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Nick and Hulk Take Turns Bashing Linda

5/25/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hogan family doesn't just talk trash about the Graziano family -- they also talk behind each other's backs.
Nick and Hulk: Click to listen!
In one call, Hulk trashes Nick's mom Linda, saying she spends more money on lawyers than on calling cards for Nick. In the second, Nick complains that Mommy Dearest would rather pass the phone around to other people than talk to her son.


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I'm a Hogan FAN and all ppl have problems get out of theres and live your know

2342 days ago


*****DOES ANYONE have knowledge of a support fund or page for the Graziano family. As an American who owes something to each and every GI past and present I feel that at the very least I must send a letter of support or better still I would be interested to know if there is any web site set up by anyone officially sanctioned by the victim's family.

I understand that there may already have been such a listing if such a thing exists but I can only speak for myself in saying that I can only read and listen to so much of this sickening business.

These people are subhuman. I can only presume that any Judge no matter how low in the realm of the office will not only see through the machinations of Skulk and his tribe and pray that such a judge is so infuriated and incensed by it that he goes berserk in every possible legal sense.

I pray that there is someway that this family has their lives crumble beneath them in ways that will indeed make the victim's family seem blessed by comparison.
I know that this is only a hopeless pipedream but after forcing myself to listen to these repugnant tapes (which I might add, to anyone who has had the appalling star f#!king sycophantic BS stupidity to say that they take umbrage with the publication of these tapes and the violation of the rights to privacy of the Hogan litter. I do not know whether said publication is illegal, illicit or falls within the area of a convicted criminal's loss of constitutional rights and I don't care.

These "people" are the poster children for a need for the world of "reality TV" to be rethought and seriously cutback. There is much fat too be cut but sadly as long as there are uneducated people in this country who have no sense or even knowledge of what it means to have the self respect or how having such is to be capable of being embarrassed at one's self for the mind numbing, time wasting and lazy ways in which they choose to waste time filling their obviously empty heads with such trash when there are hundreds of channels of educational, informative and fascinating material out there if one chooses to seek it.
If you are too lazy to read as we all sometimes are, there should be no judgement but we are living in a time in world history where the world is teetering on the brink of virtual destruction because of ignorance.

I have only forced myself to sit through the embarrassingly obvious, corny, idiotic and so clearly staged setups of this ignorant TV show to see what all the brouhaha was about with this tragic case and I cannot believe that there were ever enough viewers to encourage any network no matter how desperate for programming to order more than the first 6 episodes.
How ignorant does one have to be or should I say retarded in the literal sense of the word to be able to sit through this bilge on a regular basis.
I guess as ignorant as those who believe that the wrestling industry that this pig Hogan comes from and worse has gotten rich in is A) Any sort of entertainment. It is not in any way shape or form related to entertainment except to truly mentally challenged miscreants who should be banned from voting in our country's elections nor B) Is it any kind of sport. It is not. The roller derbies and bowling programs of the fifties and sixties were more so in many ways.

We have become a world dying of a plague of stupidity. One need only look at what kinds of empty wastes of flesh, blood and bones stain the pages of our news.

But at the basis of this tirade I write with my mind numb with heartsickness for a young war veteran lying in a bed kept alive by machines is the wish that the punishment for this whining little C#!T son of a Hogan should have been a choice between life without the possibility of parole in the most savage over crowded and under funded, over crowded snake pit of a federal prison OR the option to HAVE HIS SPINAL CORD SEVERED JUST BELOW HIS BRAIN STEM so that he could live like his "BEST FRIEND" a prisoner in a useless COMPLETELY paralyzed body with tubes coming and going into and out of every orifice for what I would then hope would be a VERY LONG life.
I would bet that his loving family would simply put him away in an institution and forget him.

I am sick with disgust for and anger at myself for the feelings I have toward this family but I cannot stop thinking of things worse still that I wish upon them for nothing will ever give that young MAN his life back nor stop the screams of agony in the hearts and souls of his family *NO MATTER WHAT THE SLOGANS have to say about them in judgement of what kind of people and parents they are*
No finer example of "Let he who is without sin..." "People who live in glass houses"

I have always chided myself for wincing in disgust at how truly monstrously ugly a man Hogan is as I hate myself at times when I judge anyone in anyway but never more so than when on physical appearances but as g

2342 days ago


Just out of curiousity even though Nick was the driver and John was the passenger if John had walked away untouched by the accident and Nick (the minor) had been in John's place wouldn't it be a case of contributing to delinquency? Before anybody attacks me. I do not think anybody DESERVES this. It is simply a question of curiosity.
I have a dumn cousin who drinks and drives on a regular basis and his girlfriend who is now pregnant gets in the vehicle with him every time. My family and I do NOT think that she deserves anything that happens to her but she put herself in that position. Unfortunately now she is not being a responsible mother and keeping her unborn child safe. My cousin would deserve to go to jail if something happened to her but we call her dumb every time she gets in the vehcile with him.

