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President Bush Can't Get It Up

5/29/2008 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While fundraising in Utah for Sen. John McCain yesterday, one of President Bush's helicopters had a little trouble taking off from Treasure Mountain Middle School in Park City, Utah.
A helicopter
Today, the school started an hour late to avoid "anticipated traffic congestion in the area." Education all the way!


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Posted at 3:07PM on May 29th 2008 by Mary

Come down. Bush already let the terrorist over here, don't you remember when it started? All those healthy men walking over here? Bush Sr left when they started burning the oil fields. Do you know how thin our Troops are spread?

2316 days ago


Using Presidential helicopter (government money for gas, pilot, etc.) to campaign for presidential nominee does not seem right. He should be using his own money, time, etc. He should be working to fix America is actually what he should be doing. Not flying around in that thing and landing on School yards!! It's exactly why the country is in the shape it's in! He sucks.

2316 days ago


I submitted comments earlier - where are they?

2315 days ago


jonah - did you attend the dinner?

2315 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Improve America by showing some respect.

2315 days ago


bush is a Cheerleader - you mean first, calm down! Which I am. Yes I do remember when it started - way before you were more then likely BORN. Oil fields ok whatever you mean (the oil thing) - the Bush family is to blame for everything - even during the Clinton time frame RIGHT? I do know how thin WE are spread. Have been for a long time - even during the Clinton time. The problem was then YOU didn't care. RIGHT? Do you remember the USS Cole - not on Bush watch - the towers being bomb the first time - not under Bush watch. The Embassies that house our Military that was bombed - that did not happen under Bush. Come on - we all could all go back and forth. That is what I meant GROW UP - you hate Bush - I don't. OK - I don't hate Clinton - do you? Obama another story and even then I don't hate him - I just don't understand him.

2315 days ago

Granny Pants    

That is one fine looking rig, is it up on blocks?

2315 days ago


replying to "kdub", no I did not attend the dinner, I now live in Connecticut, I used to live in Utah and I know that area well,
if they were to come my way, yes i would attend such of an event and donate to the Republican Party at 30 grand a plate,
tisk tisk tisk poor people, theres more to life than flipping burgers...

2314 days ago


that's a hellofacopter.

2293 days ago


The helicopter is a CH-53, Sea Stallion. It is cuurently in use today by the United States Marine Corps. The presidential helicopter is designated as "Marine - One" It is maintained and flown by United States Marines who are specially selected for this duty.

The helicopter has a great deal of power and could lift off from that location with ease. It was probably delayed from flight due to the many people around or in the area. The rotor wash is extremely powerful and could blow small children off tehir feet and blow items around that could injure someone. It was probably a safety precaution and to be polite to sight seers.

What is the big deal about this helicopter being at that location?

2283 days ago
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