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Shoulder? She Hardly Knew Her

5/23/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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If you really look hard. I don't thing Samantha is as into it, as Lindsay. I thing Samantha Is f'ing her for the press. Some of the pictuers I've seen, Samantha has the look on her face " somebody get this dumb beeyatch off of me". Even the hug in the picture above looks forced. I think Samantha has some other secret prospects that Lindsay doesn't know about. Hey lindsay! A woman can use you for sex just like a man!

2342 days ago


Let me also add just because she has one girl on girl relationship does NOT make her a lesbian, she may just be curious. I know a lot of girls who went there in college but are now married with the kids. Just a phase...

2342 days ago

atomic femme    

I dont see anything wrong with this picture. I have a lot of girl friends and does NOT mean im a lesbo. I am very affectionate with my friends as well and hug them and hold their hand. I am married. doesnt mean i am a lesbian. What a stupid story TMZ! maybe they were just smelling eachother after a party to see if they stink!! she is wearing high heels, so that why she is holding her hand while she gets off the boat so she wont fall!! HELLO People!!! REASON!!!!

2342 days ago


She's dating a mime??

2342 days ago


She probably got tired of all the jerks she was dating...she's trying something different.

2342 days ago

Rose-Lee Gypsy    

So this explains he drug use, trying to hide from who she really is! Come out Lilo it's time! And maybe, just maybe Dilo will leave you alone once and for all. If not get a good buzz going and go muff diving off the coast of dykstra!

2342 days ago


Wonder if they will be on the mother's new show on E.

2342 days ago


that doesn't look nice

2342 days ago

pattie in cali    

what the hell is this? loho you never let people down, you keep falling, with no end in sight, wowwwwwww, that was ugly, hollywood what the hell are you thinking? you will let anyone in, this makes me sick, this is why i don't go to the movies anymore, this is why i watch mostly news, i can't stand what hollywood has become, atleast in the old days they hid it, these days its just in your face, go away loho, you make us sick at our house,

2342 days ago

good grief!    

big deal so she's Bi! Give her a couple of weeks and she'll go back to guys!!!

2342 days ago

pop eye    

Look at the position of Lindsey's arms. This is a hug fueled by sexual attraction, not just friendship. Think about it. When you hug your girl friends, do you drape your arms around their lower waist and bury your head in their neck. No. Every woman I have seen embrace wrap their arms around the others upper back or shoulders and quickly kiss somewhere on the face. Unless you're lovers.

2342 days ago


I don't know that these pics necessarily constitute lesbianism. It sure looks that way but who knows? Girls are weird like that sometimes. Plus, chick looks like a dude anyway. I never understood that. A girl will supposedly like girls but get the manliest one! Same with gay guys. The want a dude but will pick the sissiest(?) guy around. WTF? Just get a girl. You can still have sex the same way ;P

2342 days ago


her manangement team, told her, coming out of rehab, to stop her "lesbo" thing or it would kill her career, hollywood will not stand for it!!!. well girl, i guess they were right. and you are wrong.

2342 days ago


Dude looks like a lady. Wait... dude is a lady!

Some heavy carpet munching going on here... No wonder Lilo's man relationships failed. She likes pie too much.

2342 days ago

pattie in cali    

the hug, it looks fake as hell, if my friend gave me a hug like that, i would be very upset, friends no more, it steal looks very fake

2342 days ago
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