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David Cook Just Won "A.I." and All He Got Was ...

5/25/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook asked out former "Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell on live television Wednesday night -- and last night he finally cashed in.

Sorry gals, looks like the only fresh "Idol" meat left is Grade A ... as in Archuleta.


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This is so queer. He asked her out on TV? What the heck? All these huge things are happening, he's going away on tour and and to who knows where after that and in the midst of it he tells Regis, "I had the opportunity to go on a date the other night." Seems pretty high schoolish.

2348 days ago


How come even the inflection in his voice is different now? Dare I say "smug"??

Like, in all of his TV appearances and interviews he's done after American Idol, he has a holier than thou tone to his voice and his mannerisms.

I liked the humble, loveable guy from American Idol that you wanted to give a great big hug to.

Now, when I see his recent interviews, I am embarrassed for him and for myself for being such a big fan. A prime example would be his appearance on Larry King Live, it was unpleasant to watch and I actually felt sympathy for David A.

My David Cook love definitely went from hot to cold in the matter of a week.

Fame does not wear well on him.

2348 days ago


David just won AI and is now being treated like a celebrity. It's not all that surprising that he'd go for some beautiful girl who showd interest in him. He'll have very little time for dating in the months to come and if this girl is as bad as some are saying, he'll see it. (I didn't see the show during that season, so I am not familiar with her.) He seems like a good person who is more grounded than most people I know. For those who say they will not buy his CD or are now disgusted with him because of this, you are being ridiculous. Let him live his own life, just as you get to do.

2348 days ago


aww i love david cook...kinda upsetting to know that he went on a date but its cute!

2348 days ago


David, love your music. Please don't kill your career before it even begins...she's not worth it!

2348 days ago

Jon Bodack    

David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell make a very cute couple, etc.

2348 days ago


I think I am now officially ready to delete all of my David Cook stuff that has been taking up space on my DVR.

I have seen the light.. and there is life after David Cook..

Goodbye David, it was fun while it lasted.. Hello Life, it's been awhile.

2348 days ago


Nice timing with this one DC, btw I'm so embarrassed for you and that new song you HAVE to sing.. at least you're consistent in all avenues of 'selling out' post-IDOL.

Have fun with that.

2348 days ago

Jon Bodack    

Only the future will tell what happens between them as a couple, etc.?

2348 days ago


Of all the cool hip NYC restaurants he goes to Ruths Chris chain restaurant? I thought he had a much cooler vibe than what we are seeing now with him out in the real world and post AI. Kim and David are cincongruent. His cd sales would be much better if he stayed under the radar for a few months.

2348 days ago

Ethereal Sun    

Ahhhhh, now it makes more sense why the next morning after the FINALE during all of the morning show interviews David Cook was still wearing the same clothes from the night before and said he had not slept yet.. meanwhile, Archie was in fresh new clothes and well-rested at those same interviews.

They both obviously were given the chance to go back to their hotel rooms to change and recooperate, but Cook did not do so.. hmm..

And remember, Cook was last seen at the SKY BAR celebrating with Kimberly Caldwell the night of the win.. Where did he go after that I wonder, if not back to his own hotel room to rest and change? Hmmm...

This also explains why Cook was so dead-tired looking and putting out more lackluster performances during the last month's stretch of the show.. he was probably pre-occupied with his new relationship and staying up at all hours of the night.

Yes, after they sold David Cook to us as a single heart throb, they had to hide the relationship until after the votes were counted. Notice the perfect timing of how and when this relationship was finally made oh so very public.

2348 days ago


what a trashy trashy ho.
just get her out of here before she screws up his career

2348 days ago


I hope this poor boy holds onto his pocket book, is checked for STDs and has thick skin...she will chew him up and spit him out.

2348 days ago


RUN DAVID RUN....................................

2348 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

Kim Caldwell: she has an awful amateurish voice. Have you heard it? Ugggg! How can David show respect for himself by hanging out with someone like that skank. She's not even pretty .... squinty eyes and loud/gregarious. If I were him, that would get on my nerves. Ohhhh David, you could do so much better! Why disappoint your fans by settling for Kim. I'm sorry, but I am so disappointed in him!!! But I guess a 25-year old guy needs to get laid, and she just threw herself at him. Women like her are so aggressive; obviously, it's free sex for him.

David ... you need a nice girl that you can be proud to take home to mamma!!

2348 days ago
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