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Nick and Hulk Take Turns Bashing Linda

5/25/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hogan family doesn't just talk trash about the Graziano family -- they also talk behind each other's backs.
Nick and Hulk: Click to listen!
In one call, Hulk trashes Nick's mom Linda, saying she spends more money on lawyers than on calling cards for Nick. In the second, Nick complains that Mommy Dearest would rather pass the phone around to other people than talk to her son.


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Can someone please tell these asses to stop with the boycott garbage, while I think what has been said has been disgusting its their right to say what they want. Enough with the boycott garbage it NEVER WORKS. Let people think on their own they dont need your stupid links jammed down their throats cause you are a whiner.

2320 days ago


Also I would like to add that John is not able to defend himself. Let's not blame the victim YET without some kind of evidence, other than from the idiot clan.

2320 days ago


petitions never work either ^^^^

2320 days ago


Nick is such a pathetic mama's boy. He was dissing his mom over not enough money for phone calls. He's lucky he even has anybody helping him while he's in jail considering what he did to his best friend!I hope nick can read all these comments. I remeber a couple episodes when hulk told tit baby nick that itwas cool he had been with so many girls,even encouraging him to bewhore.But, he screens brook's dates? Sounds kind of weird. The parents are totally to blame for what Nick did. They shouldn't of had kids. Poor excuse of a parent. I hope Brook & Nick don't have kids either. Oh yeah on Brook's my space she wrote she NEVER WANTS KIDS! Shocker! That's the smartest thing she has came up with.

2320 days ago


Gee hayley, it really sounds like hulk is trying to overcompensate for his own shortcomings in childhood with Nick. Whole family is gross imo.

2320 days ago


29. TMZ is publishing these tapes cuz it is a GOSSIP sigh, HELLO???? this is what they do, people who want gossip come here....if you don't like the content go somewhere else

lighten's gossip

Posted at 4:09PM on May 25th 2008 by Just call me trailer trash....

Actually...this is not gossip....these are words right out of Nick and his pathetic parents mouths. These phone conversations reveal their true, hateful, shallow, self-serving, spoiled, smug selves. Unlike their fake, scripted reality show, these words and feelings show their true colors. I am disgusted and repulsed by these people.

Thank you TMZ for posting these clips!

2320 days ago


Is that paris hilton in the picture? What daughter is that of Terry's?

2320 days ago

nira k    

Hulk is putting down Linda to her child? Ugly ugly. One can only hope that John's lawyers get a big chunk of old Hulk"s $$$. A big enough piece of $$$ so that the worthless bastard has to get back into the ring and gets the living crap beat out of him. One can only wish.

2320 days ago

CA Mom    

Oh don't get me wrong...I in no way blame John! To me he is a war hero and a son. I had a discussion with my husband last night about this, since I'm stuck in bed, and reading, listening and posting ( he's an atty, although not a PI Atty) and he brought that up. It will come up by Hogan's attys just because Lawyers su(k, except my

This is Memorial day, John is a war hero. Our oldest daughter is in Iraq, as is her boyfriend. I never wanted my step daughter to enlist for fear of what could happen, but I couldn't be more proud of her! John's parents can and should be proud of him.

Boycotts do work. My job is in the entertainment industry and if you can't sell the 22 minutes per hour, product placement and such or your reputation becomes a liability, you're gone!

2320 days ago


lol nira k! that gave me such a laugh.

2320 days ago


Typical cry baby loser! He and his monkey dad are trash!

2320 days ago


"59. Can someone please tell these asses to stop with the boycott garbage, while I think what has been said has been disgusting its their right to say what they want. Enough with the boycott garbage it NEVER WORKS. ....

Posted at 6:02PM on May 25th 2008 by rob"


Really??? Tell that to Don Imus who USED to have a little morning show on MSNBC until the mere THREAT of a boycott caused an IMMEDIATE sponsor pullout in ony TWO WEEKS TIME!!

Excerpt from the NY Times, April, 12, 2007:

"...The demands that Mr. Imus’s show be canceled have grown in intensity every day since last Wednesday when he made the comments, in which he labeled the women “nappy-headed hos.”

Numerous advertisers said yesterday that they would refuse to sponsor the show in the future. Among the advertisers were General Motors, American Express, Sprint Nextel, GlaxoSmithKline, TD Ameritrade and

NBC said the cancellation was effective immediately..."

Don't tell me boycotts don't work. Nothing is stronger than the threat of the loss of the almighty dollar.

2320 days ago

Sick of Listening to Nick act like a BIT*H    

I would hand the phone off to other people to if my son were calling me every minute of the day due to the fact that he can't man up and take responsibility for the fact that his friend is pretty much dead and all he has to do is serve an 8 month sentence. All I have done is listen to him complain this and that not being fair and that he should be at home under house wonder this kid has problems. He dosen't even have parents who can say you need to serve your time like a man and quit bitching so much....HE WILL BE OUT IN NO TIME AND HIS FRIEND WILL STILL BE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH A HOLE IN HIS HEAD. I think 8 or 9 months is an awfully easy price to pay for ending someone elses life.
Grow up and join the real world!!

2320 days ago


Okay, so am I the only one who seems something very wrong with officials releasing these tapes---to TMZ of all people?!!

2320 days ago


why would they do that it so mean

2320 days ago
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