2341 days ago


This is what haapends to americans brave young boys every day in
iraq. By the grace of good this guy gets home safe then something
like this happends. Instead of them being human and caring about the
pain Mr. Graziano is going to have to live with for the rest of his
life. They try and blame him what does that say about them what does
that say about us as Americans when we sit back and let people
degrade one of our heros?

2341 days ago


This is what haapends to americans brave young boys every day in
iraq. By the grace of good this guy gets home safe then something
like this happends. Instead of them being human and caring about the
pain Mr. Graziano is going to have to live with for the rest of his
life. They try and blame him what does that say about them what does
that say about us as Americans when we sit back and let people
degrade one of our heros?

2341 days ago


Wow you think there on wel fare? What if they are the normal every
day person hard working person who now has to live with the fact that
theyre loved one is a "Veg". Does that in any way take away from the
pain of a mans life being ruined. How much money is know your son
will never have a family ? how much do you pay amother who has to
care for her "Veg" son . Shoule we as tax payers foot the bill for
young mister hogans drunken mistake?

2341 days ago


Whats the price tag you put on a mans life? how much is it worth that
hes never gonna have a family. Its crazy how easy your willing to side
with people who allowed there minor son to get drunk and drive. This
is America where if our heros dont die in iraq they are totally
forgotten when they get back. Whats the price for ruining the life of
a young man who served his country in war and now is going to suffer
for the rest of his life. Mean while the rich boys family blames him.

2341 days ago


The only way Nick could make up for this tragedy would be for him to sign up for the Iraq War as soon as he gets out of jail--rather than cash in on another phony reality series. He could serve in Graziano's memory, the way Graziano served, and risk his life the way Graziano risked his own in Iraq. I'm not a fan of the Iraq War, but if American soldiers have to risk their lives there, then who better to send over than someone like Nick, who is doing no good with himself in the U.S., on the streets or in jail. (Of course, if assigned to Iraq, he would need a job that doesn't involve driving.) Nick and his father have been trashing a war veteran, whose life they have permanently ruined (Hulk contributed with the souped-up cars and alcohol), and there is no way to make up for that other than for Nick to see what Iraq is like, up close and personal.

2337 days ago


#29, I am in TOTAL agreement with your statement: "29. I feel very sorry for the 22 year old man who was injured in Nick Holgan's car. However, everyone seems to be placing all the blame on the 17 year old kid. I'm in no way saying it is the 22 year olds fault or he deserved to be injured, but he was the adult and made a choice to get in the car with a 17 year old that was (underage) drinking. Everyone has a choice and they both made bad ones and both had some responsibilities that night. He’s five years older than that kid and is an adult, instead of getting in the car he should have tried preventing a minor from driving under the influence. Of course, Nick Holgan should have not placed them in that situation & deserves to serve sometime for what he did. So, all I’m trying to say is everyone should stop pointing fingers because they both played a part that night. I feel when you get in a car with someone under the influence; you have some fault if something happens because you put your self in that situation. Everyone has a choice in that situation and not everyone makes the right one. My prayers go out to the 22 year old man and his family."

We all have choices in life, and everything that happens to us isn't always someone else's fault. You know if you get into the car with someone drinking, you're asking for trouble. So pull your head out of your a** and use your brain. This whole situation is tragic. Nick WON'T learn a thing because he's being babied by mom & dad, and won't be treated the same as if it were just a regular person in jail. I don't know that celebs even HAVE a sense of right & wrong these days. As long as we, the public, put these people up on pedestals (not just the Hogans, but ALL celebs), they are pretty much going to be treated better & differently when/if they get into trouble with the law because of their "exalted status." No it's not fair, but it's no one's fault but those of us who have made them into the monsters they've become.

2329 days ago

Mom of two Marines    

First let me say my prayers are with John and his family. May God bless your son with the miracle of recovery, as a nurse I have seen it happen before and who deserves it more than a Marine hero?
I would like to know why the U. S. Military has not brought charges yet. He is the property of the Marine Corp. They own him, Nick is responsible for what happened to him, so why haven't they charged him with destruction of government property?
I met Terry one time and he seemed like a good guy, but he needs to take responsibility for what happened. He needs to make his spoiled son realize that he has injured his friend for life. He let him drink and drive, the kid is 17, his father is responsible for his actions. This wasn't God's will, this is what happens when you let your 17 year old son, who you know loves to speed, get behind the wheel of a fast car, that you bought, after allowing him to drink.
Quit making excuses, set the right example for your son, say you were wrong and help this family any way you can. Be a man, for God's sake.

2326 days ago
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