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Geisha House: Miso Racist?

5/30/2008 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former server at Hollywood's hip Geisha House has sued the restaurant, claiming he was harassed and eventually 86d from his job because he's black.

Darnell Davis says he hauled his cookies from Atlanta to LA after a manager from Geisha House offered him a gig. He says when he got to town and another manager saw he was black, he was told no jobs were available. It was only after he says he forced the issue that he was hired. During his employment, Davis claims GH management made numerous racial comments and jokes around him, then ultimately fired him because of the color of his skin.

Lonnie Moore, a partner in Dolce Group -- which owns Geisha House -- tells TMZ that Davis is "a disgruntled employee who was terminated because of poor work performance and making threats to fellow employees. Despite his absurd accusations, Mr. Davis continues to patronize Dolce Group establishments, as recently as three weeks ago. This lawsuit has absolutely no merit whatsoever."


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oh joy! can't wait to hear the comments!

2339 days ago


Dr. Will, don't u like the black man...?... what about you boogie. sounds racist to me..

2339 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

That dude could be telling the truth..I've eaten at Geshia House plenty of times and Its not the type of place you see black people The crowd there is totally hollywood a-holes, but its a cool restaurant.

2339 days ago


I hate it when everybody plays the racial card. Maybe you got fired because you werren't doing your job right!! It's all about the money in this situation. Everybody is always quick to throw out there" it's because I'm black" for every reason something does not go their way.

2339 days ago


Whites will come here and obviously defend the "Geisha House" because no respectable white owned establishment in the history of America has ever discriminated against a minority employee. Ever! And we know that racism is dead right?

2339 days ago


It's always because they are black... Not because they suck

2339 days ago

John V    

LoL, the reason they CAN and DO play the race card is because they get away with it. LoL ur never gona get away from that, as long as whites are in charge black people will play the race card even if Obama becomes president. Not that ALL blacks play that game, but there is never a day on TV or Radio or anything that i dont hear a black celebrity or whoever play the race card or sumhow imply it. Kanye West is a leader in that department haha i should work on this show pffff

2339 days ago


Hey, doesn't mike boogie and dr. will own that place too?

2339 days ago


No blacks have ever lost their job do to poor performance then sceamed racism either...ever in the history of America..? Right #5

2339 days ago


come on, its got to be true, all we have done is thru out history is hate the black man, we must feel sorry for them.

2339 days ago


BLACK BLACK BLACK.. Didn't they hire the guy in the first place??!? NOW they don't like him because he's BLACK .. Maybe he just didn't do his job?!? ..

2339 days ago


I saw the whole thing.. The guy sucks and should have been fired.. You go now...

2339 days ago


don't white people get fired too????

2339 days ago


There is no racism in America. People are not judged simply because of the color of their skin. There is no racism in America. People are not mean or rude due to the color of skin. There is no racism in America. TMZ NEVER has tons of tasteless racists posts generated DAILY. Denial can be a sonofabitch, can't it? I actually find it quite amusing how people wander and zig zag their way through scores of racist posts to claim blacks are liars, and whiners, and racism doesn't exist, blacks just play the race card. As long as the REAL AMERICA continues to prove themselves DAILY with their tasteless posts on here, there is NO need to prove anything to the (probably same) people claiming blacks are abusing the race card. Here's a hint, wanna see the race card disappear???? STOP BEING RACIST!!!

2339 days ago


I am a black woman in my late 30's. When I was a teenager, I worked at a croissant shop in Los Angeles. I got along great with the staff, and the manager was a doll.
I was there for quite a few months before the Asian owner came to LA to visit his store. When he saw me, he immediately told the manager to fire me.
I have never forgotten this.

2339 days ago
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