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Kobe's Beef

Over "Dirty" Affair Allegations

5/26/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a cease and desist letter that Kobe Bryant's attorney fired off to the owners of a website that accused the NBA star of having an affair with a Lakers cheerleader. Is it too late to bet on the Spurs?

TheDirty.com (aka the site that ran those Matt Leinart pics) published a post last week claiming it had info linking Bryant to one of the Laker Girls, who has since resigned. The girl has left the team, we're told, to pursue a "hosting" career. All references to her on the team's official site have vanished.

The letter demands the site remove Kobe's "name, image, and likeness, and any information that relates in any way to him" -- but thus far, it's still there. TheDirty tells us, "TheDirty.com strictly adheres to all laws when posting stories and/or images."

BTW -- Kobe's lawyer is none other than Adam Streisand. He's Barbra's cousin, and he tried -- and failed -- to inject himself into Britney Spears' conservatorship case earlier this year.

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Susie Q    

Once a cheating rapist, always a cheating rapist.

2339 days ago


The girl in Colorado wasn't raped. She was a mental case whose vage is a bus stop.

What did she expect when she went up to the room, praying the Rosary maybe???

Crazy cokk tease who got what she wanted and then she cried wolf.

Now, do I believe Kobe cheats whenever he has the chance? Hell yes.
He's young, with a high testosterone level.

But his wife is very beautiful and I hope he stays married and grows up.

2339 days ago

Susie Q    

Kobe's day:

Wake Up





Eat Lunch



Play Basketball






2339 days ago


He settled with the girl in Colorado, paid her off. I believe he raped her.

2339 days ago

Kobe's Ghost    

Kobe, was and is a pig! Great basketball player but a human piece of slim. If you ever read the letter he wrote to the girl in Colorado on the civil suit he all but admits he raped her. Did any of that change my opinion of him. Hell know I had zero respect for him before. But somehow I don't think that is gong to upset his day....

So he is banging a LA Cheerleader... like its the first one... I hardly think so...

2339 days ago

Media whores    

The man's penis is going to RUIN him!!!
Once is a mistake.... after that, you're just plain stupid.
The boy needs educated.

2339 days ago


Hey did anybody here about new management at THE SOURCE MAGAZINE? There are reports that Benzino was fired and The SOurce is about to release new information and a much bettter editorial staff and hip hop point of view

2339 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Can't this crap wait until after the playoffs. Human beings are such a disgusting sort.

2339 days ago


Why is it that so many people are out to get Kobe Bryant? Is it because of his status as a star basketball playe or is it racial?

I think that these papers are the result ofrr a teenage prank!!!!

As far as this 18-year-old leaving as a Laker girl, I do not think it has anything to do with Bryant. She is possibly going to college , hosting,. IT HAS NOTHING to do with Bryant! She probably just wants to do something else with her life which includes a career. What's wrong with that?

2339 days ago



2339 days ago


#9, Kobe was a rat for cheating on his wife but a rapist? I don't think so.

2339 days ago


And to all of those that insist that Kobe raped that girl in Colorado need to remember something, she had had sex with at least 3 different men besides Kobe prior to him!

Kobe may be a cheater and such but there is no concrete evidence that he raped anyone. Most likely he didn't.

2339 days ago


pls, i don't believe it not just b/c i am a kobe fan. you have to be able to provide proof. this site usually has pix except in this case. also, the rape case was dropped b/c the girl changed her story 3 times. btw, some people who believe in conspiracies think it is a plot to distract kobe. how come it comes out during playoffs.

also i just have to say no one gets as much play as athletes and rock stars. no one. not actors. i was watching a show and laker girl fans were writing kobe a message on his board. they all asked to marry him or hook up and even gave their e-mail addresses. in europe it is known that soccer players are cheaters. their wives or girlfriends don't care. i mean they cheat on them and they don't even try to cover it up/

what i am saying is kobe wasn't convicted of rape. he is a cheater but so are a lot of people. i don't believe this story. a lot of ppl will do anything to get in spotlight,.

2339 days ago


27. NO Laker Girl would leave her position to become a hostess!
Being a LAKER GIRL in LA is HUGE!

More than likely she was ASKED to leave and didn't have a choice.

Posted at 6:48PM on May 26th 2008 by Ms. Kitty


I suppose you're right but, really, what is a Laker Girl and who the f**k cares?

2339 days ago


What is a hosting career. LOL. All little girls aspire to be hostesses when they grow up.

2339 days ago
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