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Graziano's Dad: Hogans Are as Fake as Their Hair

5/27/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed and Debra Graziano -- John Graziano's parents -- are beyond outraged by the conversations between members of the Hogan family that were caught on tape. Both parents have issued statements expressing their frustration with the Hogan family's actions.
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Debra Graziano says, "They don't care a bit about my son, all they are doing is planning a party." John defends their parenting (which was criticized by Linda Hogan) saying, "My wife lives for her children, and nobody knew my son better than my wife did. My wife is the best mother there is in the world."

Ed points out that the remorseful and sad family the Hogans portrayed themselves to be in court clearly was contradicted by what was heard on the tapes."The reason he (Nick) was put in jail is to think about what he did to my son," says Graziano. "That's the last thought on his mind."


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The American public has continue to shun murderer OJ Simpson.And,the Ameroican public will shun the Hogans and their sponsors when the time comes.

2309 days ago


It seems alot of you are confused- there was no one murdered in this case.

2309 days ago


YES i would feel same way. As a mother whose son was in similar situation and all the people in car were drunk I blamed him for his injuries just as much as the driver who carshed! He was old enough to know better and chose ti get in car with intoxicated person. I hate to say it but he deserved whatever came is way that night and he is just lucky it ended up being minor with no deaths.

2309 days ago


FIBiker... I am not saying that no punishment for Nick was not to be expected. But, it was fair according to the law..... Also, DON'T forget... The Graziano family has also (in addition to the medical bills) sucking the Bollea family dry asking for $$$ for Mrs. Graziano's father's funeral expenses, they provide her with an apt and living $$ so she does not have to work and can be close to her son in the hospital.. The FAMILY is not entitled to compensation ONLY the injured party!

2309 days ago


Linda = Over the hill sperm burping gutter slut

Hulk = bald headed incestious burned out junkie

Brooke = No talent slam-pig with 'baby momma' written all over her

Nick= functionaly retarded high school drop out

2309 days ago


The entire 'Hogan' family are lacking moral fiber. They are only interested in money and that can't buy happiness or class. As unfortunate as the tapes and their content are, it is best they were recorded and released, as they are proof positive of the character of this insanely ignorant family. The civil suit will hit them the only place they have feeling. I hope the Hogan end up penniless and homeless and have only each other to rely on. Maybe, just maybe they could pull together as a family and realize that money is not what life is about.

2309 days ago


Did you get pay to kiss Hogan's ass? Or are you related to them? Sound like you are standing up for them. Can you say that if John is one of your family member? The Hogan should die in hell.

2309 days ago

CELEBS HAS NO COMMON SENSE OR DO THEY PAY IN FULL CASH're totally right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intead of taxpayers , it should Hogans pay everything , so what they will be in debt .

Just maybe that's a good thing for Bollea . Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay one penny

of anything , Nick caused this , let him and his family deal with it ...$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I serious Bollea should pay for everything , from hospital bills, drs bills , radiology , CT scans ,

meds , long term medical , anything John needs for life .

If John's parents need nurses to stay with him , Bollea should've to pay

for it . NOt the taxpayers . The judge should think about that , taxpayers are

always paying for stuff , they shouldn't have too .

I don't feel sorry for the Bollea at all . IF anyone I feel sorry for is John and family .

2309 days ago


To the Graziano Family--
My prayers are with you all and the Hogans have no Ideal how you feel-- his wife so self center and does looks like a TRAMP
And I understand you son was in the serivce-------he is aHero to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2309 days ago


First I must say the comments by the Hogan family are discusting, and the Hogans should be held finacially responsible...1) b/c they providied the car and the money to supe up Nicks car and 2) becuase the fully knew he was racing at these event and let him continue to race. They put innocent drivers in danger...My good friends little sister was killed by go threw a stop sign by 2 car street racing in Florida. However (this part most people will not like) I don't think the comments about Nick getting "hurt"in jail a right to say in this situation. They were BOTH willing participants in something that kills 100% innocent victims every year. They both shouldnt have been there and John, was much older than Nick(He's still a minor)...Nick obviously had poor examples for parents, but at some point the blame needs to be put on him...He should serve his time out.. he's complaining about being in a small cell...while John is laying in a small hospital bed, not moving at all.. I pray that Johns family gets the money to give John the best health care possible...

2309 days ago


I think we should not rush to judgement so fast, we do not know these people, what if the things Linda was saying is true, we are all upset about what happened to that boy, now what Hulk Hogan said was stupid and of course Linda saying the other mother is not upset is also foolish whether or not she was close to her son she would still care that he was in an accident and is now in a coma. And who was taping the Hogans?

2309 days ago

wondering ...    

#54 - Kim - "Let this be a lesson t oall to not drink and drive and to not speed/street race. John go tin car knowingly and so NIck isnt to blame for his not putting on seal belt."

Not to disagree, but in Florida it's the law to use seatbelts. ("Click it or Ticket") Nick was responsible in that he should have made sure that John had his on before he even started driving. My car doesn't move unless all passengers are belted in. (My pet carrier was even designed with a way to strap it in with the seatbelt ... and it gets strapped in, too.)

So Nick does have some responsibility for making sure that anyone riding in his car strapped in. But then considering he ignores all other driving laws down here, I'm not surprised that he ignores this one, as well!

2309 days ago

name withheld    

Oh,there is this awesome show called lockup on msnbc.......... it's fast replacing TMZ for entertainment!

2309 days ago


I despise people like the Hogans just as much as the next person, but let's set the record straight: Nick Hogan is NOT in jail for "what he did to" Graziano. He is 100% responsible for that man's condition (and, in the state of California, at least, it is the DRIVER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR PASSENGERS ARE WEARING A SEATBELT) but he is in prison for reckless driving, Street Racing, and turning his car into a deadly weapon. The fact that Mr. Graziano is now comatose in the hospital is unfortunately nothing more than a very, very sad piece of evidence against Nick Hogan and nothing more.

And, PS, Street Racing collisions should not be car "accidents."

2309 days ago


It would be different if Nick ran over an innocent guy on the street. Here, the injured guy was his buddy participating with him in the racing in the car. Basically, it seems like they were both idiots.

As for the Hogans being wiped-out financially, I can't believe they didn't have a monster personal liability umbrella policy. They should have had at least a $10 million policy which would be plenty to cover this.

2309 days ago
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