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Nick to Hulk: Call the Judge, STAT!

5/24/2008 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan asks his dad to pull a Paris Hilton -- pleading with him to "call the judge" to ask if Nick can be sprung from the joint and placed under house arrest.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch!
In a taped conversation between Nick and Hulk Hogan, the lil' inmate is freaking out because he's in the maximum security area and isolated from other people. He then asks his dad, "If you can call the judge or something, please ask him to put me on house arrest, just so I can get out of here." Hulk responds, "Ok, bubba, I'm trying."

Pretty amazing.


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I am just stunned at all of this! It is just so very sad for EVERYONE involved!

2322 days ago


@ What I said that I feel bad as a parent, but I know he has to pay for his mistakes and you are the idiot. That doesn't mean that I don't feel for him he made a mistake and he has to pay for it.

2322 days ago


Tired of Lies, Im a black woman, and very clearly not related to Brook or Nick or the Hogans. I just don't believe a cry for revenge will solve anything. Because he is being jailed for something that was unintentional, Nick isn't going to learn his lesson. In fact, he's going to become more apathetic. It happens when someone's punishment is greater than it should be. We're talking about a 17 year old kid. A 16 year old kid when the ACCIDENT happened. As a human being, you shouldn't let your envy of their money make you into a bad person, wishing ill on others. I believe nick should lose his driver's license, permanently. And literally never drive again for the rest of his life. It was driving and speed racing that cost his friend his life, he should not be allowed to do it again. Take away his mobility. He should pay monetarily, everything including his friend's healthcare.

Jail is not for mistakes and accidents. It is for crime. and people don't go to jail for misdemeanors or driving accidents. And if it is a drunk driving case, they don't go to jail the first time, even if someone is injured, but the second time if they are caught drunk driving again. If this was someone else, like a poor person being thrown in jail for this, you would probably think he deserves a second change.

2322 days ago

VAN HALEN 5150    


2322 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I am so torn over this issue. They are teenagers who made a mistake. No one forced John in the car, but of course Nick shouldn't have been driving and drinking either. It's a sad situation between these two. I understand that John's family wants him to pay for his mistake, but I don't think this is the answer. This invasion of privacy is so wrong. TMZ has really crossed the line on this one. I think maybe people should start looking into these people who work there and see what dirt we can come up with on them. I know a few celebrities who would finance the project. KARMA.

2322 days ago


What a total joke this whole family is...... hes doing 8 months.. his friend he injured will never walk again.. and is in a coma... i wonder if he even thinks of what he did....

2322 days ago

news flash, which useless piece of chit Hogan are you? You jackazz.

Somebody needs to kick this kids azz so hard his head spins. I'm serious. Dead serious.

What a freakin' sissy boy he is. Let him out in general population so he knows the real meaning of the word "BUBBA".

I hope they increase his sentence and render his family broke azz white trash which they deserve to be.

2322 days ago

ok then    

I can't believe anyone is stupid enough to defend this family. They have proved themselves to be a big rotting pile of trash over and over again. He destroyed a person's life because he was drunk. Something he's done before. If it was the first time, you could call it bad judgment, but it is something he's done over and over and over. He doesn't feel any remorse. You all heard that yourselves in the last conversation TMZ posted. John is paying a much bugger price than this moron ever will. John will spend the next thrity years in a coma with a hole in his head. This piece of garbage can do his eight months then he gets to go home and get on with his life. John doesn't get to do that.

I am so tired of people saying Nick is young, he didn't know better. He's nearly eighteen and I refuse to believe he didn't know better at that age. Unless he's completely retarded in every possible way. Then he shouldn't have been driving at all. I knew better at that age. Everyone knows better so give that up, Hogans. It's crap and no one is buying it. It's a fact of life that you pay for your mistakes. It's something that applies to everyone. There is nothing even remotely special about Nick Hogan. Nothing makes him immune to this. His father was never anything special. Just another guy from the 80s whose fifteen minutes expired decades ago. The world would be a better place if these people crawled back to the swamp they came from and no one ever had to hear about them again.

2322 days ago


No worries... Nick isn't going to be given a Get Out Of Jail Free card. He's going to serve his full sentence -- like it or not. He can cry all he wants, and his loser parents (both of whom are reviled locally here along the Gulf Coast) can cajole the judge til they're blue in the face... Nick will serve his full sentence in jail, not from the comfort of home.

With any luck, he'll freak out and hang himself in his cell with a bedsheet.

2322 days ago


How did TMZ get the tapes? You can write any government agency and request information, even classified information using the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. It's just a little paragraph, citing the section and by law, it has to be given to you.

2322 days ago

Standing by the edge    

The tapes were released legally. The sheriff himself released them when he received a Fredom of Information Act request. He had to. The calls are recorded and are public records. Only calls between the jailed person and their attorney or spiritual advisor are confidential.

2322 days ago

pattie in cali    

hey nick, ask your friend if he could just get up and walk, talk, feed himself, oh wait he can,t becauuse of your driving, thats right, your playing around in the car, pay the pipper nick, your friend, nomatter how much he ask to get better, he can,t because of you, why don,t you work hard, get better, see your faults, work on them,you pay that cost, to be the boss, i bet your friend wishes he could ask the judge to make a deal for him, BE A MAN NICK, take your punishment,

2322 days ago


The Judge made it clear, this was no ACCIDENT. It was a sequence of poor decisions that let to an unfortunate event.
Hulk supplying alcohol, Nick not learning his lesson from prior speeding tickets, the parents giving Nick a car he could not handle. This was a crime, and part of Nicks punishment is incarceration.

2322 days ago


Boo f'n hoo! Not a single ounce of remorse. It's all about poor wittle spoiled Nick. Did he think he was going to camp?

2322 days ago


He is but a boy....make a man out of this sniveling idiot. Hulk- it is up to you and the Sheriff to take care of this Big Fat Baby Boy. Accept it, serve you time. Learn to knit. Lift weights. Read. Reflect on the fact that you are a little SOB.

2322 days ago
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