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Beyonce & Jay Z's Scarsdale Diet

5/24/2008 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a buzz in Scarsdale, NY, to the point where it's now "common knowledge" -- we're told Beyonce and Jay Z will be moving in and livin' very very large.
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We're told they bought this modern colonial on one of the best streets in Scarsdale ... around 15,000 square feet on approx 2 acres. But get this -- it's NOT the biggest house on the block!

The house has been under construction for about 6 months. The house that was on the estate was torn down.

BTW, they got their marriage license in Scarsdale.


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Invite Pastor Rudy Rasmus and the family of St. Johns over for lunch.

We the members of St. Johns love you and Jay

Take care and keeping serving them lunches

2281 days ago


That is not the house that they are moving into!!! I swear on my life that it is my house. My parents bought the land 2 years ago while I was at camp. These people who wrote the article really screwed up, they got the house wrong. Beyonce and Jay z are moving to 4 Heathcote road and that is my house on 15 Heathcote road! You probably don't believe me but I swear it is true!!!

2281 days ago


That is not there house. That is the house my parents bought 2 years ago when i was at camp. You probably don't believe me but I swear on my life that it is true. Beyonce is moving to 4 Heathcote road and I am moving to that house on 15 Heathcote road. The people who wrote this article SCREWED UP A LOT!!!!!! Btw I swear this is true.

2281 days ago

2% MILK    


2280 days ago

Jay-Z & Beyonce are trash    

I agree with one of the other posts - All the money in the world cannot make you white, which is what they want to be. They'd give everything they have to be white. Oh wait. Then they'd be Hillary Clinton's demographic "hard-working, low-class, uneducated white people". Hmm. Come to think of it, guess they really don't fit in anywhere....(o:

2280 days ago


LOL, they want to be white? Jeez, you people are delusional, crazy, hateful, and small minded, racist. I hope you all die in a car crash on your way to get some barbecued pig.

2280 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I wonder how long it will be until there are several broken down Mercedes in the front
yard and the lawn needs to be mowed?

2280 days ago


That is my house. The people who wrote this really screwed up. That house is on 15 heathcote road and they are moving to 4 heathcote road.

2280 days ago


hey! what happened to the old growth tree in the first photo! LAME - money can't buy intelligence

2280 days ago


You people on here are racist and crazy. FYI Beyonce is the most popular black female artist. She looks betta than Alicia Keys who is half white which is probably why you like her. Whitney sings betta than Jhud. Beyonce is more famous and successful than Jhud. So what's the point of all the hating? Beyonce looks better and is doing better than those you named. So keep hating haters while she continues to be the top black female artist.

2278 days ago

* Hate IT or LoVe IT*    

You people with all the negative comments need to get a life of ya own and leave B and Jay-Z the He// ALONE... Lame comments only show how unintelligent YOU are, try thinking befor posting STUIP comments! First of all, hood rich, hollywood, ghetto rich= RICH PEROID! How small minded to even say their house is NOT the biggest on the block, it aint the size that matters, what matters is they can afford to live where ever their hearts desire! Jay-Z is fealty RICH and please know this> He will not have a broken down Mercedes or any other "EXPENSIVE" car thats not operable in his yard! Lawn will be maintained to the fullest and the house will eventually be seen on MTV CRIBS, decorated by TOP LINE designers.....You all are really delusional to think Jay-Z wants to be WHITE,,, ( HOW DUMB) He's a business man thats WELL EDUCATED where it counts the MOST! He has more money than he can SPEND, so just STOP all the nonsense and give the man his props!! With that being said,,,,,,,,,, *Hate IT or LoVe IT* "B & JAY-Z ARE AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME"

2277 days ago

what is the problem    

What is the problem? Why is everybody jealous of J and B? People are unhappy because they are happy. They are both mega millionaires. They can buy a house in every state if they wanted to. I am happy for them. The people saying these things must be lonely and broke. Just be happy for them like every other famous couple YOU LIKE and stop HATIN'.

2277 days ago

* Hate IT or LoVe IT*    

In addition, Beyonce is Beautiful, on the inside & outs.... Even with out make-up she looks better than any other Female Artis OUT here... Alisha Keys is cute too, BUT have you seen her with out make-up?? Pimples every where, she looks a HOT mess with out make up, i can go on with others but i think i've made my point.... Jennifer Hudson may have an Oscar BUT she's NO DIVA and NEVER will be. She need step back and check her self and remember where she came from, if she want to take on the DIVA STATUS....

2277 days ago



2277 days ago


I am tired of people comparing Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. There is no comparison. Beyonce has worked to become the great singer/entertainer/actress that she is. There are a lot of us out here that love Beyonce and that love the fact that her and JayZ are together. I think they make a GREAT couple! Both business minded and extremely talented. I think that you people hatting on them need to get a life and admit that u WISH you were in their shoes. Stop drinkin Haterade with you hatting behinds. Live and let live. I am sooo happy they live above the influence of what is said in the media. Just enjoy them for the talents they are and leave their personal life alone. Besides, Jennifer Hudson is aight, but she aint no Beyonce! It takes more to be a GREAT singer than screamin and yellin. You gotta sing AND dance to entertain most of us. So back up off my girl B and my man J. Stop hattin on them. If you dont like, dont listen or watch....keep it movin. As for their fans, we cannot and will not be shaken!!!!

2277 days ago
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