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Posh's Porsche Poops Out

5/24/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thank God! The Beckham's have the same crap thrown at them like the rest of us -- only fancier.

Victoria Beckham's 911 Carrera had to be flatbeded from Bev Hills home yesterday. For safe measure, she has her initials all over the frickin' car so it won't get mixed up with the other broken-down celeb Porches that are being serviced.


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Broken Porsche sucks....

2311 days ago


Did she have it repaired or just go out and buy another one?

2311 days ago


Can't hate on Porsche owners.

2311 days ago


These people are un-real. People are starving and out of work and losing their homes and they think they deserve everything. She is nothing but a witch with no talent.

2311 days ago

pattie in cali    

who freakin cares, she needs to go back to the uk, maybe they will feel sorry for her

2311 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

these people have so much money it seems they don't even know what to do with it....


2311 days ago


Copy & paste the following on NBC (American Gladiators) & Viacom (VH1) & CMT websites!!

This is to let you know that there will be a major boycott of your
networks & sponsors if you pick up and/or air any show that the Bollea aka Hogan
family are a part of. This is based on the just released audio
conversations Mr. Bollea had with his incarcerated son placing blame
on the victim of the tragic car wreck that Nick Bollea (who was drunk
courtesy of his father who purchased the alcohol for his minor child)
caused. It also shows they have no remorse for what has happened to
John Graziano (the victim) & their only concern is for their own
financial gain.
This notice is also being placed on TMZ's website for others to
follow suit.
Thank you

2311 days ago

Puter Boi all becomes clear now...

TMZ...a bunch of high school drop outs...jealous of the success of those who make money and love the good life...TMZ..led by Harvey Levin, a Hollywood ambulance chaser, who fancies little boys.

Your parents should be very proud of you.

2311 days ago


Its still a new ass car...

2311 days ago


Big deal, some ahole got a picture of her car being towed, you have NO idea why so you just assume it broke down. TMZ story of the week.

2311 days ago

Candid Photos of VICTORIA BECKHAM (Posh Spice)    

did she forget to pay parking rates?? was she late??

who is Posh Spice?? stop right now thank u very much lalalala.....

2311 days ago


porsches don't just break down. it knew that skank didn't deserve a porsche or any other vehicle that's 1,000 times hotter than she is, so it refused to drive.

2310 days ago

Grow up Levi    

To #10, there will alway be people starving in the world, people out of work and people losing their homes.
Don't blame the Beckham's. It's not their job to save the world or solve other peoples money problems.
The have earned their money and have every right to spend it however they may chose. They happen
to do quite a bit of charity work. If I were as rich as them I'd have a rockin porsche too. Did you really think she'd
be driving Honda.

I think most of the negative posters are just jealous. I say good for them to be living the good life.

2310 days ago


Poster #4…h*ll no, you can keep the Beckhams…we don’t want them back….once they left we wanted to revoke their passports. They are just a couple of has been chav’s, perfect for Hollyweird and TMZ.

Poster #1…It didn’t break down…it’s just the Beckhams are too stupid to realize you have to put gas in cars.

As for the initials on the wheels….for the same reason you put your kids name in their clothing….to make sure Victoria doesn’t lose it.

2310 days ago


Oh no TMZ !!! Her car breaks down like us normal folks cars do ?? Damn I didn't know that...

2310 days ago
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