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David Cook Just Won "A.I." and All He Got Was ...

5/25/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook asked out former "Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell on live television Wednesday night -- and last night he finally cashed in.

Sorry gals, looks like the only fresh "Idol" meat left is Grade A ... as in Archuleta.


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I think she's trashy, irritating, and definitely an opportunist. I've met David Cook and he's so genuine, well rounded, and real. If he even thinks about taking it further with her, I feel it could be a bad thing for him. This is only my opinion but I don't like her, at all. This isn't from a fangirl point of view being that I am an 'older' fan and I respect him as a person. He could do way better. She's been with everyone and everything and her career has been limited to "Idol Tonight", tell me how she isn't trying to further her OWN career. Nothing about her is REAL. From her hair to her as a person. She's said nothing but nice things about him all season. What about the thousands of other people who have said nothing but nice things about him all season? What about those of us who sat up hours on end voting for him to make sure he was safe during the results show, and eventually the winner of American Idol 08? Is he going to take all of us out for dinner? I watched her shows following him asking her out and she wouldn't shut up abou it. Really Kimberly? Grow up and get over it. It's not going to last, and it's hardly a date with your family there. Are you honestly happy that he won? Or are you happy that this has given you some more press? She's horrible.

David, I hope you realize that you can do much better, stay away from her, she's just using you to further her OWN career, she'll bring you down. Concentrate on YOUR career and enjoy this moment. If you didn't make it past the top 12, I doubt you would have been a thought in her mind. Come on David, you're a wonderful person with your feet FIRMLY planted on the ground, don't let her bring you down babe!

2339 days ago


Ease up on the guy already. If he can make a cheesy pop song sound like a cool rock anthem, he can probably turn a less than pleasing wannabe into a classy lady.

If not, let him have his fun, so long as he puts out the album that'll make the hair on my neck stand up!

2338 days ago


I'm from Houston, TX, Kim Caldwell is from the area too. I've heard her interviews on the local radio statons, even the local very popular talk show host doesn't care for her. This says alot to me! Would she really have gave him the time of day if he wasn't the new Idol? My opinion of DC is fading seeing him with this BIMBO! Of course, ultimately your decision David, you can do much better! Not some fake bleach blonde with a bad attitude! Where does she rank anyway, as I remember, she didn't win

2338 days ago


Uh, David..bad move. This girl will "do" anything to further her 15 minutes. That is as much time as you should give her.

2338 days ago


This was not a spur of the moment date ~ they have been together for a while. That whole scene when he asked her out was so obvious. After he won and was given the picture from Mandy Moore and was asked if he had a crush on her (he declared her "immaculate" earlier) he said that was going to "get me in trouble". The way they hugged and kissed each other on the "ask out" show was scripted. Total disappointment with him ~ she is not a bad person but lacks the intellect I thought would be a must for him. Her bad grammar will send him running!

2338 days ago

Annie disappointed. The biggest thing about DC besides his musical talent was his cool intelligent personality. Thought he would do much better than this. He better take care of his image or he will loose a lot of fans and cd sells. Until he records a cd and makes big bucks, he should keep a low profile with hoes!! Its not about him dating someone its about his choice and whole credibility. We thought you were genuine and smart DC, that's why you love you so much! Please do not disappoint us!!

2338 days ago


I'm very disappointed to see David Cook with Kimberly. What is appealing to us, his fans, is his genuine character, his kind spirit, his intelligence, and obvious talent. I would have thought he would be attracted to someone of more substance. Hopefully, if this does last, there is something more to her that the public sees. I would hope he would be a pretty good judge of character. Perhaps he replied "Probably" when asked if we will see more of them together, because he didn't want to be rude in front of her. Or perhaps, her "trashy" persona is just for the public and she actually has character as well. Either way, she doesn't do much for his image (other than bring it down). I still think his music is awesome!!

2338 days ago



He does not seem like the same person that was sold to us on AMERICAN IDOL.

I am sorry I wasted my time on him and that show.

2338 days ago


He is acting like all of the other snooty "celebrities" with their skanky arm candy now.. and in record time.

This is like one great big cold shower to so many fans who became so invested in him and his personna.

That new single he has out that he has to promote is not going to help him either.. I see a landslide of fans dropping off in droves before he even has an album out at this rate.

2338 days ago


I agree with some of the others who think it's a weird choice for Cook. He's so intelligent and articulate and he picks her? It reminds me of my husband saying he doesn't understand why someone like Tony Romo would be with Jessica Simpson. If you're at the top of your game, you can get someone hot AND intelligent, not just someone hot but dumber than a box of rocks. Oh, well. His problem not mine!

2338 days ago


Kim is very cute. Could he do better? That's for him to decide. Wish him the best.

2338 days ago


David Cook is Gorgeous, Intelligent, Witty, and of course, TALENTED beyond much comparison. I can't wait for him and Mandy Moore to get together . . . oh, I think they already have. Go for it David, you DESERVE a girl with Talent AND CLASS.

2338 days ago


Honestly, i could careless who the guy dates.
We dont know kim on a personal level, and who is to say that they will go further than this dinner, and if they do how long it will last.

Who he dates has nothing to do with who he is as a person. He is a genuine guy... and because he asked her to dinner donest make him less of a person. and saying how you wasted time on the show and on him is totally uncalled for. His personal life isn't what being a musician is about. the public always try to make it about that.

We always forget that they are human, have feelings and what not.
He's having fun. He spent 8 months doing american idol and everyone is bringing him down after one dinner date.

2338 days ago


what's up with all the negative comments?
did anyone see how respectful david was to the paparazzi & everyone else in this video?
you all are just so used to disrespectful celebrities, a man as nice as him must put you in shock.

2338 days ago


"46. I think the title of this video says it all....Caldwell is a skank. She is trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame by latching on to the winner of Idol. She said her goal is to be rich, ah well in a year that is where Cook will be. Cook's 15 minutes will be up really quick the longer he hangs with this loud mouth obnoxious ho.

Come on Cookies, thought you had more class than this. You can do so much better.

I'm disappointed."

Couldnt have said it better myself

2338 days ago
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