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Las Vegas Survives Simpson Infestation

6/1/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, an Ashlee Simpson trip to Las Vegas means a lot of bad singing -- but last night at the grand opening of the Palms Place, she unleashed her motherly glow.
Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Jessica Simpson: Click to view pics!
Also at the Palms: big sis Jessica Simpson, tiny thesp Vern Troyer, "A.I" loser Constantine Maroulis and Linda Hogan and her teen companion. Mr. Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, spent his night on the turntables ... emo-style!


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I think this is one time "what happened in Vegas...we don't care."

2305 days ago

Lenn K.    

They should have thrown pies at Linda Hogan. Looking at her she probably would have caught a few. Skank!!

2305 days ago


Looks more like a comic book convention.

2305 days ago

Lenn K.    

Linda Hogan is a pig. Asslee and Jeezeica go away, you have no talent. Take your hustler dad with you, he's a pimp!!

2305 days ago

texano girl    

Tony Romo gets away from that crazy family, starts to get some good press finally, has both his heads on football and then he goes back into what was driving him crazy, killing his career, and causing him to be a laughing stock. What does Joe Simpson have that he is holding over Tony??? Is it something to do with gambling? Tony couldn't possibly think Jessica was all that interesting if she and her family drove him bonkers. When they broke up, I though he finally woke up from the dream and it was true, Joe was at the end of their bed watching.

2305 days ago


for the first time i can say that Pete Wentz looks better without his pants on

2305 days ago


That kid is going to be soooo ugly. Doesn't have a chance

2305 days ago


Have to agree with the first post. Who the f*** cares. Most of us have lives and gas tanks to worry about. The cost of food is rising big time. If these media whores want any more of our hard-earned money, good luck. It ain't comin' from me.

2305 days ago


Real smart for her being pregnant and out in Vegas around a bunch of streaming people. THE SIMPSON CLAN (CULT) have NO TALENT, THEIR FATHR IS A PERV WITH HIS DAUGHTERS< ASHLEE CANT SING TO SAVE HER FAT ASS AND JESSICA NEEDS TO HAVE THAT GAP ON HER FRONT TEETH FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a rat ass about them who is over 10 years old? WHY? Does TMZ or anyone else think their important? Ask yourself, what have they done that was worth doing? NOTHING!

2305 days ago


The whole Simpson bunch sucks and I bet Joe was more than likely sneaking around somewhere to spie on thoes girls! He's a real creep!!!!!!!

2305 days ago


Here's a shocker, I predict Ashlee and her new hubby won't last long. I think dad will kill that relationship. Too bad because they only one that will suffer will be the child to be. Why does he have such a hold on these girls??? Its not normal to me. I love my parents alot but I tell them to butt out when my mom or dad start giving me advice.

What is up with this stupid 19 year old with Linda??? Is he really such a low life trash that he doesn't care how he get publicity as long as he gets it??

2305 days ago


isince pete has a real career you sgould'nt really be calling him Mr. Ashley Simpson. it's the other way around for sure.

2305 days ago

captain obvious    

isince pete has a real career you sgould'nt really be calling him Mr. Ashley Simpson. it's the other way around for sure
Unfortunately, more people know who she is than know who he is. Frankly, I don't think either one of them (or for that matter, both together) has enough talent to even notice them.

2304 days ago


Why is Linda Hogan photographed as a "BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL?"

Is it because that dress came from K-MART?

2304 days ago


Quit raggin on my family you morons!

2304 days ago
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