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Kobe's Beef

Over "Dirty" Affair Allegations

5/26/2008 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a cease and desist letter that Kobe Bryant's attorney fired off to the owners of a website that accused the NBA star of having an affair with a Lakers cheerleader. Is it too late to bet on the Spurs?

TheDirty.com (aka the site that ran those Matt Leinart pics) published a post last week claiming it had info linking Bryant to one of the Laker Girls, who has since resigned. The girl has left the team, we're told, to pursue a "hosting" career. All references to her on the team's official site have vanished.

The letter demands the site remove Kobe's "name, image, and likeness, and any information that relates in any way to him" -- but thus far, it's still there. TheDirty tells us, "TheDirty.com strictly adheres to all laws when posting stories and/or images."

BTW -- Kobe's lawyer is none other than Adam Streisand. He's Barbra's cousin, and he tried -- and failed -- to inject himself into Britney Spears' conservatorship case earlier this year.

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2303 days ago

Waz up Wit Dis?    

People on TheDirty.com have been asking for Nic to post his evidence he claims he has, since he broke this story. He hasn't come through. I know Kobe's a good hot topic, but hey, if TheDirty got him dirty, it's a no brainer they would have posted what they claim they have. Even their own fans are asking WTF?

TMZ has at least some credibility with us fans. If you gonna use TheDirty as your source to make your money, why aren't you asking TheDirty why they ain't put up what they got. If you gonna do Kobe, and I sure wish someone would, do it right. By doing this, you're helping Kobe.

Maybe there is a reason Vanessa quit the Lakers, but employee/employer law and contracts usually order them to keep their mouth shut. Just like if you left TMZ in the middle of a big story.

This really looks like a lame attempt by TheDirty to bring attention toa bunch of amateurs.

2303 days ago

jim ault    

Jimmysez- Mrs.B probably knows all about his womanizing. She has a good thing goin and isn't gonna rock the boat. If she dumps him like Jordon"s wife did she'll make at least 200 million out of it. She stands to gain and he stands to lose.. Oh well.....As Dolly sings "Here We Go Again"!

2303 days ago

law girl    

Looks like "here we go again" THE LAKERS are looking at another championship and hence the rumors begin. No doubt from San Antonio somewhere. Wasn't Kobe given some type of food in Detroit in 2004 where he developed food poisoning during the NBA Finals?!!! Ummmm, I think so!!!!!!! What San Antonio fans won't due to advance. Leave Kobe alone!!!!!! Don't you people have lives or at the very least a worthwhile hobby, besides gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2303 days ago


Just because someone post a claim on a website, that doesn't mean it is true. I could post on my site that the moon is made of cheese. You get what I am saying? Until there is factual evidence, 'TheDirty.com' is just trowing BS at the wall for some pub.

2303 days ago

Kobe Bryantyan    

Most Valuable Playa!

2303 days ago


Kobe haters, get a life!! It is time to forget the past, he is not quilty of anything.
Quit being jealous of the best player on the planet.

2302 days ago


If Kobe did cheat on Vanessa (again) All he has to do is give the Bitch a bigger ring than the first one and she'll stay put

2302 days ago


its not surprising to hear this at all! go boston!

2302 days ago


There is only one judge and it is not you !

2302 days ago


Vanessa knew LONG TIME AGO that Kobe was a cheater. He probably was cheating on an UNSUSPECTING GIRLFRIEND when SHE met him. Please, Vanessa is going NO WHERE. If she wanted to go somewhere, she would've left all the other CHEATING EPISODES AGO. Kobe DEFINITELY does not want Mrs. Vanessa to leave, because he probably feels that would be CHEAPER.... Kobe is no different from the next man, who cannot keep is pee-pee in his pants.

2302 days ago

Anna Mendoza    

All you Kobe haters need to shut it!....this is just gossip, Kobe is amazing, no one is like him.....so let's just keep his personal life out of his talent!...BASKETBALL!......oh, by the way, he is not a rapist....if he wanted you, you would drop your panties too!....so GO LAKERS!

2301 days ago

Anna Mendoza    

Does everyone hate Kobe because he's so amazing?....he's not a rapist....you'd drop your panties for him too if he wanted you....for all you to calling him a rapist!.....she was a tramp anyway, if you kept up with the story, so he's rich, he's spectacular at his game....and he's MVP.....GO LAKERS!...WE LOVE YOU KOBE!

2301 days ago


Kobe messes around every summer...this Laker girl should sue Kobe and he Lakers...why shd she lose her job over Kobe who is the real ho here...I know he sees women in China, he goes every summer.Vanessa shd divorce him

2297 days ago


Vanessa Curry went to my high school and she graduated in 07. I'm pretty shocked to hear this because she was such a sweet girl. I'm not saying this is true but I'm not denying it either. I just think It's a little strange to hear of this right before the finals.

2293 days ago
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