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Allred to Rob: Your Tactics are Lowe

5/31/2008 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is calling out Rob Lowe -- again! She claims that Lowe and his wife are doing the same denial dance with former nanny Laura Boyce, that they did with ex nanny Jessica Gibson.
Allred issued the following statement to TMZ regarding the legal papers that were filed by the Lowes yesterday:

"Ms. Gibson and her attorney received responses recently to the numerous questions posed in the interrogatories as part of the discovery process in the lawsuit between Gibson and the Lowes. We also asked them to produce documents and other supporting material."

But she doesn't stop there.

"Their blanket objections to virtually all our requests suggest that they do not want to answer questions or produce documents.

Mr. Lowe and his wife are going to learn that the rules that apply to everyone else also apply to them. Celebrities are not entitled to special treatment, and we regard their responses as complete and utter stonewalling. We intend to take them to court to get these questions answered."

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No Avatar


SO he f@cked the nanny and dumped her.
WHo cares.

2302 days ago


So, Gloria Allred uses TMZ, a tacky gossip site as her media outlet? Laughable. Shows what a "big player" Allred is, doesn't it?

2302 days ago


my god ... I hate that woman.

2302 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Hey Gloria , there tactics could not be as Low as yours (example: calling on a dis-gruntled ,fired ex bodyguard -who only worked for 2-3 months - to get Britney's kids taken away from her)
What is Gloria's motivation , Politics , Money , or More Media exposure ?

2302 days ago


Obivously Gloria Allred is trying this case in the public. Rob Lowe's attorneys are going to respond with blanket objections. If Ms. Allred already sent discovery that had to be responded by now, she should know that is a violation of the discovery laws. According to California Civil Code of Procedure, you cannot serve discovery on a defendant unitl 20 days after the complaint was filed. The defendant than gets 30 days to respond. The only way Ms. Allred would have responses now is if she sreved discovery too early. While I agree that Robe Lowe is held to the same standard as a regular person. Ms. Allred needs to be sanctioned for telling the public he refused to respond to discovery when Lowe followed the law and she didn't.

2302 days ago

thats right    

gloria allred needs assassinated

2302 days ago


Lowe's wife looks like trash and a nasty whore. I would imagine she's a disgusting site walking around the house naked! Perhaps R.L. sees much more class in the nannies.

2302 days ago


And should we care?

2302 days ago

Outlaw Star    

The MEDIA WHORE strikes again!! Guess the case against Rob was fading out of the spotlight so old MEDIA WHORE has to stirr the pot up again with a media bash sorry meant a "NEWS" Flash to the gossip rags!!

2302 days ago


Hmm... wonder why they're denying it? Maybe because it isn't true? :o Stop me if I'm onto something.

I hope that media slut reads these comments. If she were the only lawyer in the world and I needed one badly, I'd rather rep myself.

2302 days ago



2302 days ago


why is TMZ censoring / not publishing
EVERYTHING submitted lately ?

2302 days ago


gloria needs to get laid....and fast...maybe a threeesome....she is so wound up, she might need some big ol suge knight black sweaty prison sex....i bet the lowes would be down for that too....some one should pitch this as a reality show....uppity crusty whites,go at it with a greasy spanish fly lawyer with cobwebs in her cootch..who saves some low wage beer drinkin red neck trailer trash nannies..and a big black stank gang bangin bald convict breaks em all off a little somethin somethin....and then he wakes up ,outside of a club on the side walk, after gettin knocked the f out....and realizes he needs to call his agent...with a great idea.

2302 days ago


Don't mess with Gloria Allred. She is well versed in the law and you folks are not. All you know is that she comes on Nancy Grace and Greta, whenever some woman in the news needs to have a top notch attorney to defend her, and the party usually has no money to speak of. Gloria's firm gets more biz from the exposure, and she is an EXCELLENT attorney, despite what some other jealous lawyers may write here. I would hire her in a minute with confidence. She is as sharp and cunning as a lioness.

2302 days ago

Over It Already    

Get with it people - realize that this woman, while she states she's doing the right thing and standing up as an advocate for all women, is nothing more than a fame whore and bad news for all women and men. She doesn't care one bit for any of her clients - she just wants the attention.

2302 days ago
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