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Graziano's Dad: Hogans Are as Fake as Their Hair

5/27/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed and Debra Graziano -- John Graziano's parents -- are beyond outraged by the conversations between members of the Hogan family that were caught on tape. Both parents have issued statements expressing their frustration with the Hogan family's actions.
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Debra Graziano says, "They don't care a bit about my son, all they are doing is planning a party." John defends their parenting (which was criticized by Linda Hogan) saying, "My wife lives for her children, and nobody knew my son better than my wife did. My wife is the best mother there is in the world."

Ed points out that the remorseful and sad family the Hogans portrayed themselves to be in court clearly was contradicted by what was heard on the tapes."The reason he (Nick) was put in jail is to think about what he did to my son," says Graziano. "That's the last thought on his mind."


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Ben From Baltimore    

Maybe Hulk Hogan had his head beat up in the ring so many times that he is crazy. He did have a few accidents later in his wrestling career that convinced his doctor to advise him to quit wrestling.

2308 days ago


What you gonna do brother? Hulk, your "Family" is DISFUNTIONAL-DELUSINAL-and HEARTLESS! You all deserve each other!

Good Mom's do there best to raise a well rounded sympathetic, caring, respectful child with manners etc.

Hulk displaying your dew rag in cort was repulsive

Brook looked like she just strolled in from a transsexual convention held at Scores with cut out sleeves and a slit up to legoland.

Linda ? just pathetic with her dis-respect for the cort with dark sunglasses to hide her cover girl black eye liner.

and my fave the trubbled son...NICK, What a fake drug addict spoiled shell of a child & only seventeen? Yeah it will NOT be the first arrest.

It's so shameful the entire family is a stupid shame! I am so sorry for the Mother that Nick put into a negative, vegetative state for life. A war hero. SAD!

2308 days ago


It amazes me when people defend NIck and try to blame the victim. The ER staff said John had bruises from a seat belt, I believe them, not the Hogans. Nick was the driver, you are responsible for the welfare of everyone in the car, that's the way it is. Yeah, the victim is entitled to compensation, that's all the family wants, compensation for his lifetime care, which will include his parents being there almost 24/7. To anyone who says, "People make mistakes" Well, yeah, the prisons are full of people who claim they "just made a mistake". Those of us here who are outraged have not killed or injured people with our own stupid acts, we don't go around breaking the law, and, you know what? If Nick wasn't famous people would be outraged when they heard, have you never read the paper and thought that a criminal deserved more punishment? Oh sorry, anyone who doesn't think that Nick is a criminal probably isn't reading the paper....
It's not an accident if you're driving drunk, anymore that shooting a person in a fight is okay, ether. 90% of society gets this, and we just think the people who think they can do whatever they want to have to pay the price, that's all.

2308 days ago


I meant to write as she was going through the stop sign...but i'm sure you got what I meant

2308 days ago


Well, this story has made me sick. In my opinion the entire Hogan family deserves to go to Hell in a hand basket.
Hulk Hogan should tell his son to shut up, accept his punishment and think about what he has done.
Hulk Hogan, should also accept responsibility since he empowered his son to do this, by supplying booze and a vehicle.
Linda Hogan and Brooke Hogan both seem as sharp as a football, they should also keep their mouths shut and think about how they would feel if roles were reversed and Nick was going to spend his life in a hospital bed.
Further, anything involving the Hogan’s as far as current/future entertainment should be boycott until the Hogan’s conduct themselves appropriately.

2308 days ago


Street racing is no 'accident' and Judge Federico pointed that out at trial. He said he had issue with the term accident used innthis case.
John's costs will be about $50,000 a month for life, he could be this way for many many years.....

2308 days ago


Linda Hogan's remark about her suffering MOST, is the most selfish, immoral, non-compassionate comment I've heard
in a long time. How dare she say that, when John's mother is sitting at a hospital, worried, heartsick over her son
being a vegatable for the rest of his life! She makes me sick. Damn her, and her spoiled children, too.
As for Nick, the crybaby, not man enough to face reality and think about what his actions did to a human being, is
But, having parents like the Hogans, trying to protect their son from anything ugly and hard, trying everything to
make things better for him, I'm not surprised. I'm glad they have been exposed for who they really are. They
are history with the public!! I say sue the hell outta them!!

2308 days ago

David shabi    

This entire Hogan family is a disgrace. From there reality tv show to how unatractive brooke really is. Have you ever seen that girl without makeup, scary. I hope the courts get a hold of this new information, and set a new court date entering this latest information. Feel so sorry for the family that are truly the victims.

2308 days ago


#5 - sgv...As much as I hate the Hogans' I have to admit that you are right. It's not like Nick planned all of this and John is as much at fault as Nick. Nobody forced John into the car and he knew exactly what was going on when he chose to ride along and not wear his seatbelt. It's just that the Hogans seem so oblivious to the magnitude of what has happened. It seems as if Nick hasn't learned anything about the dangers of street racing, at all.

2308 days ago


Contact VH1 and tell them you want these "Hogan" monsters off the air!

Surayyah McCarthy
VH1 Press
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

212.846.8433 p 212.846.7686 f

2308 days ago


Everyone needs to lay off the Hogan's. I just don't understand why everyone blames them so much. John got in the car knowing that Nick was drinking, that he likes to drag race, and he was the one who chose to not wear his seat belt. In my opinion it is his own fault not Nick's. Why is no one questioning Johns actions? It is sad what happened to him but I believe it is just as much John's fault as Nick's. Why ruin two lives? Just because they are famous doesn't mean they should be attacked. Lay off already!!!!

2308 days ago


The Hogan's are SICK people. I listened to those audio tapes, and those LOSERS believe their LOSER son, is special, or important cause "Hulk Hogan" (you know him, right, the HAS BEEN loser from 1981, that NO ONE gives a crap about anymore?!?!) is his daddy! PULEASE! They think they are above the law! Nick esentially KILLED John, he should be in jail for the rest of his "LIFE" ... not playing "who will i have my new "REAL-ality show with, when im sprung" ... what sick digusting pigs all of them are! I am SO soeet for the Graziano's!

2308 days ago



2308 days ago


HUlk Hogan is nothing but a cartoon character that came to life. How he gets women to look past his goofy face is beyond me.

2308 days ago



The Judge and most intelligent people disagree with that statement.

2308 days ago
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