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Linda Hogan: Victim's Mom Sucks

5/24/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan viciously attacked the family of the guy Nick turned into a vegetable.

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In a taped conversation between Linda and Nick, mommy dearest calls the victim's mom "nasty and vindictive," claiming she's just out for the money and didn't really give a s**t about her son. Linda says she's suffering more than John Graziano's mom.

Nerve, meet Linda.


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This family is total trash and they al deserve to rot in hell for eternity.

2307 days ago


The dad should be in jail with that waste of flesh Nick. In fact both the mom and dad should be punished for neglecting to properly raise their children and GIVING A MINOR BOOZE AND THE KEYS TO A ROCKET.

2307 days ago


Hell no i cant believe those two ... ahhh the beach is not the same ... give me a freaking break

2307 days ago


If stupidity was a crime, the entire Hogan family would be on death row!

2307 days ago

VAN HALEN 5150    

it sounds like linda needs it really hard in azz..

2307 days ago

A Mother    

John mother is not suffering? Linda are you new? John's mother will never do anything with him again-The Hogans are a bunch of pigs. Nick should never be allowed to drive again-ever! Linda you need a shrink. Poor Nick my a@*--you people should be ashamed of your selfs, how do you sleep at night?

2307 days ago


WTF???? When you commit a crime you are punished.

This cracked out loser has no common sense or intelligence.

SHE has the loss? Johns mother doesn't? She needs to be split right down the middle.

2307 days ago

pattie in cali    

linda hogan you are a freakin nut case, you nasty nasty bitch, you are unbelievable, trash, thats you to the core, talk about money, you are like a whore, you have no feelings for anyone, BUT YOU, you and your family are trash, your all money hungry, that poor guy, he will never walk, work, ride bikes, go to the store, buy his own clothes, have a family, because of nicks playing around, ALL YOU HOGANS, just freakin go away, people are sick of you, LINDA you need to grow up, ya nasty bitch

2307 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

NOW Nick's mom knows your son, Linda. Now she knows.

Now we ALL know your son.

He is a useless piece of crap. Born of two useless pieces of crap.

You are disgusting. You deserve to die a horrible death.

2307 days ago


The Hogan family are nothing more than WHITE TRASH plain and simple.

2307 days ago


Is she serious? She thinks she is suffering worse that Johns mother, wow, she needs a serious beat doen and then maybe a crash course in f'n morals. This family is was sent from hell.

2307 days ago


Well, if I appreciate anything about a gossip site, it is the insight they are giving us into the demented lives of the Hogans. I hope the judge hears this crap from these people and I hope John's family totallys screws them in court. Never in my life do I think we have had such insight to a family that is so completely selfish, arrogant and uncaring. These people have no conscience and even knowing their conversations are being posted..they still make more tapes for us to hear. I hope that if that spoiled baby gets out of jail, the american public will make him wish he was still in jail. Linda, you fat selfish cow..when are you going to just go away. You and your kids are just people who are connected to the name Hogan and sadly that man is a pedophile and a loser now too. GO THE HELL AWAY YOU SOCIOPATHS.

2307 days ago


instead of crying on the phone to her son, she should be telling her son to act like a man and finish his sentence and take the responsibility that he should. And she should count her blessings that she is not visiting her son in a hospital or facility where he could not talk or walk. If the shoe were on the other foot, the hogan family would be singing a different tune. The whole family needs to get a grip and stop being so selfish and self pitying.

2307 days ago


linda is such a bitch, all she cares bout is her money & her son who is an adult not a baby as she is treating him. she needs to act like an adult instead of being a selfish bitch that she is. for god sake the other boy is bout dead, his life has changed for him & his family. if i were in their shoes i would be doing the same thing that the boys parents are doing, suing...i can't beleive that nick nor his so called mother hasn't even told the family sorry. how sick. my heart goes ouy to the boys family & hopes the boy some hows pulls through.. LINDA IS A BITCH BIG BITCH

2307 days ago


Waaaaaaahhhhhh -- she has to go to the beach ALONE!!!! Hasn't she suffered enough???

God, such white trash!

2307 days ago
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