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Cagle and His GF Arrested After Drunken Brawl

5/28/2008 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you've heard this one before - a country singer and his girlfriend got wasted and ended up in the slammer after beating the crap out of each other with a purse and an umbrella.
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Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were popped early this morning by Nashville cops for domestic assault. A police affidavit says the pair were intoxicated then got into an argument that turned physical.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Department says there is a mandatory 12-hour stay in jail before Cagle and Tant can post $1,500 bonds.


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I thought he stopped drinkin! He was cryin about it a few weeks ago when I saw him in concert.

2316 days ago


Too bad that this happened... guess it happens to the best of us.

Chris Cagle is an awesome and well know country singer in the world of country music. He has great songs and a great voice to boot.

I wish HIM the best!

2316 days ago


You know, it's hilarious!!!!!!!! All these people who don't even know who he is can sit here and bash him and his mistakes!! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! I guess your lives are so perfect that you can bash someone else and put them down for their MISTAKES. Just cause he's a celebrity doesn't mean you can knock him!!


WE LOVE U IN TEXAS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!! You'll live through this and be a stronger person!!!!!!!!!!

2316 days ago


Not a knock, just a truth.
She brought his ass down, he let her, his bad.
He has issues, he let her bring him lower and not put things behind him and grow as a man, again his bad.
Karma's a bitch, live and learn, she got what she deserved.
Hopefully he will rise above this and leave her trashy ass behind for good this time.

2316 days ago


I've seen Chris several times in concert and have spoken to him. He seems to have a weak spot for trashy women and they seem to be his downfall. He had such a promising career in the beginning and it's been going downhill since the 1st CD.

Chris, please get your act together before it's too late!

2316 days ago


Man Laura's right! I lost all respect for him when they announced the baby wasn't his the same DAY his last CD went on sale. Talk about scrabbling for publicity and I was a fan. I can forgive a lot--except gross stupidity which he has exhibited in spades the last few years.

2316 days ago

Lisa Mitchell    

I bet if he did a review on anyones life on here he could find negative...I'm from the ole' school. If you can't say something kind, then keep your mouth shut. After all, who are we to judge? When I see the negative I just consider the source...That's whats wrong with this world today. All of you with the negative comments should be saying a prayer for him if you think he's that bad. But go on, throw your stones...You'll be answering for it one day.

2316 days ago


Cindy, So let me get this straight. Your calling Jennifer Trashy? You must really know her, you know, best friends and all. OK, just wanted to clarify that.

2316 days ago


Misti, your right on! You said it for me. I like your way of thinking.

2316 days ago


The Chicks Dig It!

2316 days ago


I am shocked...most of you probably dont care about this story but i for one do lol i find it F***ing hillarious that he of all people would do this!!

2316 days ago


And I'm sure there is more to the story that the media conveniently left out. They just wanted the "juicy" stuff.

2316 days ago


She looks like an angel in that pic, she is on my friend list on myspace and you ought to see some of the pics. She is a skank, he could and should do so much better. If you look her up on myspace she will add you because I assume that she actually likes people to see all of the skanky and I mean there are some skanky pics on there. She is a gold digger who apparently loves to drink who is livin off a man who was sober and needs to get the hell away from her!!!

2316 days ago

I speak da trooph    

No really, WHOOOO???? Two drunk nobody country folks does not a news story make.

2315 days ago

I speak da trooph    

Hey Nat, (#26),

Why don't you come sit in the back of the bus with me. You aren't smart enough to sit with the white folk. If black "mama'a" were so well respected and well defended, then maybe "black culture" wouldn't be such a mess.
Drunk redneck man + drunk redneck woman + fist fight = redneck culture
Blacks rap + kill each other + disrespect women + fill our streets and schools with iligitimate children on welfare=black culture.

Maybe, your problem, Nat Turner, is you refuse to FINALLY free the slaves! It's over man. Get the EFF over it!

2315 days ago
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