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David Cook Just Won "A.I." and All He Got Was ...

5/25/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook asked out former "Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell on live television Wednesday night -- and last night he finally cashed in.

Sorry gals, looks like the only fresh "Idol" meat left is Grade A ... as in Archuleta.


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Ive lost almost all my respect (which is more than any respect I have for anyone) for him with this video.

2310 days ago


Who you associate with in the entertainment business says a lot about yourself. Many in the industry do NOT respect Caldwell. It's a bad move for Cook. She doesn't make him look good at all.

2310 days ago


Look at what David Cook's own friend Kristi said about it.....

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Location: Soo Foo, SD Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 12:10 am Post subject:

I wish I hadn't watched that show. David asked that annoying blond Kim out on a date! BLAH! Of all the cute single women out there why pick an annoying one with FAKE hair? If you didn't see it he said that he is happy to finally meet her and thanked her for all the nice things she has said about him ALL season and that he would like to take her to dinner and gave her a flower. She was estatic, I wanted to vomit and I was eating at the time. He could do way better.

Judging by what Paula and Simon said on the red carpet I think Cook is going to win. Simon retracted what he said last night and said it was a draw. Also said that saying all those good things about DA might have helped DC. It's going to be hella close.

One of the guys -- no idea who he was, but he raved about TWIK.

2310 days ago


Of all the people in the world, I think they make a weird couple. I don't think it will last very long, and from what i have seen on the tv guide thing wasnt she like in love with micheal johns? I think the other girl on the whole american idol tv guide thing is like a billion times prettier and not as....................well whatever it is about kimberely Caldwell that bugs me.

2310 days ago


And I suppose we are all supposed to believe that this relationship "magically" developed IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE VOTES WERE ALL IN.

Yeah, NICE..

2310 days ago


She looks dirrrrty.

You can see the hair extension tracks poking out all along the back of her head.. it's fake and gross.
And her forehead is riddled with hundreds of zits underneath all of those thick bangs, if you look at other recent pictures of her.

I voted my fingers off for him every week to help him get where he is, and I have now lost my respect for him.. sorry, but that's just how it makes me feel and I can't help it and there is no redemption as far as I'm concerned. I am obviously not alone in this feeling.

I am really embittered that this was revealed only after the votes got counted.

Nice move, Cook.

2310 days ago


I think alot of women just want to continue with the he is single fantasy awhile longer. He totally deserved to win AI. He was extremely polite to the photographers in this clip. Let's see how long that lasts, after his every move is watched for a while.
I for one, want him to do well post idol. He deserves it.

2310 days ago


Well it's easy to be respectful when you're in awe of the paparazzi being there for you in the first place. That respect will go downhill the longer he's in the public eye. The bloom is still on the rose for David.

This has obviously been going on for awhile but intentionally kept under the radar. The whole outing of it all was very scripted. I don't care who or what David Cook dates or sleeps with, but I don't like to have my AI votes manipulated and that's the only thing about all this that bothers me. I'm glad he has someone there to spend time with actually even though I think she's a bit of a tart. It seems as if it was all hidden either by David and Kim, or by the powers that be in order to secure votes. If it was by their own doing, then it makes David Cook look extremely disingenuous about wanting to win, and if it was done by AI, it makes the show look a bit rigged. If it was AI's idea then it's too bad that David who has been given such a jump in his career with this win, has to kowtow to that kind of thing as a result. Bad PR move no matter who's idea it was.

2310 days ago


I would like to speak out for all the ladies like me who are thinking the same thing....
"I hate you Kimberly!!!
That should be me!'

2310 days ago


what's the big deal? he asked her out to dinner when they were doing the red carpet interview for the finale. what makes people think they were dating during American Idol? the contestants are so dang busy the whole time, when would he have had the time to date her anyway? who has any proof that they were secretly dating? even if they had been seeing each other during the show, who cares? who knows what kinds of restrictions exist since she was one of the hosts of AI Tonight and AI're supposed to be voting for him based on his musical talent. If people were voting on him based on his dating stupid is that?

2310 days ago


Ok people some of us are really upset for different reasons. I think most of us are upset not because he is dating or who he is dating but rather the fact that they hid it. This guy is the first person I have ever voted for during the 5 or 6 seasons I watched. I voted because he is extremely talented and on top of that seemed to advocate for education, hard work and being one's self, whoever that may be. Now to think he was hidding his relationship to keep people voting is the biggest manipulation we could ever receive from this show. I, for one, always questioned how sincere he really was but gave him the benefit of the doubt. I ended up believing he was genuine and thus became a huge fan. It just really bothers me that he would hide this, why? If he stayed true to himself he wouldnt have regardless of how many votes he may loose. Also, that means they underestimated us thinking we only liked him because he was single, Thats serious deceit. I always really wished he remained the same person after the show was over and didnt surprise us with some hidden facts about him. I think I know who i voted for and I want to keep loving that guy. I want to buy that guy's CDs. Now its open to all kinds of outcomes, him becoming arrogant, not caring that much about fans/family, rudeness, who knows, im scared. I really hope he redeems himself and proves he is still that goofy/dorkish/genuine guy who conquered our hearts unexpectedly. If that's not so, I hope i can get over this soon enough as to buy his record. I was thinking about going to see the concert when they came to DC but spending $60 on people who try to manipulate us doesnt seem like agood investment anymore. I thought idol was really becoming true but i guess its still the same money seeking machine. I will probably not watch anymore but I really want to remain a fan of DC. I just hate to be manipulated thats all, its kind of an insult to my intellect. For those who say this is upsetting us only b/c its a fantacy popper, may be or some, but for others it's a little more than that.

2310 days ago


Do you think he's wearing the hat because the hairpiece for his forehead is getting washed? Will he next sport a headband like all balding rockers?

2310 days ago

Bingo Jackson    

There are some seriously deranged people posting here on TMZ. Does TMZ stand for "Too Much Zoloft"?
What did your votes have to do with David Cook's dating status? Did you think your phone calls were telepathically sending him your phone numbers and availability? What planet do you all come from?
David Cook is a new celebrity. Let the man enjoy his life. He gave all of us so much pleasure on the show. What do you care what he does with his private time? Would you prefer he stay home and read the message boards here?

On a lighter note, Kim Caldwell: fire your hair stylist. ;>

2310 days ago


This is a sad day to fine out that david cook now has a girlfriend. As for those of the people saying that david a. is gay what is worng with you people. He is a 17 year old boy and did you guys even realize that he is mormon. Dont even get start saying bad stuff about that cause that is so played out.

2310 days ago


Ok peps, time to forgive and forget. Please stop insulting David and his gal. Everyone can state their opinion in a less passionate way. Also, those who criticize the criticizers (no pun intended) please chill, everyone is entitled to their opinion, remember DC taught us this when he got pissed at simon. The bottom line is, we need to practice more tolerance. These tv folks are seriously achieving their goals. I have to admit that im a little turned off about theway the issue was handled and this has seriously lowered my levels of obsession but im still loving our boy, I want to believe he will make right choices that will not affect his career. People lets not take it to either extreme (hiring a sniper to take down all the girls who like him or being so blind that he is raping kids and you still love him.....remember michael jackson...) Its ok to be a little turned off but lets get over it. Lets be more supportive of each other and our boy and please understand people cannot control the way they process info in their brain. Everybody has a different way to handle things. For the most part lets get over this fast and keep loving our davy boy. Im sure he has a special place in his heart for ALL of us. :)

2309 days ago
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