American Idol on the other hand needs to go away!

2243 days ago


David Cook did NOT "work the arrangements" he STOLE other artists originals & tried to pass them off as his own. Idol is no longer relevant...just look atTaylor & Jordin. David Cook will be long forgotten in the near future. Good Riddance.

2243 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

The RIGHT DAVID did win.

David Cook is american success story on his own. He is marketable and WILL sell many albums in the likeness of Ms. Underwood. He has the looks, the sex appeal, the voice, and the overall likeability factor which will relate in $$$$$ for everyone involved.

David Archulettacrybabby is so sickening. He is like OMG OMG DO YOU LIKE ME? OMG DID I SING WELL? OMG YOU LIKE ME REALLY? PLEASE. Archueletta better give his crazy dad an ass kicking for telling him to behave like a moron.


2243 days ago


Archie can only sing ballads, He can't arrange his own songs or write his own material as Cook can. Archie has a great voice, no doubt but for a 16 year old to only sing slow songs wasn't a WOW factor. Actually Archie would have been the better contestant to win since he NEEDS the guidance of the American Idol contract where they write the songs for him. David Cook doesn't need the help but...hey that's politics for ya!

2243 days ago


Was it just me or did everyone else KNOW that Cook had won the minute SC started to back peddle just before the results. I have to say, I think Simon is right at least 90% of the time and he is the voice of reason on the show, but god does this man have an ego. Earlier posts espoused that the judges were puffing for Lil' Davie by being harsh on Cook. I felt quite the opposite and that SC's comments were intended to shed bad light on Cook, and I actually felt that SC was attempting to sway the vote against Cook. In short, I think Simon was was trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, in hopes to impress everyone with his ability to pick the winner. Freemantle asserts that the judges are unaware of the results and Seacrest does not know the final results until he opens the envelope. Perhaps that's true, but somehow Simon knew last night's results. I am not claiming that the show was rigged in any way, but it was obvious to me that he was engaging in serious damage control for himself. It was obvious to me when he began to praise Cook and apologizing for being too harsh just seconds before the results were announced.

What an ego. The man has a statue in the court yard of his Bev Hills estate......of himself!

Cook will do well as long as he is true to his own style. He is highly marketable, which most of the other winners have failed to be. He is original in that, beyond his marketability, he can do his own thing. He doesn't have to be spoon fed like so many of the others from this competition have proven to be. Only a true artist can perform with passion, and that passion springs from the ability to CREATE NOT RE-ITERATE, as so many of the others have proven as their own limiting factor, and thus have failed.

While I think the show has been waning as a result of vanishing concept novelty, when we look back at this season we saw a few performers that were original and risk takers. If AI is to continue, it must seek to bring these types of artists to the stage. It's obvious that they realize that in that they are now allowing the performers to play instruments. Maybe they are waking up to reality that in the end, the American public knows by in large who has the potential to become and artist and who'll essentially become a puppet with exposed strings.

Let's hope.


2243 days ago

Joe Blow    

Sj - the reason Simon was apologizing was because in person Archies voice just echoes in a theater but when you watch it on tv its no better then anyone else. Cook was having fun and he kept taking chances. Archie was there to win and didnt take any chances and sang a song he sang before and they were all boring as hell on tv. Its easy to jump to a conclusion when in person but on tv its a totally different story.

2243 days ago


David Cook was the right man to win - period. There was absolutely no originality to any song that David A. sang. David Cook rocked the house with the Collective Soul number. He is amazing and no doubt in my mind that he will go far with his talent. David C - YOU ROCK BABY.

2243 days ago


I love DC!! Voted for him from the beginning!! Hey, David; I have a gorgeous, smart & kind daughter with a great job who is just about your age! Please stay REAL...

2243 days ago


Please, You have to be kidding me. I think I read a comment on here that Cooke has a common voice - like daughtry... Well, tell me archuletta doesn't remind you of josh groban? Please! Think about it. Who is going to be, realistically now, the american "idol"? Cooke is the only answer. And that 2nd song they both sang the other night? Well, cooks song could easily be heard on the radio. Archuletta's song was terrible. Yes, he can sing, but the song was just terrible. I can't imagine going out and purchasing a cd by archuletta unless I needed something for background music or music to lull me to sleep...

2243 days ago


# 86-

AGAIN, are you people that ignorant that you actually don't understand that Cook is the least original of all?? He does NOT arrange his own material...he steals original arrangements from REAL artists.

His pasty flabby ass will be forgotten soon enough unless he gets A LOT of plastic surgery because ewww...he is gross.

2243 days ago


#92 -

Talk about ignorance, you and Archie need plastic surgery to open your eyes!!

2243 days ago


I think David Cook is awesome. DA is Disney material. Granted the boy (BOY) can sing like an angel - but DC the man (MAN) has an edge. I'll take a singer w/an edge. If I want to hear an angel I'll listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. DA could solor w/them. That is a fitting gig for the angel. I was a DC fan from the get-go. He deserved it & he won it.

2243 days ago


#92- Why bash people and call them ignorant because they don't share the same views as you? We get think Idol is a bunch of crap. You are entitled to your opinion as we are to ours. No matter what you say, I don't think DC "stole" anything. Perhaps a few of his renditions DID sound similar, or even exactly like others. But regardless, they are could also argue that everyone else in the competition sang songs that sounded very similar to the original artists with a twist at the end. Would that also be stealing songs? NO.Besides the fact, I am sure that AI has to get some sort of permissions from an artist (or owner of song rights for those artists who are deceased) before a song is used on the show. Had they been stolen there would be a huge lawsuit being filed right about now. The truth of the matter is, that DC showed that no matter what genre was given to him, he could put an edge to it and make it appeal as rock. And both DA and DC will end up with recording contracts, no matter how the show would have turned out. I doubt either will fade into obscurity as some past contestants have.

2243 days ago


i won't be listening to or buying any of his music..sorry
and that doesn't mean i liked the other David either.

2243 days ago


I am happy for both Davids. They will both see good long and successful (but probably different) careers i believe. I know the Archuleta famiy and David is a friend of my daughter.

Lay off the dad (Jeff). He is doing his job as a father and working to protect his son and help him reach his dreams and goals. Nothing more or less than most any other dad (or mom) would do for their kid. David is lucky to have him and knows it Many (like this place) can't take it when they can't find something bad to say about someone. So they grasp and make a lot out of nothing. Sad.

2243 days ago
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