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Cagle and His GF Arrested After Drunken Brawl

5/28/2008 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop us if you've heard this one before - a country singer and his girlfriend got wasted and ended up in the slammer after beating the crap out of each other with a purse and an umbrella.
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Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were popped early this morning by Nashville cops for domestic assault. A police affidavit says the pair were intoxicated then got into an argument that turned physical.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Department says there is a mandatory 12-hour stay in jail before Cagle and Tant can post $1,500 bonds.


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He is ugly.

2278 days ago


Who knows but I think she mainly hangs with "just the cheap lookin girlfriends and BFF's that she "rolls" with" .

Fake boobs and tight pants are in in that crowd I guess. Don't get me wrong they have worked hard (and paid $) for the bodies they have and turn a head they will no doubt about that. But ladies, it really can't be all that if you can't keep a man or have to beat one, especially one not on your level outside of his wallet of coarse, with a purse to stay!

2278 days ago


He' got a grrrrreat ass

2278 days ago


This is all just sooo ridiculous!!! I have lost all respect for him if he continues to let this 2 cent hooker ruin his life....she is toxic for him and he's too stupid to realize it! He'll never learn!

Go ahead Cagle....screw up your career for some stupid money grubbing girl!

2276 days ago


Guess the puss is all that cause he's still with her-guess the crotch is worth more than his career.

Stupid ass!

2275 days ago


I agree with you Laura......what a dumbass!

This just makes me sick!

2271 days ago


Dude...You just came out with a big sob story in Country Music Magazine about how hard your life's been, and how unlucky in love you've been. Huh? I wonder why??

2269 days ago


I know Jennifer and she a Hot head, if she dont get her way she will blow the hell up, I worked with her in a bar for about 5 years. I never liked her because she thought her S#!T didnt stink!! She got what she had coming to her!!!! LOL

2265 days ago


I don't know her or him but after reading this know what they say there is some truth to every rumor.... I guess i just don't understand why a rising celebrity like Chris Cagle would stay with someone like that - he could do so much better! He doesn't need this crap she's dishing out while he's under image reconstruction to begin with! I mean the man is hot & has a lot going for himself (or so i thought) - why people stay in a toxic relationship like that is beyond my understanding. From the sounds of what Mike says....looks like little Miss Jennifer needs to get a license for that umbrella if she's a known "hot head!!"

2263 days ago


I have to agree, finally with some comments, on Jennifer. Finally people who know the real Jennifer and not the barby doll she plays while clinging to a guy who has money so she doesn't have to work. Well, evidentally she has "worked" some based upon the skanky pictures on her myspace... someone paid for those boobs and I am 100% sure it wasn't her. Nice job to not get your way, probably mad due to a fan of his wanting a hug... it was you, Jennifer, that got him to stop giving hugs to his fans or maybe I was misinformed, but I seriously doubt that.
Nice job Jennifer also on getting people fired who work for Chris. Let's see, you had some road managers replaced since they wouldn't tell you what Chris was doing on the road when you couldn't be there: "let me get him fired and replace him with a personal friend" (with NO experience); "I don't like this person or this person so let me spin it to Chris that they are bad for his career; "you're fired"... let me see what else I can do.... Befriend the cagleheads to find out all about his past and use them to my advantage...............
Anyone else see a pattern here???? I wish this man would wake up and think with the correct part of his body. The puss can't be that good to ruin your career over... I haven't ran into any that good, but then again I have real gfriends who have the body parts God gave them. Breasts are supposed to be soft and move, not hard as a rock and stationary... dude, get it together of what real women are like: beautiful from the INSIDE out, strong, INDEPENDENT and have faith. This Jennifer is the complete opposite of that...
Kind of like the Anti-Christ.......
Take a hint man, before your career goes away for good this time.
Anyone know what desinger umbrells she had or purse for that matter. I didn't see the Prada logo imprinted on her ugly face in her mugshot.

2262 days ago

pattie in cali    

wow nice looking couple, is this LOVE,?????

2229 days ago


She is a celebrity stalking, money grubbing, attention whore! Just check out her MySpace. Chris will figure it out when he gets burned by this one! She's just enjoying the ride and he's an idiot for giving her a free pass!

2229 days ago
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