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China Shows Sharon What Karma Really Is

5/28/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the Chinese will have to live without Sharon Stone's "Sliver" for a while: The biggest movie chain in China says it's banning her flicks from its screens after she called the horrific earthquakes there "karma" for past abuses.

Ng See-Yuen, head of the UME Cineplex chain, tells the Hollywood Reporter that Stone's ridiculous remarks were "inappropriate" and that actors should not bring personal politics to such a disaster that's killed tens of thousands and left 5 million homeless.

No word on whether the absence of "Last Action Hero" will cause widespread rioting in the streets of Beijing.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

China is totally justified in their position on Tibet's religious leadership, and having chased them out for an unwillingness to comply with humane religious practices. Maybe the loud criticism heard comes from people who do not know that the religion had cannibalism as one core aspect of the tradition. This is one thing the religious rulership was unwilling to abolish (and still defends this as their religios freedom?). What is also interesting is: has ANY other country granted the DL asylum, besides India? I wonder why??

2336 days ago

me bitchin    

Trim your hair ~Get naked and go to hell!!
CT you awsome!!
my thoughts too

2336 days ago


well, its an idiotic comment to begin with...especially since the vast majority of the people in china affected by the earthquake were the individuals that the human rights violations were comitted against...not by! While she did have a right to say whatever moronic thing comes to her mind, I have to agree with comment #4 though...what sharon stone film of recent release are even worth showing anyway? The whole incident is a waste of time on both sides!

2336 days ago


china sucks big time and yes it was karma for a country that has no human rights...and half you idiots here supporting china..need to take your sorry azzes there and see how these people are treated. i was in china for 2 yers and it was a sharon i agree with you...CHINA HAS BAD KARMA and they need to keepthat crap there. I will not send money to these foreign countries anymore, they hate us but use us. SO ALL YOU HATERS, HELL GO TO CHINA AND TRY IT OUT! YOU'LL BECRYING TO GET BACK HERE ASAP. I wouldnt send my dog to China, let alone people.

2336 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

"Total Recall", not "Last Action Hero"
She played Arnold's "wife", who turned out to be an evil agent. Memories of their past were implanted in Arnold's brain.
I think Arnold fights and kills her, not before she gets in a groin kick.

2336 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Sharon Stone Only meant to be critical of dictators , rather then the people that actually suffred in this Natural Event. She has only good intentions to the people that went through this horric event. In fact it is refreshing to see a celebrity , actually stand up against dictators (she should of pich another event to use) , unlike celebrities like oliver stone or penn who praise terrorist tyrants around thw world like hugo chavez or hussein.

To Sharon Stone : There are a lot of people that know you were only being critical of dictators , rather than the good people.

2336 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Once again I will try to explain KARMA to those of you who clearly do not understand its meaning and throw it around irresponsibly.
Karma involves individuals and and their actions. A country cannot have bad karma because of its government's policies. The individual members of the government have developed bad karma because of their oppression but not the country.
Secondly, karma repays individual's for their harmful decisions. It does not affect people who are innocent of wrongdoing. The chinese citizens who were hurt or killed by the earthquake, whether oppressed by the government or not, were innocents. They don't even have as much responsibility for the bad decisions of their government as we do since they cannot elect their government.
For karma to have caused the earthquake because of the bad karma of the government would be exactly the type of behavior that karma is supposed to correct. This is such a contradiction that it cannot have happened. Karma DOES NOT punish people for behavior that they did not commit.
To the person who claims that karma is only a Buddhist concept, you are wrong. Many religions have the same concept but we all use the word "karma" now because it is convenient. If you study the religions of the world, you will understand this for yourself. If you have never studied comparative religion, leave such pronouncements to those of us who have.
Finally, for Sharon Stone to claim an IQ of 154 is ridiculous. People who actually understand the concept know that standard IQ tests are inaccurate when the results are more than 2 standard deviations from the norm. Since normal IQ is declared as 90 - 100, anything over 120 is irrelevant and proves absolutely nothing. My IQ tests out at 180 but I know that only means that I am more intelligent than average. It dies not make me a genius no matter what the elitists try to tell you. And most Mensa members that I have met are boring people whose biggest hobby is talking about how much better they are than anyone else.
I'd rather spend my time among sports fans. They may not be geniuses but they're a lot more fun.

Go Sox

2336 days ago

Rennae Clarke    

Now that's Karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2336 days ago


Baseball Junkie,
Take them to school!!! I am so glad to see that someone reading this has some sense! For those who think that this horrible disaster was deserved by anyone,wait and see what karma brings you for your lack of compassion!!!

2336 days ago

Rennae Clarke    

I expected nothing less from someone who has made their career by selling themselves, rather than using their acting abilities!!!!!!!!!!!!
How stupid can you be, seriously!!!!

2336 days ago


ugh, washed up "has been"...has to jump on the soapbox, like most of hollywood does. as if, WE all want to listen to them?!?!?! ugh. stupid inappropriate...who does she THINK she is?!?!?

2336 days ago


Who care to watch porn movies played by a 50's old women? Take a look at your face, sharon, that's karma!

2336 days ago


Karma?i think you know what is a karma now.

2336 days ago


It's a shame that a dumb@ss old hag like Sharon Stone would have to reflect so badly on the rest of us Americans. No wonder we're hated all over the world. Yes, hated far more than China.

Sharon might well have done a little research first before mouthing off like every other Hollywood imbecile. Perhaps then she might have known that the earthquake occurred in an area of China very heavily populated by native Tibetans. I'd like to see her tell those Tibetans about what 'karma' dealt them. Or that the people killed on 9/11 got what they had coming. Stupid b!tch.

2336 days ago


so is 911, katrina karma too?

ummmmm..........if there is karma, wonder what the average u.s citizen will get for the invasion of Iraq ......

should the ordinary u.s citizens suffer for their government's wrongdoing?

2335 days ago
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