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Audrina's Hills Meant For One

5/31/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Audrina PatridgeAudrina Patridge and her sister Casey had a few drinks in West Hollywood the night before last -- and the evening played out like a lame-ass episode of "The Hills."

TMZ spies overheard Audrina say she's now totally exclusive with borefriend/slacker Justin Bobby -- and LC is giving her the same cold shoulder she gave Heidi after the whole Spencer debacle.

And get this: Audrina said she might move out of Lauren's pad and shack up with Justin Bobby! Lucky bastard.


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lauren conrad is going to blow this show,she is isolating her girlfriends one by one because she doesn't like their boyfriends,she says she is pissed at heidi because of the tape but she had kicked her to the curb before the tape thing,now audrina,lo is a hanger on that lauren can abuse and use because lo idolizes lauren and is jealous of lauren relationship with audrina,as long as there is a rift between lauren and audrina lo will be happy,lauren and lo are judgemental,i hope people get tired of the judgemental lauren and audrina becomes well know for something other than the hills.

2300 days ago


Lauren is a fake controlling girl. I used to hate these kind of girls back in High school. they like to control their friends and tell everyone what to do and how to think. She is a psycho, and a bitch. This kind of girl is your friend one minute and then when another friend comes along, she acts like you were never close. Manipulating and vey ugly on the inside.

Audrina seems like a sweet trusting girl, but that guy is going to hurt her. She is so cute and has an amazing body. I hope she wakes up and realizes what she is doing to herself. She needs better taste in friends and lovers.

2300 days ago


janete,like what you said,been there done that but you and i both know that audrina knows exactley what justin is capable
of but she thinks she is special to him and he won't continue to hurt her,we all know these guys really do treat us special until one day they don't,it can be worth the ride,but it never is because she will fall hard,she already has but she is having a great time in the meantime,to bad he sold his bike.

justin does have a job,he is a hairstylist on movies and to rich people and celebes

2300 days ago


hmmm..justin bobby, sounds like a bad movie, oh wait, talladega nights. The only real question here folks is why we continue to give them air time, not newsworthy, move on.

2300 days ago

Standing by the edge    

I like Audrina, she doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. She pretty much is live and let live and that worked out okay until Lo came along. Just for the record - she dated Justin before she was on the Hills, he has a good career and he never called himself Justin Bobby, that was another Lo putdown to make him look bad. I think Justin changed a little bit for the better after Audrina dropped him because of his rude behavior towards her. I think they're for real, on and off camera. She's kind of quiet but friendly and nice. I wish her good luck in her new movie.

2300 days ago

jane doe    

Lauren #1
audrina Zero!

2300 days ago

jane doe    

I do feel sorry for Audrina because She appears slow mentally. I think She is taken advantage from people. She could stop taking NAKED pictures, that might help!

2300 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

LC is probably givin her the cold shoulder for more then who she dates. After how Audrina acted last season - she's shown she's not a true friend. She knows how much Hiedi screwed her over yet still befriended Hiedi again. Not only that - how stupid does Audrina have to be to be friends with Hiedi - Hiedi has already proven she is trash. Audrina is insensitive and self-centered - that's the reason LC gives her the cold shoulder, I'm sure.

2299 days ago

lc and lo yeah! Audrina and    

Ok i gotta admit that most of this show is high school acting. But I love Lauren and Lo most girls love them and the ones who dont hate them because they want to be just like them. Duh Heidi...your purpose on this show is what exactly? showing off your douchebag boyfriend and friendless hunny go back to wherever u came from.

2283 days ago

lc and lo yeah! Audrina and    

I love LC and Lo! Audrina umm not so much anymore and Heidi...forget it! What exactly is her purpose on the show? to show of her douchebag boyfriend or her friendless life. Anyone who hates on Lauren just wishes they were her! YOu go girl!

2283 days ago
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