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Sharon Stone Eats Chinese!!!

5/31/2008 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone is making up for her idiotic Chinese earthquake remarks ... one Chinese person at a time.

Last night she dined at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but had nothing to say to us outside. If only she kept her mouth shut in the first place.


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Don't believe in karma    

number 11 you are right - she has the right to say anything she wants to BUT --she also has to take the conseqeunces of what she says and by the looks of her sorry, saggy face on the video, she is feeling it - and I'm sure this isn't the end of it. Isn't the saying what goes around comes around? Guess she is understanding the true impact of that now.

2339 days ago


Sharon; If Mensa doesn't recognize you you can always join us.

2339 days ago

frogs and gravel    

The Chinese ain't are friend! I am not glad when innocent people are killed, but anything to
f*ck with the Chinese economy is fine by me. How in the world does lead get in toys? What stupid
noodle eating commie came up with that idea. I hope all the people are evacuated from the flood
prone damns and then the damns break destroying as many factories as possible. Next on
Karma's list? Mexico!

2339 days ago


Just another Hollywood elitist who thinks she can say whatever she wants with consequences. The woman is a half-wit and drunk. She has no clue what goes on in the real world. No wonder her liberal husband dumped her for someone much younger.

2339 days ago


39. She has a very high IQ, Her statement was right on..meant for leaders not citizens. She apologized, leave it at that. For those of you who want to critisize her are probably bald, overweight and living in your moms basement!

Sharon Stone is beautiful! grow up people

Sharon I'm still waiting for our dinner date :-)

Posted at 3:51PM on May 31st 2008 by Sleepless in Toronto

I don't agree. I actually listened to the tapes. She did state that was her first thought that Karma (bad, horrible word) was to blame for the earthquake but then went on to say she realized she was in error when when she received a letter from the the local Council of Tibet came calling asking for support, that it made her rethink and after all if they could support China... blah, blah, blah.

If she is truly intelligent, she would have known that the area where the earthquake hit, almost 70% of the population is Tibetans. Of course their gonna come calling. She realey is a dumb blond. And thats putting it nicely,

By the way, anyone who has half a brain can be a member of MENSA. Some people with money don't even have to have the uni credentials or do the examinations.

2339 days ago

pop eye    

Sharon Stone is not your run of the mill, adverage intellegence person. I seriously doubt she would be stupid enough to purposefully insult the Chinese people. I think her remark was very badly worded and did not at all come accross like she intended it to.

2339 days ago


In her wildest nightmares, I'm sure she never thought her remark would ever have caused such a national retribution. She has a lot of PR crisis mode ahead of her.

2339 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I believe that karma applies more towards a single person rather than groups of people. I do not think "karma"
would cause the collapse of Chinese schools because the Chinese government killed some Tibetans ( I guess
officially they would be Chinese with Tibetan ancestry?) or put lead paint in toys destined for Kick Ass America Children.

2339 days ago

A Nagai    

This is not the first time this crack whore opens her dman mouth. She referred the Germans "you little naughty Germans" when she was at the Berlin Film Festival two years ago and made a lot of Germans angry. When the Michael Jackson child abuse case broke out several years ago, the reporters asked her how she felt about the case and she said "I believe in Michael, he wouldn't do such thing, he would never, ever do such thing to children." However, when the reporters grilled her, then she admitted she and Michael Jackson do not know each other and had never met Michael Jackson. She is on drugs all the time!

2339 days ago

A Nagai    

This is in response to #48. Mother F--ker Mary
This US government is the one who is committing genecide all over the world. They are in Iraq killing innocent people because of their oil. By law, the US government has comitted arm robbery and murder.

Sharon Stone's comment about Katrina.

News Reporter: Did you hear know about the typhoon in New Orleans?

Stone: Of cause I have. You know, it's very interesting about that since first, I'm not
happy about the way USA treats the Iraqis because I think anyone should not be unkind to
anyone else. And so I am being very concerned about the election of the next president
of the US and A, because we had not being nice to Saddam Hussein, who is a good friend of
mine. And Katrina typhoon ,and all the stuff happened, and I thought, is that Karma?
When you’re not nice that the bad things happen. And then I got a letter from the Iraqi
Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. This made me cry. And they asked me if I
will write a quote to that, and I said I would that it was a big lesson to me, that
sometimes you have to learn to put your face down and be a dog to the person who aren't
nice to you. And that is a big lesson to me.

2339 days ago

Thu je che!    

Sharon Stone has the right to express her opinion but taking her viewpoints from out of context is something that media can do and more appropriately so by media linked to the Chinese govt. If everyone has really read what she said, they may be able to understand what she was really talking about. Of course, she was condemning the Communist rule against the Tibetan people, however, respecting the fact that these mere Tibetans and their supporters were willing to help their oppressor's people who are suffering from the recent natural disaster. The Tibetan Buddhist philosophy of helping others and practicing buddhism is something you do everyday. Sharon was basically acknowledging that fact and in return all of her efforts for all these years for helping others were superseded by her comments that were totally taken out of context. I respect you for your wisdom and sorry to hear that Dior was so submissive about your comments. It's crazy that business has to come before ethics. Way to go, Sharon. My respect for you is even greater now.

2339 days ago


Sharon Stone said a tactless, insensitive comment that would hurt anyone who was affected by that tragedy. She may be angry with the Chinese government but it reached the innocent, civilian victims whose lives (if they still have them) have been turned completely upside down. Yes, she has done a wonderful job with AIDS research but that doesn't give her a free pass to say such insensitive words. I think she is sincerely remorseful. I bet she now works on helping build these lives back.

Let's move on...

2339 days ago


I said she was stupid. Search on MENSA + Sharon Stone or should that be "stoned"

Responding to persistent allegations of bimbitude, Stone told reporters that she was in fact a member of MENSA, with an IQ if 148. She stuck with that story for several years, until MENSA's national marketing director loudly pointed out that she was not a member, and never had been.

2339 days ago


Absolutely NOT! Why do we have to apologize for everything we say. She just spoke the truth. If some feelings got hurt then maybe they should have. We have turned in to the "United States of the Offended"

2339 days ago


My comment should have been in quotes as I did take directly from Intenet seach.

"Responding to persistent allegations of bimbitude, Stone told reporters that she was in fact a member of MENSA, with an IQ if 148. She stuck with that story for several years, until MENSA's national marketing director loudly pointed out that she was not a member, and never had been."

It's on the internet for all to read. Sharon Stone lies. If fact, did it for years before she was found out. After all, she was working at McDonald's for goodness sake, Then, left at the good old ripe age of 18. Yeah, this is how she got into MENSA, Only way, LIED.

Although I did think that ALL people have the rigtht to voice their opinions, good and bad, I think about the impressionable youngsters who listen to these so called "celebrities".

2339 days ago
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