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John Mayer: Hasn't Dumped Aniston Yet

6/1/2008 5:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer gave Jennifer Aniston a ride last night -- then he took her somewhere in his car.

The two lovebirds were spotted leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel together.


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she clearly knows that he is a guy you stay away if he hurts her let the chips fall where they may.

2333 days ago


None of you know Jennifer Aniston personally. Stop making claims about her life! Brad did not put her "on the map". If anything, "Friends" did. She's not out there posing her butt for pictures. The paps are all over her. She is definitely more discreet than Angelina ever was or is. Leave her the hell alone. Nobody feels sorry for her, nor does she want pity. She's said that publicly numerous times. As for having children--she's so darn lucky she didn't have any with Brad. He's gone bananas.

2333 days ago


John's using Jennifer as a cover up for bad publicity. If I caught making out with Perez Hilton I'd date Jennifer Aniston too. It seems like he's bisexual but just in denial .

2333 days ago


Oh, snap! She will go bananas too when John is finish with her. You don't know her either unless you are her. She wish
she did have twin girls by Brad! Oh, please get real! In her dreams. I am not a big fan of her's but I do wish her the
best. Meantime leave Brad the hell alone. Jen comes from a broken home. Remember her parents did not stay
together. She has issues. Let her find out what they are. Meantime if she is happy with John and everyone is wrong
than so be it! But, lay off of Brad! Brad is right where he wants to be. i would be over the moon if I were having
Brad Pitt's twin baby girls! Something Jen had plenty of time to do.

2333 days ago


Let her down gently. Jennifer will probably have a breakdown if she gets publicly dumped again

2333 days ago


and......who cares. Seriously. It's cool that TMZ can bring breaking news to the forefront.
But this....this is stupidity. Who really cares if john mayer goes out on a date with jennifer anniston. Are you all that farking bored, that you care????!!!!

2333 days ago


I have great admiration for this young lady. When she was publicly humiliated, she kept it to herself. There was no nasty divorce, no tell all books, just a very private person grieving to herself. To me, that shows class like no other. There was no he said, she said garbage. anyone who has unfortunately been divorced, knows the worst pain is to find out there is another woman involved. Whether intimate relations happend during the marriage or not, it has been proven that phone sex, flirting, etc cause a marraige to crumble. Marriages have ups and downs and Brad Pitt made a mockery of marriage, something most of us believe very much in.

As for Jennifer being loose, give me a break. She has kept her affairs under wraps. Not once has she ver confirmed or denied Vince Vaughn or anyone else she supposedly is getting together with. She has waited a good amount of time to start dating again, which is what we should do after a divorce. Take time to yourself, get to know people and start over again - not jump into the first relationship around. That's called rebounding.

As for putting Jennifer on the map. I don't think so. When they got divorced, she made as much as he did. They were the "Golden Couple" of Hollywood. Remember. she was as popular as he was.

2333 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Who Jennifer Aniston dates is the most important story of our time! Life on Mars?
A cure for aids? Peanuts in the Big Picture of Jennifer A.

2333 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Uma Thurman handled her divorce better...

2333 days ago


Uma better or the same as? both women were courageous and private. My respect for both.

2332 days ago


Well said, Sandy and Nancy (60 and 65). As for her being 9 yrs older than Mayer, it beats the 15 or 16 yr gap of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. What's the big deal? Also, Aniston has had several roles where the critics have praised her pretty well. She just hasn't been in any blockbusters recently. She could sign on to some mindless movies like Jolie (Tomb Raider, Mr/Mrs Smith, Gone in 60 seconds) just for the sake of getting her name out there and for a hefty paycheck but she doesn't. She has chosen smaller, yes, artsy-fartsy flicks that in some she falls flat in, and others she excels in. She is not only defined by Friends. I knew of some of her early movies before I ever bothered with an episode of Friends. She will never be some action movie heroine like Jolie and as someone said the other day "she may never be an Oscar threat" but she does what she does well. Lesser people have done the same and received more respect than this.

2332 days ago


They seem distracted from each other, Glow gone on face and in eyes, honeymoon over,
Only a matter of time.

2332 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Why would John date Jennifer Aniston when Lindsay Lohan
is available? Since I am sure that John has many young girls throwing
themselves at him, the Jennifer dating is just a "conquest" thing.

2332 days ago

Goerge Bush    

SHE'S A BARON-WOMAN HAG YUCK she needs to go AWAY Has anyone seen the cover of Vanity Fair? My god Angilina is gorgous

2332 days ago


They don't look happy because they constantly have people peering into their lives. They are miserable from it. They can't do anything without "speculation". The Paps know their every step. They can't go anywhere without having their business and pictures all over a website where losers go to get kicks by insulting them. It must be a lonely life. Their relationships don't last because of media attention and if they end up marrying a whore lover like Brad Pitt and he ends up embarrassing them for an ex drug addict who screwed almost all her costars (not to mention the interview where she said she screwed all her friends) its out there for everyone to see. Poor Jen. She may never find love because she sold her soul for a career. Maybe when the media forgets about her and leaves her alone she will find someone to settle with.

2332 days ago
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