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Open Letter to Matt's Shirt

5/22/2008 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Matthew's shirt,

We know you need your 15 minutes. We appreciate the job you have to do. But we must ask you, please leave. No one wants you around, or on, Mr. McConaughey.

Best wishes,


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TMZ, you confuse me. One minute you are posting articles with Matt wearing NO SHIRT and you're saying dumb crap about him needing to put it back on. Now you're begging him to take it off? Get your sh*t straight and make up your mind!

Personally, he can walk around all the time without it on, I don't mind!

2344 days ago


There's nothing wrong with him idiot #1, its a weighted shirt, try googling e x e r c i s e.

2344 days ago


come on tmz.....did harvey try to pick him up and got turned down.......rather look at him than wrinkled harvey levines saggy ass. i would do him!

2344 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

Actually, yeah, he can leave the shirt on. And then he can put a bag over his fugly face. The run home and wash off the skanky funk from his stanky-assed body. Then stay home forever and stop making movies. Well, in an Absolut world.

2344 days ago


Oh poor dear Paulo. Poor thing. Must have gotten turned down by the guy you met on line. When he got to you place, he realized when you said "swimmers body" you meant Shelley Winters in "The Posideon Adventure".

2344 days ago

Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

lol #1 is right.. you guys down clown on him for everything ... D@mned if ya do & D@mned if ya don't right Matt....? But hey... Harvey's got us all because we read it no matter what, so ... ya point one finger & three more at pointing back ya cha!
(Sorry for the one liners...It's that kinda day)

But, I LOVED the "open letter" so funny! Thanks for the laugh and I concur.... OFF with his shirt!

2344 days ago


Geez, wake up TMZ, it's a weighted exercise vest! That's one reason why he's got the body he does.

2344 days ago


Yeah. He can take off the shirt and put it over his head so we don't have to look at his ugly face, or his new hair from the plugs. I cannot stand M.M. I bet he smells bad.

2344 days ago

just wondering    

nothing like jogging in Eu du Car Exhaust Fumes..ooh lala

2344 days ago


To idiots #2 and #7......are you the only two who don't see a red shirt under the "weighted vest"????? Notice....Open Letter to Matthews "SHIRT".

2344 days ago


LOL...tmz can be so funny sometimes!!!

2344 days ago

just wondering    

honestly he probable doesn't smell pleasent, I saw him on a interview once when he was dating Penelope Cruz and he said he didn't use soap or where underwear..a very earthy type to saw the least.

2344 days ago


I thought it was a bullet proof vest for a 4 yr old. But then I remembered, what would a FOUR year old need a vest for??

2344 days ago


I didn't know Harvey Levin was gay...

2344 days ago


Does anyone at TMZ work out - EVER? Matt is wearing a weight vest,; you know, similar the the Velcro ankle and wrist weights I and many others wear on our runs.

Slow news day for you?

#5 TralfaZ - You are priceless! You gave me my afternoon laugh.

Play nice, all. Happy holiday weekend,

2344 days ago
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