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David Cook Just Won "A.I." and All He Got Was ...

5/25/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook asked out former "Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell on live television Wednesday night -- and last night he finally cashed in.

Sorry gals, looks like the only fresh "Idol" meat left is Grade A ... as in Archuleta.


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Cook is cool and a nice guy. I think he could do a lot better than Kimberly, but it's not like this is going to go anywhere anyway.

I still think Archie should have won though.

2288 days ago


Dear Dallas...jersey girl was not speaking to you.. I read it and it seemed as though she was speaking to the mean jealous peole trying to put david A down. if you really are a fan of Cook you would have respect like he has for david A. and say only respectful things. jersey girl you are very sweet and I agree David A is a real nice kid and what a voice. Congrats to the both of them Congrats to Cook for winning. I did vote for david A. but they realy both deserved to win. Congrats david!

2288 days ago


Aww thats sweet!! They make a cute couple!! Don't pick on David Cook he's a nice young man with alot going for him!!

2288 days ago


I dn't even really know who she is,but from what i've seen she seems irritating and a bit trashy.
I hope he isn't dating her 'cos he could sriously do alot better. Also I like his look...apart from the strange hat. Oh and it doesn't really look that date-sque the kid and random woman see to make it feel more friendly than romantic.

2288 days ago


David why? Why bang the first celeb skank to show you attention? She has been with so many dudes from AI, gross. She has a track record. It's all good that you are sewing some wild oats, but please use protection. Who knows where she has been. Oh yeah we do know---everyone from Corey Clark to Chris Richardson!

2288 days ago


Not thrilled about them 2 going out.But i'm a Word Nerd For Life.Can't stop listening to all his music on My Ipod.Looking FWD to more music to come.If he's happy.Than i guess i'm happy. Have a bit of a crush on him.But lets get real.I might never meet the guy.I am not his type i bet.He do's not know i'm alive.I hope david Do's not Read the bashing.Because it might end up hurting his feelings.Which would suck.

2288 days ago


Kim should have made a more subtle wardrobe choice, like a t-shirt that just says "David, F&%# ME!

2288 days ago


DRCDB - you're right. You said: "Hours of my life spent voting for this douchebag that I'll never get back, and now he's shagging the biggest 'ho to come off of AI. Nice Dave. "

I thought he has better sense. I'm so disappointed in his choice of her. He said that we would be seeing them together a lot more often. EW! Did you all see her SUPER awful extensions? I mean, you can tell that her real hair stop at her neck and then the extensions start! I can't think of any worse he could pick...maybe Tara Reid...or Courtney Love...but that's all I can think of. ew.

2288 days ago


Wow- way to extend your 15 minutes skank! Would she be with him if he came in 10th place? Don't think so. She using him to further her "career." It won't last. What a HO.

2288 days ago


Kimberly Caldwell is very attractive and nice. I really liked her when she was on American Idol.

2288 days ago


I hope this is not any indication of things to come... i hope we won't be seeing more of HER...

2288 days ago


oh and she needs to take out those extensions. they look RIDICULOUS!!

2288 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

As much as I went AH, isn't that nice, I really wish you would leave him alone!

2288 days ago

jenny mo    

#21 - How the hell does David's look prove that AI is staged? That made no sense.

P.S. You're a moron.

2288 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Aww, it's nice to see nice guys can win. But this season that would have meant either of the David's. I think Archie is still a little young and wet behind the ears so give him a little time to grow up and mature. Who knows or cares what his preference is as far as romantic interests are. Does it really matter? David Cook is great, I loved his variety of choices of songs and styles. He's got a good future ahead of him but he also has some heavy heartbreak as well in regards to his brother. If he wants to date a pretty girl more power to him. It's his life. Good Luck.

2288 days ago
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