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Evil Harry Potter Smites God-Fearing Librarian

5/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you think "Harry Potter," you think of an evil, Occultist, pagan, heathen devil, don't you?

Well, in this lawsuit, a Missouri librarian refused to push the Potter books on kids because she was afraid that The Boss -- the Almighty One -- would bring his fury on her and cast her out if she did. Unfortunately, she ended up incurring the wrath of the boss -- the one who pays her rent -- and got herself canned as a result.

So now Deborah Smith has invoked the help of the highly secular ACLU, which is helping her sue the Poplar Bluff Library for money. You know, the earthly kind. Amen.


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You people should really report more of the facts, she asked to not participate in one Harry Potter night and got fired? It's not like she was hiding the books from kids or picketing the event, she just wanted nothing to do with it. I think her request was completely in reason, even if I personally think Harry Potter will save the world.

2302 days ago


I think the whole thing is a joke. As stated before, if you are a part time employee you may be asked to work special after hour events. They are required, regardless if you want to or not. I'm sure HP books are not the most offensive or anti-religios books in the library, yet these are the only ones she has a problem with. Not to mention she QUIT, two months after the incident and is suing a year later. My guess is she's out of money and needs to cash in quickly. If you have a job you are required to perform your job duties, an at will employer, which I'm sure this one is, doesn't need a reason to fire you anyway. If you refuse to come in for a scheduled (and I'm sure she was getting paid) work event and you don't show, they have every right to suspend you.

This is like saying you don't eat pork and are a waitress. If someone orders bacon are you allowed to refuse to serve them? Doubt it. They need to make a law about stupd lawsuits and quit wasting taxpayers money. No wonder this country is broke.

2302 days ago


HOW IS SHE IMPOSING HER BELIEFS? SHE DIDN"T EVEN WANT TO BE THERE! It's not like she said she would only work if she could pass out bibles. SHE ASKED TO BE EXCUSED FROM THE EVENT ENTIRELY.

2302 days ago

Bryan Wynn    

ACLU is a poor excuse of a civil rights advocate.

And what's with cooky Christians and their fear of fictional witchcraft stories?

2302 days ago


My word...this has gotten ridiculous. The First Amendment gives us
the right of freedom of religion and yet once again
we have someone hiding behind the First Amendment trying to interpret
it erroneously as giving them the right to superimpose their "beliefs" over the rights of others. And I disagree with those of you who have written that she wasn't pushing her beliefs over those of others. The fact that she took a job in a LIBRARY filled with different kinds of books gives inferred consent that she will distribute the books to those who ask for them whether they be Harry Potter, the Koran or a book on Urban Zoning. She cannot accept a job that is obvious in its duties and THEN choose not to hand out a book which is part of her JOB DESCRIPTION. No where in a Library workers description does it say "And you may pick and choose which books you may hand out to individuals". If she doesn't like the book, then keep her mouth shut and do her job. We all do things in our jobs or life that we don't agree with because it is part of the public good, need or desire. I agree totally with Enigma_X! And then here comes the bloody ACLU who
never thinks before it jumps. They only look at the battle and not
at the "should we or shouldn't we" aspect of an issue. These are the
same idiots who thought that a prisoners rights to Life Liberty and
the Pursuit of Happiness were being infringed because he was getting
chunky peanut butter rather than creamy!!!! People have become so
opportunistic and self serving that Hyper-pluralism ha become rampant
and almost a main stay of public opinion and public life. At what
point are we going to stop this idiocy? Only we can stop it. Geez.
Can you imagine the reaction if lets say a jewish individual refused
to push or allow the bible to be borrowed from the library? (not
saying that Potter is like a religious manifesto or anything) but we
would be up in arms about one individual pushing their opinion or
belief system on the rest of us...where would the ACLU be then?
Hypocrisy...that is what it all boils down to, selfish hypocrisy.

2301 days ago


****in dumb christians. only in america!!!

2301 days ago

The Envelope Please    

I have been scouring the Internet concerning this lawsuit and reading comments almost everywhere I go. This community gets the award for the lowest comprehension of the issue and the most ignorant and unjustified comments. I am no friend of organized religion, and I agree that the woman is unenviably superstitious. But she is within her rights to insist not to be dragged into a Harry Potter promoting event staged in costume after regular hours. And there was no need to punish her even if it was acceptable to do so. She wasn't needed. Her supervisor was just being a mean-spirited petty tyrant because she thought that she had the power to be, which is bad enough if it was her choice to make. But it is also illegal.

For this woman, dressing up as a witch is just as creepy as to her as going to church would be to me. Worse, because she is afraid that her God and Satan are watching. It doesn't matter that she is undoubtedly mistaken. It was unnecessary psychological warfare: do it or else. I'm certain that she was traumatized. It's the price the narrow and superstitious pay for their beliefs. But all that most of you people can do is find fault with her and ridicule her. I find you all just as narrow as she, but also arrogant and unfeeling.

2298 days ago


Jackie still works at the Library. This is a sham!

1587 days ago
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