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Nip Slips Are Poppin' Fresh

5/25/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who doesn't love boobage? Celebrity peekaboos -- hear these areolas sing!
Nip Slips


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Lenn K.    

I always wondered if Madonna going let her little girl see her at her finest. Of course, she didn't care about anyone else kid at the time and even now. Will her little girl get a chance to know that mom did some unGodly things in the name of entertainment.

2340 days ago



2340 days ago


Ummm retards, there isn't one nipple in your "nipplegate"! Kindly shove your red stars up Harvey's rectum!!

2340 days ago


they are just t@ts,what is the big deal,you guys put stars where there is no need for a star or banner just to make it look bad,you put a banner across someones chest when they are wearing a tube top just to make it look topless,nothing wrong with a little boob now and then but "real" is way better than fake.

2340 days ago


I can't stand Madonna. She's all holier than thou, doesn't let her kids watch tv because it might corrupt them, but she was the WORST role model ever. She had millions of young girls looking up to her and she knew it, and look at the things she did. She has alot of answering to do for her indiscretions. I believe she shelters her kids so they don't find out the truth about their mother.

2340 days ago


this is why she doesn't allow her kids to watch TV and is strict as to what they are allowed to see. Look what they might find!

2340 days ago


Can't help but notice, in the photo of Mischa Barton, that she doesn't have the cottage cheese butt that you have been plastering all over your site!

2340 days ago


The whole point of controling the kids T.V watching is so they are not unduely influenced by it, but also because they will see images of their mom and comments made that are insulting and degrading. Nobody wants to see their mom beat up by talking heads. If you controled your own kids tv time they would grow up with a better life in general and be better adjusted. The M.T generation doesnt even know how to do their own laundry. Ofcourse, neither do her kids but we cant all afford maids

2340 days ago


that's so pathetic, you have a nipplegate and you are too afraid to even show one. wimps.

2340 days ago


#9 What planet did you just come in on your spaceship from? I do not agree with you at all. Madonna paved the way for the Paris Hiltons and Britney Spears' of the world.

Have you people already forgotten her Sex book and the blasphemy in some of her videos, her remarks, her lifestyle?

The Madonna I remember makes Paris Hilton look like a Sunday School teacher.

2340 days ago

jane doe    


2340 days ago

jane doe    

I hope someone shows Her Kids these pictures. If She wants Ours to see them -Visa Versa!

2340 days ago


you forgot Katie Holmes. a no longer active site has a couple great nip slip pics- bring up katie holmes pictures
dot etc. go to images, then fun stuff, then oops

2340 days ago

jane doe    

Nothing worse to see than a pair of half century old Mammary Glands

2340 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

her husban,kids and famiy must be so proud once a slut always a slut !!!!!!!!!

2340 days ago
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