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Kim & Carmen: Mag Hags

5/29/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Buxom boobs Kim Karsdashian and Carmen Electra checked out each other's front covers on Wednesday.

It's amazing any magazine actually paid them to pose -- with their clothes on!


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Just sayin.....    

What do you mean has never worked a day in her life! She use to work at her dad's company (when he was still living) and did that for a couple of years where she had to report to work every morning at 8:00am. Then she worked for E-bay where she was selling her own items on the site as well as other things from celebrities. Then she also organizied celebrities closets and she had alot of high celebritiy clientel, she would either re-model their closets or just re-organize them. And that's not including all the modeling jobs she has done wether it be print work, photoshoots, or walking the runway there's been alot! And that's not including all the other jobs I might have forgotten. This girl has done nothing but work and continues to work with her show or making guest apperances She hasn't stopped working yet! And she has more things in the works! Just because she's never worked at Mcdonalds doesn't mean she hasn't worked. Kim has had and done jobs that none of us will ever have the oppurtunity to have. She usually has multiple jobs at a time because she has a good work ethic and loves money. Oh.. and I almost forgot she also from time to time has worked at the family businesses "Smooch" and "Dash". It's more like when is this girl gonna Stop working! Most people can even handle the 1 job that they have! So get your facts straight before writing your comments!

2346 days ago

Get it right    

Get Your Facts Straight MUST be Kim.

2346 days ago

Just sayin.....    

HAHAHA....No I'm not! But I wouldn't mind having her money or her Bentley! She can keep Reggie.....

2346 days ago

Susan B    

To Get the Facts Straight

You are definitely a Kardashian........Sounds like either Kim or Khloe

Kim K is a LAZY fat ass slut.........oh yeah, and she is nasty......Yuk

2346 days ago


Why are you putting them down? It was in the LA Times today that Kim and her sisters and brother lost their Paternal Grandmother recently. Can't you give the girl a BREAK????

2346 days ago

Just sayin.....    

No Denise I'm not a Kardashian but a friend. So you need to get YOUR fact straight before you start spoowing at the mouth! But no need to worry I'm almost postitive that you'll never have as much money as Kim does, or that anyone would find you interesting enough or even care to be even put you in front of a camera! And just because you have sex with your boyfriend on a video cam doesn't classify you as a slut! Why would you even think that anyways? I know for a fact you don't know her personally! So how about we just scratch your whole comment because your facts are all f#&%@* up!! You don't know what the hell your talking about!!

2346 days ago


Kim's belly ring is sinking in..look at that gut

2346 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Can this foto be any more staged?

2346 days ago

Media whores    

Um...yea... having sex with a boyfriend on video pretty much makes you a slut. I wouldn't call her "Wife" material, at the least (wouldn't take that home to MY mom).
#36... stop being crazy..... just because you saw her at a party once, doesn't make her your friend.
The chick is an old smelly skag. You know it, I know it and the American people know it!

2346 days ago

Media whores    

What the hell is that magazine the dark haired chick is on the cover of? Never heard of it. Who actually WANTED her on the cover?! Why?! Seriously... Why?!
I don't even know who the bimbo IS!
Couple sit-ups wouldn't kill her, tho.

2346 days ago

Susan B    

Looks like Kim has been eating too many donuts. I wouldn't touch that fat pig for anything.

2346 days ago

Susan B    

I think Anna Nicole had more class and better morals than that Kim slut......Kim is pure white trash.........

2346 days ago


This IS staged and this was shot on the set of their movie being filmed here in Louisiana. I'm an extra in this movie so I see them every day and they both seem pretty nice.

2346 days ago

Susan B    

Carmen is very pretty :-) If I were Kim, I would lose weight and not stand too close to beautiful people like Carmen.

2346 days ago


Uh.....People I think we need to re-evaluate the definiton of slut. That would be someone who sleeps with Multiple people.! Since everybody thinks like they know. Who do you all know of that Kim has slept with other than her boyfriends?? *Crckets* That's what I thought!!!! Yeah that sounds like a slut to me! NOT!!! What trashy,ugly,fat bitch, O My if!!! Hahahaha Haters...Get A LIFE!

2345 days ago
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