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President Bush Can't Get It Up

5/29/2008 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While fundraising in Utah for Sen. John McCain yesterday, one of President Bush's helicopters had a little trouble taking off from Treasure Mountain Middle School in Park City, Utah.
A helicopter
Today, the school started an hour late to avoid "anticipated traffic congestion in the area." Education all the way!


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Blackout's lookin' fierce.

2335 days ago


I knew it wouldnt' take long for all the Bush haters to come crawling out.

Nice headline, TMZ. Never pass up an opportunity to take a cheap shot at the President. Class all the way.

2335 days ago

Black Teef    

Please Jesus, let that thing crash with Bush in it.

2335 days ago


Your attempts once again at humor, have failed!

2335 days ago


#17 - first Jesus doesn't answer prayers like that- get a life!! Stevo, first would you like someone to wish a member of your family death? I don't care if you like him or not - that IS WRONG! You should never even pray for things like that! We are a military family and do you guys know that this does not help US either!!! People jump on anything they can - can't we stop bring such children and grow up. Dems want a reason to hate Bush more or to hate us. The war is going better, but you don't hear that. Rep. wants to hang their heads on the Dems. I will say this - DON'T start the hate it doesn't help anyone.

2335 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

stevo, i hope you get squashed by a train in your car.

2335 days ago


4000 dead in Iraq and counting

2335 days ago


Stevo I hope your kitten gets run over by a car.

2335 days ago


jj and stevo,
please, next time you bring a pizza, to our home don't walk on the grass, it more expensive then your cars!! Love to see u two losers girlfriends or just maybe, I'm thinking boyfriends ,look like!!! losers, you always we drive around with bmw's, lexus, and porsches is because we don't wait for handouts. jessica for a fat free america!!

2335 days ago


Posted at 1:30PM on May 29th 2008 by Mary

Wake up and smell the coffee. This war has gone on too long and it isn't working. He wanted to show daddy he was a better man than him and failed! Bush Sr. had enough sense to leave. Life isn't a Risk game, anyhoo, Bush is running out of pieces.

2335 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

mike hunt i hope a stray bullet lodges itself in your brain and you die. and your mom is happy.

2335 days ago


Fundraising at a middle school? What......are they talking kids out of their lunch money now? Good thing gas is cheap, eh?

2335 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

and i hope your little sister get's aids. and dies.

2335 days ago


George W. Bush is the WORST President in United States History!!!!!!!!!!

2335 days ago


As, I said we all need to grow up. People who hate Bush OK but if you think things will change just because another President is in office it will not. My husband has been in near 30 years. Clinton had his problems too! Not hating on him by the way but when the towers were hit the first time we did nothing - when the embassies were bombed we did nothing - when the USS Cole was hit we did nothing!! The last two had something to do with the military - did you care THEN!! NO! That is what I am talking about - maybe if we had done something, we would not be in this mess today! We will be hit again mark my word, if we sit by and let them run over us! I hope when that time comes you will support whoever is in office - more important - don't talk about the military deaths unless you know what it is to live the life.

2335 days ago
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