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Same-Sex Couples Not Safeco for Mariners?

5/31/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's Tila Tequila Saturday! If it wasn't bad enough that pro mechanical bull rider Sirbrina Guerrero was unable to rope a ride on, er, with Tila on this season's show, now she says she can't swap spit with her GF at a Mariners game either. Ichi -NO!

Guerrero told a local Sea-Town TV station she was at the M's game with her date recently and gave her a peck, when a mother sitting with her son complained to security. Guerrero says they were told to stop PDAing or leave the game!

Why the Mariners, who are a bottom dwelling 20-35, would want to kick any fans out of a game is beyond us.

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yeah, I agree a small kiss vs 10 min of making out makes a difference as to whether the Mom is just a prude or whether they werent bothering to watch the game

2338 days ago


SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Safeco FIELD Ushers ARE THE WORST!

2338 days ago


Did someone say "porsche girl"?

Just sayin'....

2338 days ago

jane doe    

DISGUSTING! Glad to hear She/He was kicked out of both games!

2338 days ago


TMZ did oyu fall for this crap too? I happen to live in Seattle, and have been to many games at Safeco and Qwest Field. Before each game they announce on teh PA system that PDA is not welcome and to contol thy self due to it being a fmaily place. Also they have signs posted at each gate into the stadiums saying the same thing. And I have been at a game myself when I was asked to stop kissing ym girl. And I am a man, so they do not target homosexuals. Also this is Seattle, next to San Franfreako this place has ot have the highest per capita rate of gays/lesbians.

Furthermore, the person that is complaining about the "alleged" PDA smackdown was just on a reality show trying to flaunt her stuff for another fame whore. Why would you even begin to give her credibility? Can you say 14 minutes and 59 secinds of fame whoredom over!

And one last thing, if she was kicked out why did she wait to go on TV and radio to report this incident? If I was in her shoes and it actually happened the common sense thing would have been to get the name and employee number of the person who "harrased" you (they carry external ID cards around their necks for crying out loud!) and immediately report the incident to security at Safeco? And of course they cannto find any person at Safeco who fits her description of a person that "kicked" her out. Also instead of reporting to security and handling it like an adult she decided to go around the stadium (violatiing the order to remove herself from the stadium) and take photos fo otehr people kissing. Guess what just because someone jumps off a bridge doesn'ty make it ok to do yourself!

PLease do us a favor Sirbrina (dumbass spelling) and go back to Tia and ask her to smack oyu around a little bit and maybe you will get the sense knocked back into you!

2337 days ago

Go Sarah!    

I have lived in Seattle my entire life, and I am proud of the Mariners organization for how they handled this situation! I am a mom, and would have done the same thing. Well done!!!

2336 days ago
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