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Xtina to Newborn Son: Lullabye Bye Bye

5/28/2008 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's not like regular moms, she's a cool mom -- one who'd opt for club hopping instead of listening to a baby monitor all night.

With her 4-month-old son Max sleeping at home, Xtina and her hubby got their party on again at Villa -- her second time out this week, sixth this month. She'll cap it off by hosting a party at LAX in Vegas this weekend. A mother's work is never done.


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nosy mom    

Who cares that she and her hubby are out again. I'm glad she not one of those anal mothers who think they can't have a life outside their kids. Woman need an out after dealing with a growing child. Kudos to them for doing something for themselves, the child gets the attention all day, its okay for mothers to make time for their husbands. If more woman did it then men wouldn't have affairs while the mother is home taking care of only the children. Men need the fun loving woman they married.

2317 days ago


MOM police::what does she do all day?
i'm sure not half as much as the nanny,chef, and housekeeper do in the first hour!

2317 days ago


TMZ is turning into a hate site, always trying to start a controversy.

Xtina has a beatiful family, she isn't a nasty pig like Shana Moekler.

2317 days ago


The selfrighteous folk confemning Christina are just religious nutcases. Or jealous of her nice life.
What she does is none of your effing business.

2317 days ago


She does not owe anyone any explanations about her life. Her husband is out with her and the crazies posting here need to STFU.

2316 days ago

Anna J.    

God forbid she actually gets to have a life!!!! I doubt she's a horrible mother. If you want a horrible mother, go find her mickey-mouse club-mate.

2316 days ago


is she going to get her kid taken away soon too for going out too much? lets see the press talk about how bad of a parent she is now. go bother her now.

2316 days ago

hell with them all    

TMZ I should buy you ass holes out and take you off the web and the air for being a bunch of news losers.

2316 days ago


Having stupid whaling baby is super depressing or haven't you heard of post partum depression. I'm really glad she's going out and having fun. It beats the hell out of going crazy. Party on GF!!! Don't let the judgmental ones curb your happiness.

2316 days ago


So what...? She's hardly Britney Spears!

If she wants to go out once a week, or a couple times a week, after she's been home with the baby and she can more than afford a babysitter or nanny... why not? Who cares? I say go for it; you have to get out sometimes! Plus, it IS kind of a part of her career.

When she starts going out every night, dropping the kid, putting soda in his bottle, driving around with him on her lap... THEN maybe there would be a problem.

2316 days ago


Okay, so its nice to get away from the new born to maintain a healthy marriage. HOWEVER, 6 times in the last month is a bit much. I've heard too many parents complain that their children grew too fast. Why waste precious time at the club? That's just my opinion.

2316 days ago


Leave the woman alone, if she has someone to take care of her baby for a few hours while he is asleep anyway, more power to her....let the new parents enjoy the time out! I wish I had that when my kids were babies...Anyone who says otherwise, obviously has never dealt with a newborn...she worked her butt off to enjoy her life, going out to have a drink doesn't make someone a bad don't see her shaving her head, being photographed without underwear, or her child being knocked out of her bodyguards arms in Las Vegas, parents are entitled to time away from their children.....

2316 days ago

it takes a molester    

104. BritneySpears (herself) has built up an image over the years, and it's not exactly a wholesome one. So when people view her as a "skank" or "sleaze".... why do they need "examples" or inside information to prove it?! This is the image she has portrayed herself!... on purpose!!
So yea.... people are going to expect the worse when they hear she is going "clubbing" with a baby at home.
Hollywood lifestyles are not real, people. Most parents actually DO stay home with their infants.... and actually WANT to! And most parents wouldn't dream of letting a nanny take care of their kids, when they could afford to stay home and do it themselves. Not only do they believe it's healthier for the parent/child relationship... they actually LIKE doing it!
Hey... this chick built her own image... she'll have to live with the negative perception the public has of her.

Posted at 11:30PM on May 28th 2008 by Mother Theresa, she isn't

2315 days ago


in my opinion first dogs were the hot accessory now for som reason celebrities think kids are. just one more reason i think these people are idiots. in order to be a good even descent parent children need to know who their parents are instead of thinking nannies are their moms or dads.

2311 days ago
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